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Do you want to know how to apply for the WhatsApp Business API? Don’t worry. The WhatsApp Business API is now readily available for integration with your company. You can use the WhatsApp business service provider (Getgabs) to apply for WhatsApp’s business API.

Acquire WhatsApp business API to improve customer interaction and provide a facility for real-time chat for sales, support, authentication, and advertisement. That is what customers do.

The WhatsApp Business API would be the right option to create a WhatsApp ecosystem for creating a WhatsApp ecosystem. The software gained so much traction that owners of small and medium-sized enterprises began utilizing it for communication with their staff, suppliers, and clients. Previously, all orders and inquiries from clients were handled by a separate division.

The messaging app introduced WhatsApp Business and Whatsapp Business API in 2018 to facilitate communication between businesses and their clientele. While the latter was created for medium-sized and large corporations to engage with their clients and provide expert support on a broad scale, the former was designed for small businesses.

Although integrating the WhatsApp API might seem intimidating initially, it’s straightforward if you follow the proper instructions. In this blog article, we’ll walk you through the quick and easy process of obtaining WhatsApp business API for your company.

In addition, we’ll assist you in determining “How to apply for WhatsApp business API” and what to do next once the WhatsApp Business API integration is complete.

What Is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a tool made by WhatsApp/Meta that allows businesses to communicate with their customers at scale. With the help of WhatsApp Business API, companies can send messages, help customers, and even sell products on WhatsApp.

Meta programs use WhatsApp business API for small- to large-sized businesses. Due to this feature, companies can engage their customers in a very short or easy way. WhatsApp Business API comes with several features that smooth the process of big organizations to create one-to-one conversations with the audience.

WhatsApp commercial is a potent tool for commercial communication, with 50 million enterprises using it to engage with their clients. Let’s begin with the essential information to access the extensive network and benefits of the WhatsApp Business API.

Businesses looking for enhanced messaging capabilities at scale and multi-user access to the platform can consider WhatsApp Business API, also called WhatsApp Business Platform. Unlike the WhatsApp Business App, it offers sophisticated features for more complicated business demands.

For example, the WhatsApp API does not enforce the 256-contact broadcast restriction. Additionally, it interfaces with the other apps in your software stack, including messaging services, CRMs, and automation tools.

Perhaps you’re wondering if the WhatsApp API is free. No, is the response. These are the expenses that companies have to cover:

  • A contact number
  • An inbox for communications to be sent and received
  • The conversation-based pricing of WhatsApp

Note: You can incorporate WhatsApp Business API into your existing customer interaction software or message inbox. This enables you to use powerful automation to complete activities and centralize customer data and discussions.

Before integrating the WhatsApp API, you should contact a certified business partner. The advantages of this are chatbots, auto-replies on WhatsApp, and list sending.

According to the WhatsApp reports, over 68% of businesses invested in WhatsApp business API in 2019. Afterward, Menlo-park headquarters updated the WhatsApp business API with new beneficial features.

Comparison Between WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Business API, and WhatsApp Cloud API

Most likely, you’re wondering which is superior to WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Business API, or WhatsApp Cloud API. The response is based entirely on your use case. It’s crucial to remember that end users are not affected by the distinction between WhatsApp business, WhatsApp business API, or WhatsApp cloud API. The system messages, which vary depending on the hosting type, are the only thing your clients might observe.

1. WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are different, despite the common misconception that they are. The standalone WhatsApp Business App is available for download from the Play Store or the App Store. It is intended for small companies that have a limited amount of client inquiries to handle.

The WhatsApp Business app is the most excellent option for small mom-and-pop businesses that don’t receive hundreds of consumer inquiries daily, but it can only be used by one person on one device.

The big difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API is that businesses can only operate WhatsApp alone. To connect with customers through WhatsApp, you first need a business account to communicate with them.

