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Get Your WhatsApp Business Account Verified With Green Tick Today!

Here we've come again with the essential WhatsApp feature, "How to get green tick on WhatsApp business?". Nowadays, businesses must get verified on WhatsApp. A verified WhatsApp business account helps customers know your identity and authenticity.

A verified badge on WhatsApp business shows that you're honest and customers can trust your brands easily. A Green tick on WhatsApp business comes into the picture when you seriously start your product marketing with WhatsApp.

As we all know, according to research, more than 4 billion users are active on WhatsApp monthly to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. WhatsApp is the first number in the list of mobile apps connecting globally. In the last year, 2023, 9.02% of people have used WhatsApp.

Following the meta-approval process and guidelines, getting a green tick on WhatsApp Business can be strict. If you're stopped on this article and reading this, you're probably a professional who knows the benefits of WhatsApp business as a marketing tool.

This article will discuss "How to get a green tick on WhatsApp Business?". Because of most of the usability of the WhatsApp messaging app, the benefits of WhatsApp marketing are unlimited for small to large businesses.

Let's look at these details: What is the green tick on WhatsApp Business? How to get a green tick on WhatsApp Business? Benefits of verified WhatsApp business account. Rules for WhatsApp green tick verification and features of verified badge on WhatsApp business.

What is Green Tick On WhatsApp Business?

The green tick on WhatsApp Business is a verified badge displayed next to the business name in WhatsApp. This green tick on WhatsApp Business is a symbol of an official business account, achieved through an additional verification process by WhatsApp.

To achieve the green tick on the WhatsApp Business account, the company must complete a detailed verification process and fulfill the Meta criteria. WhatsApp green tick verification is the only way to gain customer's trust, as users can be sure they're chatting with a real business. A verified WhatsApp Business account with a Green tick gives the account credibility and brand trust.

The verified badge on WhatsApp Business helps the users recognize the official brand accounts on the platform faster. The green tick on WhatsApp Business shows that it is a verified WhatsApp Business account and belongs to the organization it declares to be.

WhatsApp has robust corporate verification and authentication policies to safeguard its users from spam and phony accounts. As a result, the application procedure involves several phases and is only sometimes assured.

To apply for the WhatsApp green tick, you must use the WhatsApp Business Platform (previously known as WhatsApp Business API). There is no way to do it using the accessible business app.

A verified badge on WhatsApp Business allows the user to differentiate between a regular WhatsApp Business account and an official WhatsApp Business account.

Note: Meta will shortly change the process for receiving a Meta-confirmed green tick on WhatsApp Business. Businesses can purchase a monthly subscription to receive the WhatsApp green tick, Instagram, and Facebook badges.

Types Of WhatsApp Business Account

The term verified does not mean official; both terms are different!

The most essential distinction is that a verified WhatsApp business account differs from a regular one. WhatsApp verifies the legitimacy of all business accounts on the WhatsApp Business Platform (previous API). This refers to the company's verification.

Being verified on WhatsApp is only the first step. To obtain an official company account β€” one with the green tick β€” your organization must also submit an additional request beyond company verification.

The users use the two types of WhatsApp Business Account for the interaction:

  1. 1. Regular WhatsApp Business Account
  2. 2. Official WhatsApp Business Account

Note: You cannot confirm whether you have the free WhatsApp Business app. This only applies to firms who use the WhatsApp Business Platform.

1. Regular WhatsApp Business Account

  • For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: The purpose of a regular WhatsApp Business account is to be designed for small and medium-sized businesses and single proprietors only. They fit enterprises searching for a WhatsApp presence to initiate business with users.
  • Features: Regular WhatsApp Business accounts have crucial business communication capabilities like a business profile, messaging templates, rapid answers, chat labeling, and automated messaging.
  • Verification: Regular WhatsApp Business accounts can apply for verification, but it is not assured and is based on WhatsApp's requirements. Verified accounts may earn a verification badge, which adds credibility to their profile.
  • Limited Scale: Regular accounts are commonly used for one-on-one client contacts and are appropriate for businesses with low messaging volumes.
  • API Access: Until regular WhatsApp Business accounts use the Business app, they could have access to the WhatsApp business API. That is generally used for automated communication and advanced features.

