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Suppose you're wondering about a perfect partner for your business, like Batman to Robin or Mac to Cheese, who are supporters of each other. In that case, WhatsApp is the ideal partner in 2024.

We've collected 14 WhatsApp Business statistics that discuss the benefits of WhatsApp marketing for companies in 2024. We'll bypass the common WhatsApp statistics and concentrate on the most important statistics for your business.

Whether you operate an eCommerce business, financial institution, educational institution, automobile business, digital marketing agency or logistics, or any other business in the industry market, you will be behind the race if you're not exploring WhatsApp for business.

What is WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is a powerful messenger marketing platform, followed by other platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. However, the only comparison is WhatsApp's most preferred marketing strategy, which has the preference of more than 400 million businesses worldwide.

For business marketing, WhatsApp is a great option for helping enterprises to:

    With 2.2 billion global users, it has achieved an immense audience. Develop strong relationships with consumers (1:1 live communication) and, increase business sales by sharing promotional messages over WhatsApp.

Summarizing, WhatsApp marketing has got three major advantages:

Enhances connectivity and relationships - WhatsApp allows companies to customize their customer communication.

Grow conversion rates up to 7x - WhatsApp allows businesses to grow their customer conversion ratio to 112% by targeting customers with the lowest deals and personalized messages.

Reduces marketing cost - WhatsApp has an effective cost and is easily affordable. The price is nothing compared to ROI, which is achievable with this marketing strategy.

Best customer support - WhatsApp for businesses gives the best customer support and flexibility to increase this with a WhatsApp Business API platform such as GetItSMS.

Is Using WhatsApp a Right Choice to Market Your Business?

Facebook obtained WhatsApp with 19.3 billion dollars in 2014, 19x What it has been getting paid for holding Instagram. Cutting it after four years, WhatsApp announced its business application and WhatsApp Business API for enterprises to leverage WhatsApp as a messaging channel.

In summary, the difference between WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API is detailed below:

WhatsApp Statistics For Businesses

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business application allows companies to create a business account with free, easy access to smartphones and Desktop. This is compelling for small companies with effectively fewer growth of messages.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a stage designed for medium & large companies with the bulk volume of messages. For instance, this is not free; companies must pay for it to meet their needs. Businesses need to pay per message cost they share with customers on WhatsApp.

Here are two basic functionalities of WhatsApp Business API:

  1. 1. Every day, send messages to unlimited unique people who have opted in.
  2. 2. Provide users with live customer service via a 24-hour chat window.

Because WhatsApp does not provide an interface for the Business API, you will need to use a WhatsApp Business API provider such as GetItSMS to access it. GetItSMS allows you to use the WhatsApp Business API to:

  • Send a WhatsApp broadcast to unlimited unique users (opted-in users).
  • Automate abandoned carts, delivery, payments, and other notifications on WhatsApp.
  • Integrate a WhatsApp chatbot for 24/7 customer assistance. Send promotional messages via WhatsApp.
  • Provide unlimited live human chat support across several devices.

To learn more about WhatsApp Business API use cases, visit here.

Let's take a look at some eye-opening WhatsApp Business Statistics.

WhatsApp Statistics for Global User Base

WhatsApp Statistics For Businesses

The WhatsApp Statistics for the global user base has been divided into four sections. Let's look at them:

  1. 1. Available across 180+ Different Countries in 20+ Languages
  2. 2. 100 Billion Messages sent daily
  3. 3. 19.4 hours/ month- max time users spent on WhatsApp
  4. 4. Age groups that use WhatsApp the most

These are the global user base to which WhatsApp statistics are given. The next section will contain brief details on these.

1. Available In 20+ Languages Across 180+ Different Countries

Of the 195 countries worldwide, WhatsApp's availability is across 180+ countries and is affordable in 20+ languages. A ratio of 69% of the audience is using the internet, excluding China using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the one application installed 5 billion times on iOS and Android devices. Nowadays, this is the fastest-growing and favorite messaging app in 100+ countries.

The madness of WhatsApp in India has reached another level. Could you imagine how many WhatsApp users are using it in India?

According to the graph chart of WhatsApp statistics, India is the first, with 390 million monthly active users, followed by Brazil, with 108 million active users and many more.

Speaking about the country, Russia has had a large growth in WhatsApp users, with a 17% growth rate in the last few years, as observed by India, with 16.6%.

WhatsApp Statistics For Businesses

2. 100 Billion Messages Sent Day-To-Day

The number of messages exchanged every day has increased by 13x on WhatsApp. At the same time, the Earth's population is calculated to be 7.5 billion. Some of the messages are exchanged between relatives, family, and friends or also between office colleagues.

WhatsApp is the top application with the best feature, WhatsApp Business. This has been specially launched for business purposes to allow them to communicate with customers.

Earlier in 2011, the number of WhatsApp messages exchanged was not limited; it reached 1 billion daily messages. This number has increased secretly, with over 100 billion messages being sent regularly.