The WhatsApp business’s feature gives customers scalability and extra information about product details, auto-replies to users when you’re away from office hours, and many more. Hence, WhatsApp business would be the right option for organizations to promote business and compare brand offerings.

2. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is dependent on the on-premise rest API protocol. Businesses that need exact control over particular WhatsApp activities might use this API. The Business API is better if a company needs specific endpoints for various WhatsApp interactions.

WhatsApp Business API can be used for large businesses and other business vendors who want to convert their WhatsApp messaging into brands. The purpose of WhatsApp business API is for only large communication handles.

There are four tiers, each permitting increasing user communications after your business has been authenticated. If you fulfill the following requirements, you can raise your tier:

  • Verify that the status of your phone number is “Connected.”
  • Maintain a quality rating of “Medium” or higher.
  • Over seven days, get half of your daily send quota from fresh, unique users.

Meta will improve your account status within a day if you meet those objectives. To raise your tier, you can’t just pay for it.

3. WhatsApp cloud API

WhatsApp cloud API is entirely dependent on Facebook graph API. Businesses that require access to a more extensive variety of data may benefit more from this API. Because of its adaptability and consistent endpoint, the Cloud API might be a better option for businesses dealing with data across numerous platforms inside the Facebook ecosystem, including WhatsApp.

The best part of WhatsApp Cloud API is allowing businesses to combine WhatsApp’s capability into their organization’s applications. Based on the popularity and universal use of WhatsApp, cloud API allows for seamless conversation. Due to this, WhatsApp cloud API has become an effective tool for customized interaction with audiences and building the backbone of successful organizations.

WhatsApp cloud API costs operate like a pay-as-you-go model, meaning cost depends on the message volume and geographic location. But if you’re looking for a low-cost WhatsApp API, Getgabs comes into the picture.

Features Of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API encourages businesses with exclusive features to manage customer convex customer’s while being in chat seamlessly. Here are the Features of WhatsApp business API:

1. Several agents:

Getting the features of multiple agents will help answer customer queries quickly and support them anytime. To enhance team productivity, integrating WhatsApp business API for business with customer messaging software will be helpful.

  • Giving your agents a single mailbox to facilitate accessible communication
  • Establishing assignment guidelines on the fly.
  • Chats are automatically assigned to the appropriate teams based on the questions asked.
  • Transferring clients and assignments with a notice to different teams or agents.

2. WhatsApp bulk messaging:

One of the best features of the WhatsApp Business API is Bulk Broadcast. With this flagship feature, you can send your consumers unlimited bespoke WhatsApp bulk messages complete with call-to-action buttons. One of the main drawbacks of the WhatsApp Business App is that your customer will receive your messages directly in their WhatsApp inbox despite having yet to save your number.

3. WhatsApp chatbot:

Another vital feature of the WhatsApp Business API! By using the WhatsApp Chatbot, you can automate your regular business inquiries. The options are endless; you can configure WhatsApp automation, auto-replies, and more.

4. Interactive buttons:

Another best feature of WhatsApp business API is using interactive buttons to get hassle-free chat with end-users. Companies can ask customers to pay the support team directly on the website using the interactive buttons.

WhatsApp offers two types of interactive buttons:

  • Instant reply buttons: With the help of quick buttons, customers will receive quick replies from businesses whenever they initiate an issue. A fast response template would make three buttons available in a single conversation.
  • Call-to-action button: The work of a call-to-action button is to ask your customers to visit a website or make purchases. This message template will have up to two buttons in a single message.

5. WhatsApp blast message analytics:

With this function, you may monitor your WhatsApp blast message analytics in real-time. Metrics related to campaign performance, including Sent, Delivered, Read, Replied, and Failed, can be monitored. With this fast, real-time, comprehensive knowledge, you can optimize your WhatsApp marketing campaign and take the required actions to make it perform better going forward.

6. Message templates:

Sharing discounts, new deals, transaction alerts, notifications, and alerts could help you connect with your customers actively. All types of message templates ensure standard communication and the best user experience and help stop spammers.