2. Official WhatsApp Business Account

  • For Large Enterprises and Brands: Official WhatsApp Business accounts are designed for more giant corporations, brands, and organizations with a sizable client base and high messaging traffic. These accounts are intended for enterprises that need to expand their consumer communications.
  • Features: Official WhatsApp Business accounts provide sophisticated capabilities such as the WhatsApp Business API, which enables WhatsApp automation, integration with other systems, and the ability to send notifications and WhatsApp promotional messages.
  • Verification: Official WhatsApp Business accounts are usually verified by default, and they frequently display a green verification symbol to indicate their official status. This emblem increases credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Scale: These accounts are ideal for firms that must handle a high volume of consumer inquiries and transactions efficiently.
  • API Access: The official WhatsApp business account can access WhatsApp Business API and permit WhatsApp to integrate easily with business CRMs, tools, and chatbots to simplify the customer engagement and support process.

Pros & Cons Of WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

Getting a verified WhatsApp Business account or verified badge on a WhatsApp Business account gives multiple advantages or disadvantages that affect your business. Here we're discussing the pros and cons of a green tick on WhatsApp Business:


  1. Establish trust in the business: In an age of fraud and impersonations, customers are growing more cautious when interacting with businesses online. The Green Tick on WhatsApp Business is a seal of authenticity, ensuring your clients engage with a reputable business. The verification procedure includes a detailed evaluation of your company's validity. This ensures your clients communicate with the real deal rather than potential imposters.
  2. Raised professionalism and credibility: First impressions count, and having that WhatsApp green tick verification next to your business name immediately boosts your trustworthiness. It demonstrates your commitment to offering dependable services and accurate information. Customers will likely trust a business that has verified its identity, offering you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  3. Improvised customer experience: WhatsApp is well-known for its smooth and convenient communication features. With the Verified Green Tick, your company can gain even more benefits for improving the consumer experience. Verified businesses receive access to tools like Quick Replies, allowing them to quickly respond to frequently asked inquiries. You can also build automated WhatsApp messages to provide clients with important information outside office hours. This ensures that your consumers feel appreciated and informed, which promotes loyalty and favorable feedback.
  4. Reach and accessibility: WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, making it an unequaled platform for expanding your business's reach. The Verified WhatsApp business account distinguishes your business and boosts the likelihood of recipients opening your WhatsApp marketing message. It also improves discoverability and encourages consumers to interact with your company, which may increase your client base and revenue.
  5. Stimulate brand awareness: When clients feel safe in their dealings with your company, they are more likely to become devoted supporters. The green tick on WhatsApp Business generates a sense of trust, which leads to brand loyalty. Loyal consumers return to your products or services and share favorable word-of-mouth recommendations, organically enhancing your company's reputation.


  1. Application Process: The application process for a green tick on WhatsApp Business might be complex, and approval is not guaranteed. If your application is refused, reapplying can be irritating and time-consuming.
  2. Compliance Requirements: You must follow WhatsApp's Business Policy and Commerce Policy to preserve your verified status. Follow these policies to avoid the removal of your validated badge.
  3. Higher Expectations: When dealing with verified businesses, users may expect higher response times and customer service quality. Meeting these expectations can take time and effort, particularly for small enterprises.
  4. Costs: Some organizations may pay expenses using the WhatsApp Business API and other advanced services, typically available to verified accounts. These expenses can pile up over time, depending on your usage.
  5. Potential for Misuse: While the verification symbol helps prevent impersonation, some users may believe that any verified account is trustworthy. This might make verified accounts a target for scammers, so organizations must be cautious about maintaining security.

Is it worth applying for WhatsApp Green Tick verification?

Yes, applying for a green tick on WhatsApp Business is worthwhile. WhatsApp green tick verification is the top-notch feature of WhatsApp that enhances the credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness of business to customers.

