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Are you looking to find How to Add WhatsApp Button on Website? More than 2 billion users are using WhatsApp as their preferred communication platform regularly. The first step would be adding the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) to introduce WhatsApp into your customer journey as a channel. WhatsApp has launched a very special feature for customers to not make them install WhatsApp and save their contacts. 

This is the best option to engage the customer without making them uninterested in your services. WhatsApp is the most installed and used communicating source for customers to interact with each other globally. The platform has more than 2 billion active users who use it to interact with friends, family, and enterprises. WhatsApp is the perfect platform for businesses to have casual, approachable, and personal conversations with their clients.

WhatsApp Chat Widget For Website

You are not the only one who intends to include a WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website).

More and more business owners realize the advantages of communicating with clients via WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service worldwide. With WhatsApp, you can immediately respond to your clients and assist them as they use your brand throughout their whole lifetime.

Plan how to scale customer care on the platform as you add the WhatsApp button to your website. 

This post will demonstrate how to integrate WhatsApp into your Shopify store, how to add WhatsApp to your website, and how to manage business growth with WhatsApp API.

Before starting the "how-to" section, let's talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website).

We are going to discuss every step to add a WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website). In this article, you will get to know How to Add WhatsApp Button on Website.

What is WhatsApp Chat Button

By using a WhatsApp chat button, website visitors and potential clients can communicate with you without leaving your page. Although with the help of such handy messaging applications, customers are interested to communicate.

In essence, a WhatsApp button is a chat button that allows your consumers to easily interact with you on WhatsApp. They only have to click the chat button on your website to start a conversation.

WhatsApp Chat Widget For Website

These exchanges are mirrored on your WhatsApp business account, giving your clients a simple option to get in touch with you and enhancing your reputation for excellent customer service.

What Is WhatsApp Chat Widget

We can say that the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) is just like a WhatsApp chat button. Both work on top of the Chat button to unlock an extra option which means to initiate a conversation with customers, the WhatsApp chat widget for website opens automatically. 

A CTA button encourages users to act right away. to get in touch with you in this instance. Where a WhatsApp chat widget outperforms the WhatsApp chat button in this situation.

After all, leads do require a modest but significant push to convert to customers.

With WhatsApp, you can offer valuable material that promotes customer loyalty and automate speedy replies for your clients. Nevertheless, using WhatsApp to communicate with consumers isn't always a bed of roses; managing several customers on chat may be challenging, and occasionally the number of active chats builds up, degrading the quality of the customer experience.

Can WhatsApp Use For Live Chat

Consumers want to be catered to, and they expect it now. You should therefore offer a live chat-like experience. WhatsApp is the customer's preferred instant messaging app, so what better way to communicate with them?

WhatsApp Chat Widget For Website

Using the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website), you can have real-time conversations with your leads and consumers. You won't ever miss an opportunity with WhatsApp live chat to maximise lead conversion and give your customers the high-quality service they deserve.

What Should Business Use: WhatsApp Button, WhatsApp Chat Widget Or Both

The WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) and chat button function in concert. Except for the choice where the chat box opens and your consumer is asked to message you, the WhatsApp chat button and chat widget are pretty similar. 

You can enable a live chat experience with your website visitors and clients using a chat button or chat widget. This enables you to use WhatsApp for quicker customer assistance, better marketing, and sales.

Here are several advantages and justifications for why having a WhatsApp chat button or widget is crucial to growing your company.

Reasons To Use WhatsApp Chat Widget For Website

There are the reasons you need to know before using the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website), you must read:

  • Builds personal touch

    Using the WhatsApp chat widget for website creates a personal touch with your customers. And customers feel important when they get a personal touch with immediate responses in form of gifs, greetings, or conversations, adding an amount of personal touch makes it effective.

    And communicating with the WhatsApp chat widget for website helps to develop a good relationship with the customers.

  • Enhance lead generation

    Without having to specifically specify it on a form or in a live chat, you are provided with your customer's contact information when they contact you using the WhatsApp chat widget for website.