Companies can:

  • Share in-stock alert messages
  • Notify of coming discounts and offers
  • Share order tracking and payment details
  • Suggest brands relevant to a recent purchase

Top 5 Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Business API For Your Business

With WhatsApp Business API, you may reach your consumers practically anywhere, which is one of its most significant advantages!

With two-way conversations that engage users along the journey, you can engage with your customers through interactive discussions and boost sales, support, marketing, and automation.

The standard WhatsApp Business App is not the WhatsApp business API! It’s a pass for VIP events that will leave your clients feeling cherished. This platform may share dynamic product lists with rich media and create engaging conversational flows with interactive calls to action.

There is more to the list! There are numerous other advantages to the WhatsApp business API. A handful of them are mentioned below:

  1. 1. Cost-effective and automation
  2. 2. Larger reach
  3. 3. Obtaining important insights
  4. 4. Increasing conversion rate
  5. 5. Effective customer support and service

The following section will explain the top 5 benefits of WhatsApp Business API.

1. Cost-effective and automation

Businesses can save money by automating repetitive operations and optimizing communication workflows, for which WhatsApp Business API is a significant facilitator. Employ chatbots to help clients with payments, purchases, and recurring questions. By automating repetitive operations with the Customer Service Suite and WhatsApp Business API integration, you can help your agents be more productive.

2. Larger reach

Businesses get access to a vast audience base of potential customers thanks to the enormous number of Monthly Active users. Businesses may improve client communication by contacting customers directly on their preferred messaging channel with the WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp is essentially a messaging program for smartphones, providing businesses with a direct line of communication with their clientele wherever they are.

3. Obtaining important insights

Businesses can track engagement metrics and user interactions with WhatsApp Business API, which provides them with valuable data and analytics insights. Enterprise companies can enhance overall performance, customize messages, and fine-tune their marketing approach by analyzing data via WhatsApp Business API.

4. Increasing Conversion Rate

WhatsApp has a higher conversion rate than conventional communication platforms. Because users know who they are conversing with, WhatsApp also boasts a greater engagement rate. According to a Nielsen survey, 67% of users of messaging apps anticipate sending more messages to businesses in the next two years.

Because WhatsApp facilitates real-time communication, businesses may respond to consumer inquiries and handle them quickly. The WhatsApp Business API supports documents, movies, and other rich media material. Companies may increase consumer happiness, attract attention, and encourage conversions in this way.

5. Adequate customer support and service

The most compelling benefit of using WhatsApp business API is driving adequate customer support and service. Most users prefer to use business services where they can message directly in real-time. Organizations can improve their business growth, word-of-mouth referrals, and higher conversion rates by offering immediate customer service over WhatsApp.

Types Of Businesses Can Apply For WhatsApp Business API

It is essential to comprehend the requirements to obtain WhatsApp business API to confirm that your company is qualified to use this beneficial MarCom(marketing communications) service.

You must abide by specific business terms and restrictions to apply for the WhatsApp Business API. To determine whether or not you qualify for the API, you must consider two primary considerations. This part will dissect the requirements according to business size and industry type.

1. Businesses can apply for WhatsApp business API

Two factors determine who can apply for WhatsApp business API. One is business size, and the other is eligible businesses to get WhatsApp business API.

  • Business size: Large and medium-sized enterprises are the target market for the WhatsApp Business API. These businesses usually deal with a more significant number of customers. Thus, the WhatsApp Business API is ideal for their requirements.
  • Compliance and messaging templates: In healthcare or finance industries where regulations are to be followed, sending messages could not be the right. But WhatsApp business API offers pre-defined templates in such cases as a standard way to communicate with users. For example, if you’re a financial employee and want to report your customer about their stock profile, using these predefined templates is as easy as starting the WhatsApp chat.
  • Eligible businesses: Ensure your company complies with the list of forbidden industries before applying for the WhatsApp business API. The commerce policy of WhatsApp business is challenging. Industries like eCommerce, telecommunications, education, travel, and real estate can apply for WhatsApp Business API.
  • Conversation volume: If your business has a communication volume very high, you need to look after WhatsApp business API. This does not allow you to send only bulk messages but also automated replies and a chatbot in the pack. For example, if a customer inquires about your product, the WhatsApp Chatbot will send an auto-reply instantly.
  • 2. Businesses can not apply for WhatsApp business API