Access to other extra features is only allowed with a verified badge on WhatsApp Business, compared to a normal business profile. Firstly, WhatsApp green tick verification helps make brand images rather than not allowing marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

A green tick on WhatsApp Business protects users from being fooled by scamsters and fake businesses. Second, the green tick on WhatsApp Business enables industries to access the WhatsApp Business API, which includes features like automation, interaction with third-party applications, and more. This can help organizations save time and improve customer service.

Third, the green tick mark makes it easier for clients to find and contact the business via WhatsApp. It also helps firms differentiate themselves from the competition and appear more professional.

Requirements to Verified WhatsApp Business Account

The requirements to get a verified WhatsApp Business account have four details. Some of the businesses only have a green tick on WhatsApp Business. If you are not eligible for the verified badge on WhatsApp business, don't get demotivated, as WhatsApp only verified some firms for the Green tick badge on the Business name.

Businesses must ensure that there are four main criteria for the green tick on WhatsApp Business. Apart from getting rejected by WhatsApp's commerce policies and company, it was also difficult for the company to get the green tick on WhatsApp Business.

  • WhatsApp API access is available through an official WhatsApp business service provider like GetItSMS.
  • Verified Business Manager
  • 2-factor authentication enabled
  • Good quality rating on your business account
  • Should have a notable and reputable brand

Meta defines a notable firm as representing a well-known and frequently searched brand or entity. Businesses must provide 3-5 media coverage links from news stories or publications to be considered for an Official Business Account.

The media links must mention the business, and the business name in the coverage must correspond to the WhatsApp Business display name and Meta Business Suite business name.

It is important to note that Meta does not accept paid or promotional content as review sources. In addition to media links, Meta searches for the brand on Google; thus, creating a Google Business Profile is strongly advised. The number of Facebook followers can also demonstrate a business's relevance.

While satisfying all requirements seems simple, there is no guarantee that your WhatsApp Business account will be verified. That being said, here's how to apply for WhatsApp green tick verification.

How To Apply For Green Tick Verification?

So, you've checked that your business fits the requirements for the WhatsApp green tick. Now, it's time to begin the application process. Before you start, check that your company is compatible with the WhatsApp Business API. With that established, there are the ways to apply for WhatsApp green tick verification:

Step 1: Get the WhatsApp Business API

Green tick verification can be done only if you use the WhatsApp Business API to apply for WhatsApp. But if you have not, you can switch to the Business API.

Previously, organizations had to rely on Business Service Providers (BSPs) for access. Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, businesses can now obtain direct permission for the WhatsApp API without requiring BSPs.

However, it would be advisable to seek the assistance of a BSP. This allows you to get help while applying for the green tick via WhatsApp.

Step 2: Increase engagement

Empowering customer engagement and having a good traffic ratio will help you enhance your chances of getting verified. This informs WhatsApp to check that you're an authentic business.

Step 3: Get WhatsApp green tick through your BSP (GetItSMS)

Getitisms is the best API provider that knows all the possible ways to get a green tick on WhatsApp Business. You can also easily connect to your Facebook Business Manager. You must include all essential documentation with your application. You should also make sure that your two-factor authentication is active.

Step 4: Submit relevant documents

Leading to the settings and choosing Contact support, under the settings, you'll see a question: "Request official business account status." You need to submit the information and documents supporting your application.

When your company is accepted as a verified WhatsApp Business account, it lends legitimacy to your corporation. Furthermore, it significantly minimizes the likelihood of your clients being misled by competitors, counterfeit imitation companies, etc.

A green tick on WhatsApp also allows your company to stand out from its non-verified competition. In addition, you may give your consumers real-time information about items, new deals, delivery updates, and more.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

This is the last step in applying for WhatsApp green tick verification, which takes a few days to approve and verify. When you get approved by the Meta, automatically, you'll know and get a green tick badge next to your business name.

4 Tips to Get Your WhatsApp Green Tick Verification Approved

In the next paragraph, we'll discuss why our business was rejected for the WhatsApp green tick verification. The section will also include what we should do if our business gets rejected by WhatsApp to get a green tick on WhatsApp business.