3. 19.4 Hours/ Month- Moderate Time Users Spent On WhatsApp

Across the world, WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular and used communication tool. Hence, there is no question about why people spend their most valuable time on WhatsApp. Of course, this is the simplest and most affordable way to communicate with each other in any part of the world.

According to the research, the average user uses WhatsApp for 19.4 hours or 38 minutes/day. However, in India, an average WhatsApp user spends 21.4 hours monthly using WhatsApp, which is higher than in any other country.

4. Age groups that like WhatsApp the most

WhatsApp is the only application users use among any generation or age group worldwide. WhatsApp is popular among the age group of 26-35, observed by users aged between 36-45 and slightly amongst those aged 15-25.

The craze for WhatsApp is the greatest among customers aged 26-35 years. Regardless, as the age group increases after age 36-45, the ratio of WhatsApp users reduces.

The age group influenced by WhatsApp is 26-35, observed by 36-45, and the ages 15-25.

WhatsApp for Business Statistics

The statistical analysis of WhatsApp for businesses is also broken into four sections. Let’s look over them:

  1. 5. Total Businesses using WhatsApp for Business
  2. 6. The most popular WhatsApp features
  3. 7. Reasons to contact businesses on WhatsApp
  4. 8. User-generated benefits of WhatsApp for Business

These business statistics define the use of WhatsApp in Business.

5. Total Businesses Using WhatsApp for Business

Meta launched the WhatsApp Business application in 2018 to allow individuals and small businesses to promote their business over WhatsApp. According to the report by WhatsApp, 50 million companies use the WhatsApp Business application, and 15 million are Indian businesses.

If we cut off that, we will still have more than one crore Indian companies using WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business application allows companies to reply to their customers' frequent queries, giving product-related details and QR codes to scan and communicate with businesses.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp Business app has restrictions like limited broadcasting and no chatbot integration. Along with the WhatsApp Business app, Meta has also launched the WhatsApp Business API with no limitations, offering functionality like sharing messages with thousands of users at once, 24*7 customer support with chatbot linking, and several human live chat services.

6. The Most Popular Whatsapp Features

What features do WhatsApp users love the most?

To make its user experience more interesting and user-friendly, WhatsApp constantly performs on getting exclusive features. As per the research, most WhatsApp features were acquired in just three months.

The most popular feature of WhatsApp chat and calls is constantly overwhelming WhatsApp. Furthermore, to communicate with each other, WhatsApp audiences suggest sending images, texts, GIFs, videos, etc.

Are you interested in exploring more features of WhatsApp? Start your WhatsApp marketing with the best WhatsApp business solution provider, GetItSMS, today.

So, What are the WhatsApp statistics for these businesses?

Through WhatsApp Business API, Businesses can expand their offering features to connect customers and send texts, including images, clickable buttons & links, instant replies, and many more.

7. Reasons To Contact Businesses On WhatsApp

We know the number of customers using WhatsApp and how many are interested in receiving messages from businesses.

But what's the logic behind that attraction?

Why are customers willing to interact with businesses on WhatsApp?

The below image will explain you better why customers intend to speak with businesses on WhatsApp:

The chart above shows that 54% of users suggest using WhatsApp to track their order and shipment updates, follow the appointments, event details, and webinar notifications, and select 50% of users.

39% of users suggest using WhatsApp to give customer support, whereas 23% employ it to get promotional updates on WhatsApp.

These factors show that WhatsApp is gradually evolving into a user-preferred channel to obtain updates, warnings, reminders, newsletters, deals, tracking links, etc.

With GetItSMS, a single platform automates every notification on WhatsApp.

8. User-Generated Benefits Of WhatsApp for Business

We've identified why users prefer communicating with brands and organizations via WhatsApp. But what are the benefits of utilizing WhatsApp to communicate with businesses?

Another YouGov survey suggests the benefits that users noted while connecting with firms via WhatsApp.

According to users, 33% preferred WhatsApp since they didn't have to wait as long to get their questions answered as they did when raising tickets through the company's website.

Many users chose WhatsApp because it allowed them to share various media, including photographs, PDFs, and videos. They appreciated individualized talks with individual attention and the fact that they did not have to pay for customer support.

Statistics of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API statistics have been discovered in three points mentioned below:

  1. 9. WhatsApp Message Open-rate
  2. 10. Upto 45-60% Click-through & Conversion-rates
  3. 11. 45-60% Abandoned-carts & application drop-offs recovered

These are statistics showing WhatsApp Business API use. Let's look at them:

9. Whatsapp Message Open-Rate

Regarding preferences, email, and SMS are the preferred modes of communication for businesses. Even if it's product launches, deals, offers, advertisement emails, delivery updates, or many more. Email & SMS are the most used channels for businesses Till now!

The Mailchimp report said that compared with the growing market, Email and SMS have an open rate of 21.33%. Also, the clicking rate is less, with only 2-5% of customers tapping on the links sent in messages or emails.