    As per the WhatsApp terms and policy, some industries are not eligible to apply for WhatsApp business API. The list of businesses that can not operate WhatsApp Business API is as follows:

    • Drugs or related products
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Gambling or dating services
    • Medical products or body parts
    • Weapons, explosives, and ammunition
    • Animals
    • Adult products or services
    • Fake currency, real or virtual
    • Digital content and subscription services

    However, if your business falls outside of these categories, good luck, you can get WhatsApp Business API and enlighten your customer engagement services.

    Criteria To Get WhatsApp Business API

    The criteria to get WhatsApp business API have some steps that businesses need to follow. For accessing the WhatsApp Business API, the criteria that hold the standard of the platform are user experience, security, and reliability. If a business follows these criteria, it can access the WhatsApp business API so easily.

    However, the business ensures to approach the process diligently with all requirements to set the guidelines by WhatsApp. There are three most important criteria to get WhatsApp business API described below.

    1. Business profile verification
    2. Compliance with WhatsApp policies
    3. Integrating with WhatsApp business solution providers

    Hence, let’s move to discuss these criteria in detail.

    1. Business profile verification

    Before accessing the WhatsApp Business API, businesses must undergo a verification process to ensure their legitimacy. This involves providing relevant business information and verifying ownership.

    2. Compliance with WhatsApp policies

    Businesses must comply with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines regarding API use. This includes adhering to spam regulations, privacy policies, and usage terms.

    3. Partnering with WhatsApp Business Solution Providers

    Businesses are required to partner with authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Providers to access the WhatsApp Business API. These providers assist companies in setting up and managing their API accounts.

    Use Cases Of WhatsApp Business API

    WhatsApp Business API is used in various industries; hence, it offers extensive use cases for organizations to improve customer experience and interactions. There are some of the use cases of WhatsApp business API:

    1. Transactional alerts

    Companies can send transactional alerts to clients via the API. These alerts include transaction receipts, account balance updates, and payment confirmations. Businesses guarantee prompt communication and improved security by sending critical financial information to clients’ WhatsApp accounts.

    2. Surveys and feedback

    Using the API, businesses may use surveys to get customer feedback. Within the chat, they can ask survey questions and get answers, giving them essential information about their customers’ preferences, viewpoints, and general level of happiness. Businesses can enhance their offerings and make well-informed decisions using this data-driven approach.

    3. Order updates and notifications

    Businesses can automatically notify and update customers about their orders using the API. Order confirmations, shipment information, delivery alerts, and other pertinent updates fall under this category. Consumers have a better overall experience since they receive timely and helpful communications that keep them informed throughout the order fulfillment process.

    4. Reminders of appointment

    Businesses that provide services to the public, such as salons, healthcare facilities, or service-oriented enterprises, can use the API to remind clients of upcoming appointments. Businesses can enhance appointment scheduling efficiency and decrease no-show rates by automating these reminders, which will increase customer happiness and optimize resource management.

    5. Brand marketing and promotion

    The API functions as a powerful tool for marketing. Businesses can immediately message clients’ WhatsApp accounts with notifications about new products, discounts, special offers, and exclusive deals. Because of this, they can use customized and targeted marketing to increase sales, engage consumers, and foster brand loyalty.

    6. Account verification

    Users can receive verification codes or One-Time Passwords (OTPs) over the API when registering or logging in. In addition to improving security, this guarantees that only authorized users can access their accounts.