With GetItSMS's customer support team, if businesses want to boost their opportunities and get the best possible approach to having an official WhatsApp business account, make sure you fulfill these requirements:

Apart from the other requirements mentioned, there are four tips on verifying your WhatsApp business account to get a verified badge on WhatsApp Business.

  • Use a work email address instead of webmail (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo).
  • Paid media advertisements will not be considered.
  • Maintain quality rating for WhatsApp phone numbers.
  • Improve brand awareness.

These 4 tips will help industries get WhatsApp green tick verification approved. Let's discuss them in detail.

1. Design An Official Website And Email

People want to work with a company that only bothers to generate proper contact information. Having an email address and a website is now considered a professional requirement.

2. Schedule Click-to-WhatsApp Ad Campaigns

Another tip to approve your WhatsApp green tick verification is to run click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns. WhatsApp marketing campaign lets you know that you're an authentic platform user. The higher the ratio of your WhatsApp marketing activities, the more reasons you'll have to get a verified WhatsApp Business account.

3. Maintain WhatsApp Phone Number's Quality Rating

Scaling your WhatsApp API account gives you a stronger case when applying for an OBA. So, if you want the highest chance of getting verified on WhatsApp, ensure your messaging volume and quality rating are high.

4. Encourage Brand Awareness

According to Meta, notability is one of the most essential characteristics for a business to become verified on WhatsApp. Your company must have a strong internet presence to become a renowned entity. This entails gaining a lot of positive publicity through public relations campaigns on high-traffic websites.

Negotiate the publication of your company's press releases on niche-relevant websites and big news sites. During the submission procedure, you can cite up to five articles. Please make sure that each of them counts.

Use WhatsApp links and QR codes to encourage clients to follow your business on Facebook/Instagram and post great reviews.

What to Do If Your Green Tick Verification Is Rejected?

Of course, there are times when WhatsApp refuses to give a verified badge on WhatsApp Business. Then what? If this is the case, your organization will need to wait. New applications can only be submitted after a 30-day waiting period.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not disclose why an application is rejected. As previously stated, you must be a well-known brand with some traffic on your marketing channels; therefore, the larger your brand and the more traffic you have, the better your chances of receiving the green checkmark.

The reasons could be for WhatsApp green tick verification rejection:

  • Unverified business contact number
  • Unused primary account for business
  • Less information about your company

The good news is that most requests are approved after the second or third attempt, so perseverance is crucial!

Things You Can Do

  1. Go Through Rejection Reason: WhatsApp typically provides a rationale for the rejection in their conversation with you. Please review the rejection message to understand why your application was not approved. This information will be critical in resolving the issue.
  2. Enhance Business Profile: Enhance your WhatsApp business profile by providing accurate and extensive information. This contains a detailed business description, contact information, business hours, and a professional profile photo.
  3. Ensure WhatsApp Commerce Policies: Ensure your company and communication practices follow WhatsApp's company and Commerce Policies. WhatsApp has specific requirements for businesses, and compliance is required for verification.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep up with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines, which may change. Ensure that your business processes and communications remain consistent with WhatsApp's criteria.
  5. Improve Errors: Once you've determined the cause for rejection, address any errors or discrepancies. This could include updating your company information, confirming compliance with WhatsApp's standards and guidelines, or troubleshooting technical or operational issues.
  6. Top-Up Media Coverage: Expanding your brand's media coverage through organic articles will help you build credibility. Positive coverage shows WhatsApp that your business is legitimate and notable.
  7. WhatsApp Chat Widget On the Website: Adding a WhatsApp chat widget to your website might help you improve your online presence. This makes it simple for website users to start conversations with your company via WhatsApp. Include WhatsApp links on your social network profiles to boost engagement with your audience.

How Can GetItSMS Help You Earn Verified Badge On WhatsApp Business?

GetItSMS offers guidance on earning a verified badge on WhatsApp Business, unlike other BSPs, which charge the business up to $100 for WhatsApp green tick verification. Upon signing up for the yearly plan, we offer free onboarding customer support, including a green tick on WhatsApp Business.

