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This article discusses "How to Send 1000 Messages at Once in WhatsApp?". Suppose you are an e-commerce business seller and want to send WhatsApp messages to your customers in volume. How would you achieve that?

Businesses can easily communicate with their customers using bulk messages on WhatsApp to generate tons of new leads or leverage existing customers. If you're wondering how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, you've got the right platform. Through WhatsApp Business API, you can easily send 1000 messages simultaneously on WhatsApp.

As a business owner, you are sometimes required to send bulk WhatsApp broadcasts. But WhatsApp allows you to send 1000 messages at once. WhatsApp has a facility that will enable bulk messages to be sent.

Across the world, WhatsApp has 2 billion active users, making it the top social media platform. This blog will distinguish the best methods to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp. We will also explain WhatsApp's broadcast feature and the advantages of sending 1000 messages on WhatsApp.

What are Bulk Messages on WhatsApp (1000 Messages on WhatsApp)

Bulk messages on WhatsApp (1000 messages on WhatsApp) are a popular way to send similar messages to a group of people or a community at a single time. A message shows in the receivers' private conversation as if you had written it only for them.

WhatsApp bulk messages are convenient since they eliminate the need to write and send messages to each recipient. It's an efficient approach to convey information rapidly.

For example, type one message, tap send, and bam! Everyone you've specified in the broadcast list receives the text simultaneously. This function is now also available for businesses. They generally use WhatsApp bulk messages (1000 messages on WhatsApp) for:

  • Notify consumers about upcoming events
  • Launch new brand
  • Inform about store closures or store openings
  • Forward discount offers and coupons to customers
  • Reminders on in stock-products
  • Nourish brand recognition, etc.

Remember, no one likes spam and garbage messages in their chat inbox, so make sure your messages are meaningful and that customers agree to receive them.

This makes communication between the company and its customers more efficient and trustworthy. You could also do this with the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

What is The Need to Send 1000 WhatsApp Messages?

This is a good question: why do we need to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp? This is required to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp to build a strong relationship with the user. This leads to higher client retentionโ€”customers return to your firm anytime they need what you have to offer.

But how can you efficiently communicate with several consumers at the same time? Well, by sending out targeted and contextual messages in bulk to notify customers and share important information.

Aside from that, businesses need to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp for various reasons. This is why WhatsApp mass messages are essential:

1. Notify About Holidays And Working Hours

Being a business provider, you must have to know that notifying your consumers about working hours and holidays is necessary. Why is this important? When your customer visits you when you're not available, the chance of lost leads can be reduced due to wrong timing.

However, an excellent way to avoid losing customers is to inform your consumers about the business timing by sending bulk messages via WhatsApp. This is used to update the customers on your business timing and holidays or any other changes.

2. Sharing Discounts and Coupons

Sending deals and coupons is every business's best option for attracting new and returning clients. To reach this goal, the first step is to educate clients about new or current offers and active discounts that they can take advantage of if they shop within a specific timeframe.

This motivates customers to make a purchase, increasing your revenue. To notify your consumer base of these offers, send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp.

3. New Brand Alert

By sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, businesses can alert their customers about new brand launches. Consider that you have a clothing store and let your customers know about new product launches.

The WhatsApp bulk messages help the business to boost sales and attract new customers. Performing like this will bring the products into the market limelight, encouraging customers to shop and finally raise sales.

4. Inform Event Details

Does your company also host online and physical events in your speciality or on special occasions? If so, you'd want your consumers to go. However, they can only attend if they are informed of the situation.

One option to tell clients is to send them WhatsApp messages about the eventโ€”even better, send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp. What is the best part? Most individuals check WhatsApp daily, thus increasing your chances of getting your client's attention.

5. Send In-Stock Product Alert

If you have a best-selling product that always gets out of stock, you can send an in-stock product alert to consumers. Your customers always wish to have out-of-stock products back in time.

By sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp, customers will get to know about the restocking of products, so they will buy the products and increase sales.

Top 5 Benefits To Send 1000 Messages At Once In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a more popular way to connect directly with customers without any problems, unlike Email or SMS. However, who will ignore the message when it is about their favorite product?

Sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp is super handy. If you're interested in speaking with multiple people, WhatsApp has very nifty features that are easy and fast. The list of benefits offered by WhatsApp Bulk messages are:

  1. Personalization
  2. Wider reach
  3. Tracking and reporting
  4. Efficiency booster
  5. Multimedia messages

Let's see these benefits in detail.

1. Personalization

You can still make your consumers feel special even when sending bulk texts. Even if you're sending out messages in mass, you may customize them with WhatsApp Template messages and variables. As a result, each message feels more customized to the recipient, increasing the effectiveness of your communication.