    7. Customer support

    Businesses can provide real-time customer help thanks to the API. Consumers can contact enterprises with questions, grievances, or requests, and companies will reply immediately, offering tailored support and effectively resolving problems. Businesses can communicate with customers through the two-way messaging tool, which enhances customer satisfaction and relations.

    8. Event updates

    Businesses can use the API to give guests essential notices, schedule updates, and event updates for conferences, concerts, or exhibitions. This guarantees informed and involved attendance, which results in a well-run and successful event.

    How To Apply For WhatsApp Business API

    To apply for WhatsApp business API follow these two specific methods from Getgabs:

    1. 1. Auto onboarding via embedded sign-up
    2. 2. Manual onboarding via creating a Facebook app

    Let’s explain these two methods how helps to apply for WhatsApp Business API –

    1. Auto Onboarding via Embedded Sign-Up

    • Step 1: The first step is to log in or sign up with Getgabs.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 2: Move to the Dashboard, tap the eye icon below the action, or go directly to Automatic onboarding.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 3: Tap “Log in with Facebook” over the automatic onboarding option.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 4: Sign in to your Facebook Account.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 5: Press “Continue” to verify your account with Getgabs.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 6: Then, you can check the permissions and tap “Get started”.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 7: Submit your business details to create a business account. If one has already been created, select a business portfolio from the dropdown menu.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 8: To create a new WhatsApp Business portfolio or manager account, submit the information per your business documentation, such as a GST or Incorporation certificate.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 9: Business confirmation will be sent for approval. Meta will send the email related to the approval process.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 10: Your number will be approved for the WhatsApp Business API.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 11: Cheers! You’re done broadcasting your message, supporting chat, and automating business with WhatsApp Business API.

    2. Manual Onboarding via Creating a Facebook App

    • Step 1: The first step is to log in or sign up with Getgabs.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 2: On the left side panel, go to manual onboarding.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 3: Now Facebook Developer account is used to create an app.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 4: Link your new or non-WhatsApp number to the API setup under WhatsApp.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 5: You must verify your company on Meta by uploading the required documents, such as GST, MSME, etc. Also, you have to confirm that your number will be used for WhatsApp Business API.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    • Step 6: Proceed to the Getgabs app and copy and paste the needed information, such as the app ID, phone number ID, Display, etc. The account status will be Green when your information is added to Getgabs.
    • How to apply for WhatsApp business API

    Congrats! Your WhatsApp number is only available to broadcast messages, auto chat, and create message templates.

    Why Get WhatsApp Business API From Getgabs?

    Getting WhatsApp business API from Getgabs will be the best choice for you. You can achieve several critical features of the Getgabs platform. Designed especially for instant messaging rather than traditional methods, it differentiates Getgabs from other business solution providers.

    This makes this platform more beneficial for consumers and allows faster updates with the newest quick messaging feature. While there are benefits to obtaining the WhatsApp business API straight from META, working with a solution provider has many unique advantages that can streamline and expedite the process.

    Getgabs is the best recommendation for the instant messaging feature for sending and receiving messages. In this section, We’ll explore why working with a solution provider can revolutionize your company’s operations. Following are the reasons to get WhatsApp business API from Getgabs:

    • Approach to beneficial tools and features: Solution providers like Getgabs frequently give extra features and capabilities customized to meet your company’s demands. To provide you with a more complete solution, they could include advanced analytics, message templates that can be customized, and integrations with other platforms or software.
    • For example, Getgabs offers numerous WABA number capabilities, a team inbox, comprehensive real-time statistics, WhatsApp chatbots, AI-powered commerce BOT, and much more that can significantly improve your customer engagement approach.