    This increases the quality of your leads and makes it simpler for you to contact them. There are various reasons why shoppers could abandon their carts. The majority, however, will undoubtedly benefit from following up. 

    Because it frequently doesn't take more than a nudge via WhatsApp to persuade them towards a purchase, whether they still have some lingering reservations or they just forgot to follow through.

    You can quickly message someone with a similar item that has better features if they are unsure about a particular item, for example. Also, your team now has the opportunity to upsell to this customer and convert them. There aren't many simple strategies to increase conversion rates like this.

  • Keep the visitors connected

    Let's be honest. Getting leads to take action is not always simple. The WhatsApp chat widget for website can help you out!

    A chat window is opened by the WhatsApp chat widget, which directs your consumers to contact you on WhatsApp. They find communicating with you to be quick, simple, and convenient.

    Also, WhatsApp features a buttery-smooth user interface and minimal lag time, enabling you to communicate with your leads in real-time.

How to Add WhatsApp Button on Website

GetItSMS allows you to add a WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website). There are the ways mentioned by which we can integrate the WhatsApp chat widget for website, please go through the methods.

This is a whole phone number in the international format that does not include any dashes, brackets, or zeros like (+91 xxxxxx000).

Consider adding a personalized message that will show up when a client hits the link. How to do it is as follows. After adding your phone number, you'll add a parameter to the chat link you already saw, which you'll see as " &text=". phone=xxxxxx00&text=This%20my%20bag

In the given example %20 is used to give the space and the sentence is “This my bag”.

  • Create a chat button with a WhatsApp chat widget

    This approach to including a WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) has a lot of benefits and is simple for anyone to use. You may create a button representing your business by customizing the live chat widget from GetItSMS .

    The widget can be used as follows:

    Step 1: Proceed to Build WhatsApp Chat Button 

    Step 2: Make your button unique by adding:

    • Use your brand's color for the button.
    • Good button names include a call to action, such as "Message Us!"
    • Design the button's position and shape using the other variables.

    Step 3: Personalize the WhatsApp chat button widget including: 

    • Your brand name.
    • A brand subtitle
    • Add your phone number  and then
    • A welcome message

     Step 4: Proceed to complete the setup for the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website)

    • User-sendable default messages should be included.
    • the URL for your brand's image.
    • Choose the background color, then type the CTA.

     Step 5: After you have completed filling out the form with the necessary information, click "Generate Widget Code." A drop-down menu containing various code snippets will then appear. Simply select "copy to clipboard."

    The final step is to enter the code snippet into your website's body tag, just below the closing body tag, if you have already copied it. After pasting the code, save the modifications and reload the page.

  • With a QR code

    Customers may find it tedious to have to add a phone number to their contacts list before they can start a WhatsApp conversation. This isn't a practical method, especially if you intend to offer this channel as a business. Consider the actions a client must take:

    They must first check your phone number.

    They must then add you to their contact list. The list of contacts should mention with phone number and company name. Their contact list might one day grow exponentially if they had to do this for all the businesses they communicate with.

    The customer must then use WhatsApp to find you, and look you up, and only then can a chat begin. It doesn't take long to do this. Yet, it also doesn't guarantee a perfect customer experience. That is the objective.

    Because of this, several businesses have begun to develop QR codes to initiate communication. To enable clients to simply start a chat, all they need to do is develop the necessary code and add it to their website.

    One must first establish a click-to-chat link before one may make such a QR code. With tools like QR Code Maker or QR Code Monkey, this link can then be converted into a QR code.

How To Add WhatsApp Chat Widget To Shopify Store

The procedures you must follow are rather straightforward if you have a Shopify business and want to include a WhatsApp chat widget in your store so that customers can simply contact you.

WhatsApp Chat Widget For Website

Step 1. Generate the WhatsApp chat widget code, copy it, then sign into your Shopify account.