2. Wider Reach

Need to announce a large deal or convey some great news? WhatsApp 1000 messages enable you to contact a vast audience quickly and efficiently. What's the reason?

WhatsApp has an open rate of 99%, which implies your message will reach its intended audience. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited-time deal or need to promote a new product.

One of the most significant advantages is the ability to reach a large number of individuals instantaneously. Whether it's for marketing, information dissemination, or quick updates, your message cuts across demographics, ensuring that different segments of your audience are reached, from tech-savvy adolescents to senior citizens who appreciate WhatsApp's simplicity.

3. Reporting and Tracking

WhatsApp provides excellent analytics capabilities for tracking the performance of your communications. You may also use these tools to assess the efficacy of new campaigns and identify which messages are most effective for particular audiences.

WhatsApp provides basic tracking; you can know if your message was delivered and seen using the tick method. For organizations and events, this is crucial since it provides an easy way to assess engagement levels and messaging efficacy, allowing you to alter future communications.

4. Efficiency Booster

Sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp aims to save you time and energy.

Consider this: rather than sending separate messages to a large number of people, you can build a single message and send it to everyone at once. The best part is that it is still individualized and allows people to engage with your company.

5. Multimedia Messages

WhatsApp is not simply about texting. You can enhance your messages with photographs, videos, or voice notes! This allows you to generate more engaging and dynamic material for your audience. People are more inclined to respond to engaging material.

WhatsApp is not limited to a single type of smartphone. Whether your recipients have an iPhone or an Android or use WhatsApp on a PC, they can receive and read your messages. This cross-compatibility expands your reach, ensuring that no one is excluded due to their preferred technology.

Tips To Send 1000 Messages At Once In WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to send 1000 messages at once, which saves you time and effort. Here are some quick tips on how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp:

  • Build a strategy: Before sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp, take time to learn about your audience. Monitoring your content to fit their needs and preferences helps to increase engagement rates. A well-established strategy gives the activeness of your WhatsApp promotional activities to the target audience.
  • Design a clear and concise message: Customers like straightforward information that only contains relevant information about the service. So, make sure your material is explicit, concise, and to the point.
  • Media utilization: WhatsApp supports every kind of media message, like images, videos, documents, and gifs, to make messages more engaging. A visual element would help to make the message more conveyed in place of text.
  • Acknowledge customer feedback: WhatsApp is a direct communication route, so use it to discuss any difficulties your clients may have with your products or services. Take their criticism (or praise) seriously. This includes those who have requested that you no longer send them communications. If you receive similar requests, remove them from any broadcast lists to prevent them from being reported or even banned for spamming.
  • Schedule bulk messages on WhatsApp: Planning is essential in Bulk WhatsApp marketing. Scheduling your mass WhatsApp messages allows you to reach your target audience at the best time, improving the likelihood of engagement. Use scheduling solutions to automate your campaigns and ensure your communications reach your target audience at the optimal time.
  • Analyze performance: After sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, monitor critical data such as delivery, read, and response rates. Analyzing them can help you understand what works and what doesn't, allowing you to better future campaigns.
  • Only sell sometimes: Sending too many WhatsApp promotional messages may encourage recipients to keep your messages open. This is why you must strike a balance between providing promotional messages and developing genuine relationships with your customers.

Make sure to provide them with relevant and valuable communications about the things they purchase from you. For example, if you sell vacuum cleaners, you can send them messages with helpful tips and techniques for the model they just bought or offer a discount on their next purchase.

How To Send 100 and 1000 Messages At Once In WhatsApp?

There are different ways to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp. Do you want to contact several people simultaneously via WhatsApp officially? As we have said, you can send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp bulk messaging service, you can:

  1. 1. Send 100 messages at once on WhatsApp
  2. 2. Send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp

There is a proven way to send 100 messages at once in WhatsApp. Let's go to send 100 WhatsApp messages:

1. How To Send 100 Messages At Once in WhatsApp?

To send 100 messages at once in WhatsApp, create a group by adding the 100 contact numbers to whom you want to send messages. Once the group is created, send a message to the group. This standard message will be delivered to 100 contacts simultaneously. However, adding 100 contacts takes enormous time.

Rather than creating a group, you can send a broadcast message. This way, you don't have to add all 100 contacts individually. Follow the steps outlined below to send broadcast messages on Android and iOS devices.

Note: Customers should have saved their business number to receive the WhatsApp bulk messages.

You can send 100 messages at once in WhatsApp using both Android and iOS devices.