GetItSMS is one of the best WhatsApp Business API providers and an official Meta partner. Setting up an account on GetItSMS and becoming a trusted user allows you to access the support and insight required to save your business's WhatsApp green tick verification.

However, if you're searching for a WhatsApp green tick service provider to streamline customer communication, consider GetItSMS as the right decision. GetItSMS allows you to automate customer support, chat product sales, and WhatsApp marketing campaign targeting.

Why GetItSMS to earn a verified badge on WhatsApp Business?

GetItSMS is a top full-fledged WhatsApp marketing platform designed on the official WhatsApp Business API platform. With our support, businesses can improve customer interactions and get a verified WhatsApp Business account.

The reason to select GetItSMS to get a green tick on WhatsApp Business:

  • We will verify the green tick on your behalf, expediting the procedure and saving you time.
  • We provide 24-hour customer service via email, phone, chat, and WhatsApp.
  • You can broadcast WhatsApp bulk messages and catalogs to unlimited stored and unsaved contacts.
  • Automate your WhatsApp marketing by scheduling WhatsApp bulk broadcast messages and tracking results with complete analytics data.
  • You may have a single WhatsApp number for your entire organization, complete with a cloud-based team mailbox and role-based access.
  • AI-powered Commerce BOT enables end-to-end automatic catalog sharing and order booking.
  • Automation with a WhatsApp chatbot that may answer consumer questions and deliver automated anniversary and birthday wishes, abandoned cart notifications, pending balance reminders, bills, and other customer alerts.
  • Integrates well with popular third-party solutions.
  • Intuitive and straightforward to use and mobile-friendly platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the green tick on WhatsApp Business stand for?

A. The Green tick on WhatsApp Business is a verified badge displayed next to the business name in WhatsApp. This green tick on WhatsApp Business is a symbol of an official business account, achieved through an additional verification process by WhatsApp.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for getting a verified badge on WhatsApp Business?

A. The eligibility to get a verified WhatsApp business account includes an official WhatsApp business account following WhatsApp policies and a known brand. It should be an active or valid presence on the platform.

Q3. How do you get a green tick on WhatsApp Business?

A. The way to apply for WhatsApp green tick verification is to set up a WhatsApp business account. You can request a verified WhatsApp business account through the WhatsApp Business service provider.

Q4. How does GetItSMS help with WhatsApp green tick verification?

A. GetItSMS is an official Meta partner and one of the best WhatsApp Business API providers. By setting up an account on GetItSMS and becoming a trusted user, you can access the support and insight required to save your business's WhatsApp green tick verification.

Q5. Would a Green tick on WhatsApp Business be helpful for business growth?

A. The green badge near the business name enhances customer interaction and trust. This is known as a powerful tool by Meta. It permits organizations to customize messages and provide effective customer service with higher conversion rates.

Q6. What should you do if green tick verification gets rejected?

A. If green tick verification gets rejected, you can reapply after 30 days, as the rejection of the WhatsApp green tick does not affect scheduled marketing campaigns and existing customers. A green tick is a badge that gives a professional look to your business profile.

Final Thoughts

The Verified Green Tick on WhatsApp Business in the digital age represents trust, integrity, and professionalism. The benefits of increasing consumer trust, growing your reach, and improving the customer experience are apparent. Verified businesses receive access to various tools that will enhance communication, boost brand reputation, and inspire long-term consumer commitment.

As a result, obtaining that green tick is the catalyst you require for exceptional development and success in the digital world.

As previously said, obtaining the WhatsApp green tick verification is difficult, so it is highly desired. The platform determines whether your business is eligible for the WhatsApp green tick on WhatsApp.

In the weeks leading up to your WhatsApp green tick verification application, you should strive to increase your media attention. This increases your chances of appearing as a well-known brand.

Remember that even if your application for green tick verification is rejected, you can still utilize all of the WhatsApp API's functionalities. Although the WhatsApp green tick gives your brand a more professional appearance, you can still operate without it.

Use WhatsApp green tick verification to boost your WhatsApp marketing plan today!