Although, compared to Email & SMS, WhatsApp has a higher open rate of 98%, which means out of 100 messages, the audience reads 98 messages. This is all because of WhatsApp's popularity as a messaging channel, with 2.2 billion subscribers worldwide.

10. Upto 45-60% Click-Through & Conversion-Rates

Above, we examined the stark discrepancy between WhatsApp messages and email open rates. However, more than simply seeing the message is required by the users.

How many conversions can you expect with WhatsApp? Let's look at the WhatsApp Conversion rate, as this figure is the most important.

WhatsApp Statistics For Businesses

While the conversion rates for emails and SMS are only 2-5%, WhatsApp has a moderate conversion rate of 45-60%; out of every 100 individuals who receive a WhatsApp message, 45-60 click and become clients. That difference makes it worth switching from email and SMS to WhatsApp. Isn't it?

11. 45-60% Abandoned-Carts & Application Drop-Offs Recovered

Abandoned Carts occur when customers add things to their carts but leave before completing the transaction.

Similarly, Application Drop-off occurs when a person leaves during the application signup process for a coaching institute, online course, insurance policy, etc.

Automating WhatsApp Abandoned Cart recovery notifications will help recover 45-60% of abandoned carts and application drop-offs. One of our clients recovered almost Rs 3 crore per year with this Use Case, and you can too!

WhatsApp Chatbot Statistics

Is automation with WhatsApp chatbot the future of marketing?

The modern way of providing customer support is through automation with WhatsApp chatbots. Multiple organizations are converting to WhatsApp chatbots to offer 24*7 customer support. In essence, the WhatsApp chatbot supports the business in running time.

This is an effective way to answer customer's repetitive queries without any interference from human agents.

We're going to discuss WhatsApp chatbot statistics which verify this will be the future of marketing:

  1. 12. People who rely on WhatsApp Chatbot
  2. 13. $11Bn in savings with WhatsApp Chatbot
  3. 14. 2.5 Billion Hours saved with the WhatsApp Chatbot

These statistics will prove that automation with WhatsApp chatbots is the future of marketing.

12. People Who Trust On WhatsApp Chatbot

In 2020, 67% of the people who depend on WhatsApp chatbots to provide customer care completely rely on it to provide customer care service. Also, the largest organization, WHO, employs a WhatsApp chatbot to broadcast critical messages and resolutions relevant to COVID-19 worldwide.

13. $11bn in Savings with WhatsApp Chatbot

According to a Business Insider intelligence analysis, chatbot automation will save $11 billion in healthcare, finance, and retail administrative costs. However, further information would be required to support the assertion.

14. 2.5 Billion Hours Saved With The Whatsapp Chatbot

Businesses will begin to keep 2.5 billion hours to include the use of WhatsApp chatbot as per the report of 2024.

If you've never used a WhatsApp Chatbot before or want to automate customer care with one, GetItSMS is the way to go.

Consider incorporating a clever AI-based WhatsApp Chatbot (with no coding required) that understands human language and answers questions based on their needs for free. The Chatbot may seamlessly transfer the chat to them if agent assistance is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is using WhatsApp Business worth it for business?

A. It is worth using WhatsApp Business API for medium to large businesses, with thousands of messages being received and sent to users. But suppose you're an individual or small business with a low amount of messages. In that case, the WhatsApp Business app will suit you. You can also move to the WhatsApp API-based platform like GetItSMS.

Q2. Why to employ WhatsApp for business?

A. Across the world, WhatsApp is the most used messaging tool, with 2.2 billion global users. With a 98% open rate & 45-60% click-through rate, WhatsApp ranks in the top 5x more than Email or SMS. This is the reason to implement WhatsApp for business and marketing support.

Q3. What is the working of WhatsApp business?

A. WhatsApp Business app allows organizations to broadcast messages to 256 contacts in one shot, build a business profile, list the products, add a catalog list and link to chat & more. WhatsApp Business API account created on GetItSMS, a verified WhatsApp solution provider, allows to broadcast WhatsApp promotional messages to unlimited customers, automate notifications, achieve green tick verification, integrate Chatbot, and offer live chat on several devices, and many things can be done.

Q4. Would you prefer to use the WhatsApp Business app or WhatsApp API?

A. The WhatsApp Business app was developed to serve small or individual businesses, whereas the WhatsApp Business API is designed for medium to large companies with large conversation rates. However, choosing WhatsApp Business API is better than the WhatsApp Business app because automating the WhatsApp chatbot and sharing clickable buttons in messages is suitable for sending WhatsApp broadcasts to over a thousand users.


That's all! These are the standard 14 WhatsApp Business Statistics that every promoter might know. Selecting the right channel to promote your business takes time and effort. In the future, WhatsApp will be the future of marketing.

They are lifting the benefits of WhatsApp Business API to small, medium, and large enterprises to send up to 1,00,000 unique messages to customers and implement WhatsApp on several devices. We confirm many organizations will jump to this platform as their marketing medium.

If you enjoyed these WhatsApp statistics, forward them to those who will benefit from these details.