Using an Android phone:

  • Launch the WhatsApp app and click on "Chats."
  • Tap on "Menu" under three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Now click on "Choose new broadcast". Select the 100 contacts who want to send a message.
  • At the end, click on the green tick icon in the lower right corner.

Using an iOS phone:

  • Install WhatsApp and click on "Chats" at the bottom right corner.
  • Search the broadcast list in the upper right corner and tap on it.
  • Choose a new list and numbers by checkbox near the 100 contacts to message.

When you're done, you're all set to send WhatsApp bulk broadcasts to 100 contacts simultaneously using both devices.

Continue reading to learn the detailed method of sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp.

2. How To Send 1000 Messages At Once In WhatsApp

Method 1: WhatsApp Group

Using WhatsApp groups, businesses can add the desired people contacts to the group and simultaneously hit a single message to the target audience.

Using an Android device:

1: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner after installing WhatsApp on an Android device.

2: Create a new group and add the contacts to whom you want to send a message at once.

3: Add your group name and profile picture.

4: To finish group creation, click on the green tick. Now, start sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp.

Drawback: To send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, you need to create multiple groups. WhatsApp does not allow the addition of more than 512 participants to a particular group.

Using an iOS device:

1: Install WhatsApp on your iOS device and tap the option "chats" on the bottom bar.

2: On the top left side, tap on the new group option.

3: Choose the contact numbers you wish to send a message to and tap next.

4: Add a group name or business logo.

5: Click Create, and the group will be ready to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp.

Note: After sending WhatsApp 1000 messages, you can use the WhatsApp broadcast list later to send another set of WhatsApp bulk messages.

Method 2: WhatsApp Broadcasting

Another method to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp is via broadcasting. Creating a broadcasting list allows one to send similar messages to a group of people through the WhatsApp broadcasting feature.

The WhatsApp bulk broadcast allows you to forward messages as individual messages to every contact, not like groups.

1: Install the WhatsApp Business app for iOS or Android.

2: Now, generate a new broadcast list.

  • On Android, press the three dots in the upper left corner and select Create New Broadcast.
  • On iPhone, tap the broadcast list in the upper left corner.

3: Select the contact names to whom you wish to send the bulk message, then add them to your new broadcast list and click the Create button.

4: Type the message into the message bar and tap the send button. Your words will be delivered separately to each member of the broadcast at the same time.

Drawback: A broadcast list can only contain 256 contacts. To transmit 1000 messages, you must first build many broadcast lists, which might take some work to maintain.

Method 3: Forward Messages

WhatsApp Business lets you forward the same message to many contacts. Follow these three easy steps to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp:

1: Find and long-press the message you wish to send to your contacts.

2: Choose the contacts you wish to send the message to.

3: Select the forward option to send the same message to the specified recipients.

Drawback: Remember that you can only forward a message to 5 contacts at once. To send 1000 messages, you must go through the process several times, which is tiresome. Additionally, forward messages include a forward tag that is visible to the receiver.

Method 4: Copy and send messages

Copying and pasting a message is another method for delivering mass messages. Let's look at the stages involved in sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp.

1: Locate the message to be copied and long-press to see a drop-down menu.

2: Choose Copy from the menu to copy the message.

3: Navigate to the recipient's chat and paste the message into their message box. Finally, press submit.

Drawback: This method is best suited for sending bulk messages to a small number of contacts. However, copying and sending 1000 emails is highly taxing.

Method 5: Using the Official WhatsApp Business API solution

The best method to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp is using the official WhatsApp Business API solution. There's a way. Sign up for the WhatsApp API. With the WhatsApp API, you can send between 1000 and limitless bulk messages every day.

WhatsApp API is an API provided by WhatsApp to select third parties (known as Business Solution Providers or BSPs), enabling the development of a variety of applications that use WhatsApp to promote and sell products and services.

Whereas WhatsApp Business is designed to introduce small businesses to WhatsApp as a reach-out marketing/selling tool, WhatsApp API is building an entire ecosystem of applications and products, such as WhatsApp Chatbots, CRMs, and so on, that businesses can use to promote their products and services.

WhatsApp API enables businesses to harness WhatsApp's massive user base to not only contact WhatsApp users but also interact with clients, generate sales, and provide excellent customer care.

Because it is an API, the app and front-end interface are produced by BSP, such as GetItSMS.

Limitations Of Sending Bulk Messages at Once in WhatsApp

There are some limitations to sending 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp. The WhatsApp bulk messaging feature is beneficial, but it is like riding a cool bike before getting dark. Here's what you have to keep in mind while sending bulk messages at once in WhatsApp:

1. No Interaction Stats

Furthermore, you cannot view information such as how many people read your message or clicked on a link you sent. It's like making a joke onstage and not being able to hear anyone laugh. This makes it difficult for businesses to determine whether a message promoting a discount or event is compelling.