    • Omnichannel inbox: Getgabs offers an omnichannel inbox to communicate effectively across different channels. We are identifying the needs of businesses more than just WhatsApp for consumer conversations.
    • Easy setup and incorporative process: The communication process will be smooth and hassle-free, and navigate through Getgabs. With a lot of knowledge, an experienced team will help to solve the queries that can be created during the setup of WhatsApp chat.
    • Ignore unknown spammers: WhatsApp recognized it would have an uphill battle against spammers given its massive user base, which was close to 2 billion at the time of the last count. WhatsApp decided to exclusively grant access through specific partners to maintain more control over the businesses using its API.
    • Ease of payment for Indian transactions: Payment choices are significantly more flexible with WhatsApp business API solution providers like Getgabs, who can handle billing with Meta on your behalf. This substitute not only makes managing your budget more accessible but also expedites the invoicing procedure. Businesses have the freedom to select the most convenient payment gateway from various options, such as Stripe, Razorpay, Worldpay, and others.
    • Small resource intensive: By contracting with partners to handle the API application process, WhatsApp avoids hiring more staff to manage this procedure, lowering expenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Can you integrate a chatbot with WhatsApp Business API?

    A. Yes, with the WhatsApp business-API-based platform Getgabs, creating a WhatsApp chatbot flow is possible. Getgabs allows you to integrate your WhatsApp chatbot with WhatsApp business API. The way is straightforward, as you need to drag & drop the elements to create a chatbot flow for business.

    Q2. Is WhatsApp business API free to use?

    A. The WhatsApp business app is free to download from the Play Store, but the WhatsApp Business API is not free. The cost of WhatsApp business varies based on region and volume of messages. Getgabs offers WhatsApp business API at a low price.

    Q3. Why is the WhatsApp business API different from the WhatsApp business app?

    A. WhatsApp and Business API are significantly different because they are used for large businesses. In contrast, WhatsApp can be used by small and medium enterprises to manage customer requirements. With WhatsApp, business API companies can handle high volumes of incoming conversations. The WhatsApp Business app will suit small businesses growing and managing customer relationships. A WhatsApp Business app can be downloaded from the Play Store, but WhatsApp business API can be available with the help of a third-party vendor.

    Q4. Is WhatsApp business API readily available to all?

    A. WhatsApp Business API is designed for medium- and large businesses that fulfill eligibility criteria. The usage of WhatsApp has increased by millions within enterprise businesses.

    Q5. Which service provider offers the WhatsApp Business API?

    A. WhatsApp/Facebook officially offers WhatsApp business API. However, many third-party vendors integrate WhatsApp business API into your business. Getgabs is the best WhatsApp service provider that can help enterprises effectively.

    Q6. How much does the WhatsApp business API cost?

    A. The average cost of WhatsApp business API is session-based, i.e., a 24-hour interaction window is defined for each communication session. Message type and region differentiate API pricing. To know the exact API pricing, refer to the official WhatsApp pricing page or service provider.

    Q7. What details are required to set up a WhatsApp business account for a small business?

    A. The steps to set up a WhatsApp business account for small businesses are to first install WhatsApp and log in with your mobile phone number. You can also add your profile picture to let people identify you. The other details include product catalogs, descriptions, locations, business names, working hours, and website links.

    Q8. How can we identify good WhatsApp business API?

    A. The best features of WhatsApp business API are efficiency and robustness. If you’re searching for a reliable business solution provider, Getgabs offers seamless integration with WhatsApp business API, enhancing the user experience and providing extra functionality.


    I hope you have complete details on “How to apply for WhatsApp business API”. Businesses can scale their consumer communication to a considerable extent with the aid of WhatsApp Business API. The procedures above make onboarding a BSP more straightforward for startups and small business owners while improving user experience overall through tailored communication.

    Businesses can improve client experience and strengthen their communication strategy with the help of WhatsApp business API.

    Many advantages are available to organizations using WhatsApp Business API to enhance client experience. Businesses can offer prompt, individualized customer care by integrating WhatsApp business API with their operational systems and increasing income and customer satisfaction rates.

    The communication process becomes smooth and requires less human labor because the API integration adds a lot of automation and help.

    Contact us right now if you want to incorporate WhatsApp Business API into your brand messaging.