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Detailing on WhatsApp Automation and the best use of it will be explained in this article. WhatsApp automation is one of the best methods to automate responses for customer queries, welcome and away messages.

82% of the users in 2024 expect an instant response from businesses. Otherwise, they would not convert and could shift to a competitor offering robust customer support service.

The time when text messages and emails were the only way to communicate with users is long gone. WhatsApp business has become a huge platform for standard audience communication. Due to its instant delivery of messages, it has become a well-liked and successful marketing medium.

Ever wondered how to send automatic reminders to customers on WhatsApp to recover abandoned carts, application dropoff, delivery updates such as confirmation/cancellation of delivery, and welcome messages?

You are at the right place !

This blog covers everything about WhatsApp Business automation and everything you need to know about sending WhatsApp messages with the help of the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp automation is the procedure of using AI-driven technologies and an API to automate the conversation and engagement with users as well as message flow on WhatsApp.

In the world of expecting instant gratification, WhatsApp business automation behaves like a secret way of giving real-time customer satisfaction. Businesses can use WhatsApp marketing automation for modern customer service and engagement. But what exactly is WhatsApp business automation?

Without interfering with humans, the WhatsApp automation system can respond to the customer's queries, send & receive messages, and broadcast messages to multiple contacts.

WhatsApp offers two alternative applications for business purposes: WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App. The working of these platforms is completely different from the requirements.

WhatsApp business app can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android and iPhone devices. However, the WhatsApp Business API can be obtained only after approval from the WhatsApp team. Businesses need to ask for WhatsApp Business API access.

With WhatsApp business API, businesses can now automate WhatsApp messages and streamline the conversation. But WhatsApp business apps are required to integrate with third-party applications to automate the engagement and message flows.

On the other hand, WhatsApp automated messages are pre-programmed templates that respond to landing messages from respective customers. Without human involvement, messages are sent automatically with WhatsApp business automation.

With GetItSMS, you can utilize WhatsApp automation to automate WhatsApp messages and bring communications at double the speed rate.

Benefits Of Whatsapp Automation: Why Should You Use?

Businesses can save time and resources by implementing WhatsApp automation. They can use WhatsApp automation to perform repetitive tasks, improve response time, and increase satisfaction of customers.

Apart from these, there can be many other benefits of WhatsApp automation for your business. Significant advantages of using WhatsApp Business automation are listed below:

  1. Increase engagement and customer reach
  2. Improve brand awareness and conversion rates
  3. Cost savings
  4. Manage customer support and success
  5. Decrease response time and instant replies
  6. Automate reminder and analytics

Let'sLet's discuss the WhatsApp automation benefits in detail.

1. Increase engagement and customer reach

Through WhatsApp automation, businesses can increase engagement and customer reach. While businesses can have customized communication, respond quickly to queries and send targeted messages.

The term "reach" means the ratio of the audience viewing WhatsApp messages. By WhatsApp automation, customer reach can be increased by sending messages to large groups or audiences.

2. Improve brand awareness & conversion rates.

WhatsApp automation allows businesses to personally communicate with consumers to build strong customer relationships and improve brand loyalty. With WhatsApp business automation, they can send the latest updates, news, and offers related to products to enhance brand awareness.

Customers pleased with their shopping can be easily guided by the GetItSMS sales funnel and ask them to buy from you by automating your WhatsApp message.

3. Cost savings

The significant benefit of WhatsApp business automation is cost-saving. Some business tasks, like lead generation, customer support, and message delivery, can reduce costs. Without human existence, WhatsApp automation will help to reduce manpower costs.

Additionally, investing is necessary for businesses to bring in new clients and serve current ones to advertise the services.

4. Manage customer support and success.

WhatsApp marketing automation allows businesses to automate customer support. Doing this can enhance the service promoter scores as customers buy their desired products. WhatsApp gives 24*7 customer support at the time of the sales process.

5. Decrease response time & quick reply.

More than 70% of customers expect to get replies within 24 hours, and another 30% expect replies in less than an hour. With GetItSMS WhatsApp automation without manual manpower, you can send quick responses to users. Customers get happy as they receive fast responses.

6. Automate reminders and analytics

WhatsApp automation messages will suit businesses to remind specific events or meetings. And to track the engagement metrics businesses use WhatsApp automation. Setting up the analytics tool to track conversion rates includes message open rates, response rates, and customer behavior.

Top 7 Use Cases Of Whatsapp Automation

WhatsApp Business Automation is not just a tool. It is like an entire workshop at your fingertips. It can help you to revolutionize how you interact with your customers. This section delves into the top 7 specific use cases where WhatsApp automation helped transform business communication.

1. Automated Payment Reminder Notifications

Drive 3x more payments by automating payment reminders on WhatsApp. Today'sToday's world is fast-paced. Users must remember to make payments, whether it is loan EMI, school or college fees, subscription fees, or car loans. Using automated payment reminders can help you collect 3x more payments in less time.

Integrate WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp automation with the help of WhatsApp service providers such as GetItSMS. You can easily integrate automated WhatsApp notifications for your business software with the help of GetItSMS.

2. Setup Quick Replies and Welcome Messages

Users who receive a welcome or onboarding message are 33% more likely to engage with your business. A warm welcome can go a long way in helping you to create a good first impression for your business.

