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The article “How to generate organic leads on WhatsApp” will involve the required information for lead generation through WhatsApp. WhatsApp lead generation can defined as the act of getting customer likes and distorted to the service and brand of the company.

WhatsApp will allow you to generate leads and convert them into customers if you do not know your potential customers. Lead generation through WhatsApp needs the adaption to the channel, showcasing the brand personality and nourishing the customer relationship. Lead generation through WhatsApp has a high rate of user engagement on the platform.

WhatsApp Lead Generation

WhatsApp has a 98% open & response rate compared to other social media strategies. However, whenever businesses promote or send advertisements through WhatsApp, there is a high possibility of users reading the messages. WhatsApp provides an effective way to generate leads through it.

So, if you are looking for the best WhatsApp service provider to generate leads through WhatsApp, then you are at the best platform.

We will guide & show you the steps on lead generation through WhatsApp or how to generate leads through WhatsApp using WhatsApp API and WhatsApp business for a better customer conversation experience and service.

What Is WhatsApp Lead Generation?

WhatsApp lead generation is the process of allowing the business to recognize and engage with more interested customers. If you need to be made aware, you should be aware that WhatsApp can be used to produce significant leads and turn them into clients.

WhatsApp Lead Generation

Why WhatsApp, one could ask? Given the wide range of platforms that are now in use and are regarded as better lead generators, that is a reasonable query. WhatsApp, however, stands out above these platforms in terms of ease and adaptability.

As a marketer, you should always choose the channel on which your potential customers are most at ease. Sincere to say, WhatsApp is one of these services. Using WhatsApp Business to create leadsβ€”potential consumers who have expressed interest in a product or serviceβ€”is the method of making a WhatsApp lead.

Through the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API, businesses may generate leads on WhatsApp. While lead generation through WhatsApp might be a novel strategy for specific firms, it has several advantages.

6 Benefits Of WhatsApp Lead Generation

WhatsApp is a better platform for lead generation than conventional channels like email and web chat because it solves issues that firms employing these channels frequently encounter.

Businesses can use WhatsApp to collect lead information like name and phone number when leading a message via WhatsApp web chat or the WhatsApp App and gain higher visibility. Businesses may move leads through the sales funnel more quickly and improve conversion rates by doing away with the time and inconvenience of utilizing formal language.

Additionally, WhatsApp has additional capabilities like conversation links, QR codes, and more that can help businesses generate leads through WhatsApp efficiently. But before diving into that, let’s look into the benefits of WhatsApp lead generation:

1. Shift from Traditional Channel

Companies have shifted their marketing channel from traditional to WhatsApp. Lead generation through WhatsApp is the most convenient way for businesses, unlike email and SMS. WhatsApp is an interactive messaging channel that reduces the distance between companies and customers.

2. Direct and Personalized Communication

WhatsApp offers direct and individualized communication, i.e., one-on-one conversations with prospective and related customers, to create a personalized experience.

3. Instant Responses

WhatsApp allows instant responses using its functionalities. Businesses can answer customer’s queries quickly, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction with real-time messaging, so companies can address customer queries promptly, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

4. Rich Media Sharing

Businesses can use photographs, videos, product catalogs, and other multimedia elements to increase interaction and successfully highlight their offers.

5. Global Reach

The broad adoption of WhatsApp ensures that businesses can connect with clients all around the world, breaking down geographical restrictions.

6. Cost-Effective

Compared to traditional advertising, using WhatsApp for lead creation frequently takes the least money.

How Is Generating Leads through WhatsApp Worth?

Lead generation through WhatsApp has significant features that make businesses stand out in a competitive market. Using WhatsApp for your business always gives several advantages that make your business grow from low to high. It allows you to send a single message to more than a hundred customers at one time.

Among other social media platforms, WhatsApp is known as the most active messaging platform, having connections with more than 3 billion users. For daily and professional communication, WhatsApp has a high number of users. Users do not prefer to switch their WhatsApp use to other platforms.