Step 2. When you click "Online Shop," "themes," "activities," and finally "themes," a drop-down menu with the option "change code" will display. The editor for your Shopify store will now show up.

Step 3.  After the body tag, there will be a drop-down box will appear, and you need to choose the "theme.liquid file" before saving the changes and paste the code there. Check the updates on your home page, where you'll find the WhatsApp button in the lower right corner.

Use Cases Of WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website)

  • Customer service

    Consumers today avoid calls and emails. They demand too much time and effort. They prefer to ask questions using chat apps or simply hunt up the solution on their own in a support center.

    WhatsApp Tool for your customer care staff because of this. You may conduct a personal and genuine conversation that is effective for the customer and your team thanks to WhatsApp's informal etiquette.

  • Lead generation, marketing, and sales

    Internet sales have increased significantly. Yet, it's still not as enjoyable as buying at a physical store. Observing and touching the goods. putting on a fresh pair of footwear. communicating with the shop assistant.

    By including a WhatsApp chat on your website, you enhance the online experience by adding a conversational component. Your staff may gather leads, offer product recommendations, and even close sales using this informal and personable method.

    The customer can continue the conversation on WhatsApp after leaving the website. This is a significant advantage of WhatsApp live chat over other live chat services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by WhatsApp chat widget for website?

A. WhatsApp chat widget allows the consumers to link the WhatsApp click-to-chat action with their website. Whenever any visiting customers click on the WhatsApp chat widget, they will be able to start a conversation with the business. The whatsApp chat widget enables the customer to redirect to WhatsApp web/desktop and write a message on which business WhatsApp account number is set to communicate.

Q. What are the benefits of WhatsApp chat widget for Websites?

A. Adding a WhatsApp chat widget for Websites to coordinate with customers makes the support system and marketing functions very efficient for the customers. The benefit of the WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) is to collect the customer’s phone number and enhance the lead generation and sales ratio.

Linking the WhatsApp chat widget for website gives the feature of creating a predefined message template for the visitors on the website to reach you. This indicates that a customer will not exert any effort to interact with your company.

The person who clicks the link does not need to save her phone number. It's the simplest way to start a conversation with customers. Using a click-to-chat Whatsapp widget has the main advantage of allowing customers to continue conversing with your customer service or marketing team even after leaving your website. Their WhatsApp is still active with the chat.

Q. Is adding a WhatsApp chat widget for website free?

A. Yes, definitely WhatsApp chat widget for website(WhatsApp button on website) is completely free so any business can use its features.

Q. How can we add a WhatsApp chat widget for website?

A. To add a WhatsApp chat widget for website, simply fill up your WhatsApp phone number in the related field mentioned, you can customize the widget look and message to be sent to the customers. Later share the code with the developer or else insert the WhatsApp chat widget on your website before closing the tag .

And you are all done. Now you can communicate with your customers seamlessly.

Q. Can we open our WhatsApp number on multiple devices to share the access with our team?

A. Yes, GetItSMS allows businesses to open WhatsApp numbers on multiple devices. With the help of this, you can connect to one or more than one WhatsApp accounts and simultaneously manage the chats in one place. This setup takes only some minutes without any coding skills, developers, or WhatsApp business approval required.

Q. How can we change the WhatsApp number in the chat widget?

A. To change the WhatsApp number in the Chat widget you can do it anytime whenever you want. You need to go to the admin panel and open the widget configuration to insert the new number. Then tap on “save” and check the changes on the website.


WhatsApp chat widget for websites is considered as the distinction between a website visitor leaving and one who converts can be made by integrating WhatsApp for WhatsApp. Consider how effectively your team can maintain the dialogue. even after customers have left and tourists have abandoned their carts.

Hence, incorporate WhatsApp into your consumer experience. And to begin, incorporate a WhatsApp chat widget for website.GetItSMS, an authorized provider of WhatsApp business solutions, will set everything up for you. The only thing left to do is test it out and watch how your visitors respond to the WhatsApp chat widget for website.