You can send an auto welcome message whenever a user visits your platform or makes the first purchase. Easily set up automated messages for your business with the help of GetItSMS. Your users will instantly receive messages depending on the time of their message.

3. Recovery of Abandoned Carts

One of the most important use cases of WhatsApp Business automation is sending recovery notifications for abandoned carts on WhatsApp. 80% of the customers put items in their bags but abandon their purchase at the payment page.

8 out of 10 users who add items to their carts do not purchase. There is a simple trick to recover 45 - 60 % of the abandoned carts. Send automated cart notifications on WhatsApp to remind the users to complete the purchase.

Sending abandoned cart notifications on WhatsApp can be profitable for businesses. It can help in increasing sales by as much as 20%. Some clients are also able to recover more than this.

4. Send Delivery Updates on WhatsApp

97% of the customers expect real-time visibility of their order shipments with live delivery tracking status, notifications, and updates. Automated WhatsApp notifications can help you establish your business as a trustworthy brand.

Whenever users ask for a refund or make a payment, they always receive a confirmation message on WhatsApp. You can connect with GetItSMS and set up automated WhatsApp Business API campaigns to send automated messages and notifications on WhatsApp.

5. Automate customer queries with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot is the only function with WhatsApp that helps to respond to users technically. A WhatsApp Chatbot is a chatbot that functions on WhatsApp. WhatsApp chatbot can be used to answer queries, complete sales, and collect customer feedback on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp chatbot can work like a customer support agent to deliver a human-like experience for your business. WhatsApp chatbot can answer common customer queries. Easily nurture leads when they first land on WhatsApp.

6. Robust After Sales Support

Data suggests that 96% of customers leave the brand if the brand cannot support quality customer support. After-sales support is important for boosting customer retention and loyalty to the brand. Set up automated responses and preset replies for customer queries with the help of WhatsApp Business service providers such as GetItSMS.

7. Out-of-Office message

Through automated WhatsApp messages whenever you are out of office hours and might be on vacation. Handling your customer in that situation is a good chance at the same time. You can not reply to them when you are occupied with something else, but you also can't leave them waiting for a response. For such things, WhatsApp automation messages are an excellent choice to drop an away message to keep customers connected.

How To Send Whatsapp Messages Through Automation?

Before sending WhatsApp messages through WhatsApp automation, you need to set up WhatsApp automated messages using two methods:

  1. WhatsApp Business App
  2. WhatsApp Business API.

The two steps to set up WhatsApp marketing automation are described better in the next section. Please continue to read the blog.

1. Setup Automated Message On WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App allows you to set up greeting messages, away messages, outside business hours messages, and custom schedule messages. You can easily set up automated messages with the WhatsApp Business App.

  • Tap the "setting" option to open the WhatsApp business app.
  • Under the "Business Settings," select the message type: Away Messages, Greeting Messages, or Quick Replies.
  • To add new content, press on + button for selected features.
  • Save the changes after personalizing messages​.

2. Setup Automated Messages via WhatsApp Business API

Making changes in WhatsApp chatbot for sending auto replies to audiences with WhatsApp automation can be done by using WhatsApp Business API. Set up WhatsApp Business automation with the help of GetItSMS.

GetItSMS is one of the top WhatsApp Business service providers. Easily set up WhatsApp Business automation based on WhatsApp Business API with the help of GetItSMS. Set up automated WhatsApp messages for order confirmation, delivery updates, abandoned cart messages, and drop-off reminders easily with the help of WhatsApp Business API.

With the help of GetItSMS, easily set up WhatsApp Business API-based automated welcome and away messages. Create WhatsApp Business API based campaigns to send automated orders, delivery, payments, and more notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is WhatsApp Automation?

A. Creating automated WhatsApp messages with the help of the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API can be labeled as WhatsApp automation.

Q2. Can WhatsApp Business Automation improve customer satisfaction?

A. WhatsApp Business Automation can significantly improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can adopt automation to uplift their customer satisfaction score. It is all about being there for the customers anytime and anywhere.

Q3. How does WhatsApp Automation work?

A. With the help of WhatsApp automation, you can set welcome and away messages. You can also automate customer queries and notifications, such as order confirmation and payment reminders.

Q4. Is WhatsApp Automation free?

A. It depends on whether you are using the WhatsApp Business app or WhatsApp Business API platform such as GetItSMS. You can set up WhatsApp automation for free with the help of WhatsApp Business App. You need to pay for using the services of platforms such as GetItSMS for using WhatsApp Business API for automation.

Q5. Which WhatsApp messages can I send with automation?

A. You can send welcome and away messages using the WhatsApp Business App. Answer customer queries and send notifications to customers with the help of WhatsApp Business API.

Q6. How do I make WhatsApp automation messages?

A. You can get started with WhatsApp automation with WhatsApp Business app or WhatsApp Business API platforms such as GetItSMS.


To sum up, WhatsApp automation can significantly help your business. You can help your agents save massive amounts of time by answering customer queries with the help of WhatsApp automation. This blog post has covered everything you need to know about WhatsApp automation.

WhatsApp automation is not just about technology. It is about revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their customers, foster relationships, and drive growth. WhatsApp automation holds immense potential for providing seamless customer support.

Easily create automated greetings and quick replies with the help of WhatsApp automation with the help of WhatsApp Business service providers such as GetItSMS.