2. Only You Will Receive Replies

When someone replies to your WhatsApp bulk message, the message is sent only to you, not the entire group List. So, if they ask a question or say something entertaining, you're the only one who knows.

While the WhatsApp Broadcast tool helps distribute messages quickly and keep them personal, it has certain limitations. It's great for quick updates and news sharing, but it's only suitable for some things. Knowing these constraints allows you to use them properly!

3. Only For Saved Contacts

The one limitation of WhatsApp bulk messaging is that you can only send messages to customers who have saved your number in their phonebook. Because consumers need to know who you are and what your intention is. This is like you will open your door to a stranger. You cannot message them if they have yet to save your number.

4. Chance To Miss The Message

Because your message appears alongside others, someone who receives a large number of messages may overlook it. It's not like a vast, brilliant poster on a notice board; it's more like a note that could get buried beneath others.

Is Sending 1000 Messages at Once in WhatsApp Legal?

It's against the law to send bulk messages or to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp that go outside the messaging platform's terms and conditions. The rules and conditions of WhatsApp state that sending unsolicited messages, marketing, broadcasting, or advertising is prohibited.

However, only some bulk messages sent over the platform are prohibited. Messaging software such as GetItSMS allows you to send mass messages or to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp as long as you follow the guidelines and do it precisely. Using the WhatsApp Business app, many medium-sized and large enterprises send mass messages to their staff to share files and pertinent papers.

Depending on your demands, you can send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp in any format, including PDF, word doc, JPG, PNG, and XLS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it legal to send bulk messages at once in WhatsApp?

A. Yes, sending bulk messages to a big group of people is OK as long as you adhere to WhatsApp's policies and guidelines. Excessive usage of this interaction approach may result in your account being marked as spam or banned.

Q2. Can businesses send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

A. Yes, you can send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp using two techniques. The first approach is to use the WhatsApp Business app, which allows you to establish a broadcast list and send messages to several contacts at once. However, this approach has a maximum of 256 contacts at once. The second and more scalable approach to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp is to use the WhatsApp Business API, which allows you to send messages to thousands of recipients and is excellent for organizations wishing to reach a wider audience.

Q3. How do you send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp?

A. To send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp, you must use the WhatsApp Business API. This necessitates collaborating with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) and establishing a business account that matches WhatsApp's policy requirements. Once set up, you may utilize platforms like GetItSMS to manage and distribute bulk messages to your audience as long as they have opted in to receive communications from you.

Q4. What is the way to create a broadcast list?

A. The right way to create a broadcast list is to go to the Chats screen and choose "Create Broadcast" to generate a broadcast list on WhatsApp. Later on, click the people you wish to include in the broadcast list, then press "Create."

Q5. Does WhatsApp allow the sending of media files in messages?

A. Yes, you can include media items like images and movies in your broadcast list. Broadcast lists allow you to send broadcast messages to previously saved lists of recipients without having to select them each time. Open WhatsApp and then choose "More options"> "New broadcast." You can search for or select the contacts you want to add. Click the checkbox.

Q6. Can we schedule bulk messages on WhatsApp?

A. Generally, it is not possible to arrange WhatsApp messages to be sent to customers. But if you use third-party services, you can accomplish anything. Suppose you properly follow the instructions and use messaging software such as GetItSMS. In that case, you can send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp or schedule them in WhatsApp without compromising your privacy or security.

Q7. How do you customize messages in the broadcast list?

A. WhatsApp features do not allow you to customize messages. The bulk messages sent to customers will be similar for everyone.

Q8. How can we prevent our bulk messages from being spam?

A. To avoid spam messages, send messages to people who are interested in your business. Also, your message should have a friendly and personal touch. And do not send similar messages to everyone at the same time. Check also whether the people have saved your number or not.


Finally, we have taught you how to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp. However, you must know that sending mass messages will only be fruitful if they follow WhatsApp community norms.

The ability to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp provides a unique chance to improve client connection, market products, and services, and cultivate a loyal customer base by offering relevant and entertaining content. However, it is critical to embrace this powerful instrument with a strategic perspective, focusing on producing messages that resonate with your audience while respecting their feedback and observing the campaign's performance to filter and optimize messaging strategy.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and a little worried, don't worry; we have a solution for you: WhatsApp API. It has no hard constraints, advanced functionality, and allows you to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp using a message sender like GetItSMS.