Did you know that WhatsApp has copied the “Stories” feature from Snapchat and given it the moniker “Status”? Yes, that is accurate. That’s not all, though. When WhatsApp imitated this function, a sizable portion of SnapChat’s user base quickly migrated to WhatsApp. This demonstrates the users’ devotion to and loyalty to this software.

Instant messaging is WhatsApp’s primary component. Due to this, WhatsApp has no conversational marketing strategies to cause communication problems for customers. Customer service is made more practical by the integration of WhatsApp and AI Chatbots.

In fact, according to Morning Consultant’s reports, 80% of SMEs are utilizing WhatsApp and chatbot integration to their advantage to increase leads and sales. You can easily onboard your prospects by providing them with the WhatsApp solutions they require.

How to Generate Organic Leads on WhatsApp

You can follow one of the methods to learn how to generate organic leads on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users have a more straightforward process of using WhatsApp to generate leads using free and paid tools such as QR codes, click-to-chat, web chat widgets, and third-party vendors. This part will explain to you the ways to generate leads through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Lead Generation

1. WhatsApp Lead Generation through WhatsApp Chat Widget

The first method for WhatsApp lead generation is using the WhatsApp chat widget. This is the simplest way to initiate communication with people to ensure that they can easily interact with you using just a click of a button whenever they’re checking out your website.

People visit your online store for a variety of reasons. They may be interested in acquiring your products or seeking additional information. Some may just be browsing. Regardless of why they are there, you have an excellent opportunity to contact them.

The most effective strategy to engage with your consumers is to include a WhatsApp chat widget on your website. Customers can quickly contact your staff by hitting the chat button, and they will be offered the solutions they seek. When you start a chat on WhatsApp, you will immediately receive the customer’s phone number, which can be utilized for future communication.

2. Lead Generation Through Social Networks Like Facebook

Businesses can get more leads by including social networks in brand marketing. Remember to add a WhatsApp chat button on Facebook when you post something about your business to inform customers about your products. This functionality enables the consumers to start the conversation with your customer service, which will convert them into sales.

3. Create New Leads Through Paid Ads

The third method for lead generation through WhatsApp is creating paid ads, which involve the CTA initiating the conversation. Transferring potential leads from Paid ads to your business WhatsApp chat can make them visit the product page and get closer to conversion.

4. WhatsApp Service Provider

The WhatsApp Business API helps to manage leads from WhatsApp. Getgabs helps add new WhatsApp inquiries automatically and gives leads to salespeople who have been added as users in the CRM.

Receive timely reminders for follow-up via email and WhatsApp. Track leads by connecting to them using WhatsApp to assist sales managers. Enable CEOs to assess the performance of the sales team.

Utilize the capabilities of your WhatsApp marketing service and WhatsApp business account to increase your sales.

5. Generate Leads Using Click-to-chat

To reach additional leads, link your Facebook account to your WhatsApp Business account and build WhatsApp click-to-chat advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Remember that WhatsApp advertisements are not free.

WhatsApp Lead Generation

The click-to-chat link is an easy way to encourage users to start a WhatsApp conversation. When website visitors click on this link, the chat will begin immediately. This saves them time typing your phone number, increasing the likelihood that they will initiate a discussion. To provide a consistent user experience, discreetly disguise the link behind text or navigation buttons on your page.

Follow these steps to create a click-to-chat:

  • 1. Go to the official wa. me URL template:
  • 2. Link your WhatsApp business phone number to the template. Take an example with country code:
  • 3. If required, give a text template so the customer can edit or send it.


Let’s now examine how to use QR codes and WhatsApp conversation links to generate leads through WhatsApp.

6. Generate Leads Using QR-Codes

The two characteristics that are most effective for generating leads through WhatsApp or directing inbound leads are click-to-chat links and QR codes. You may insert your WhatsApp QR code in your physical store, brochures, and other printed materials, as well as embed your chat link anywhere on the web, including websites and social media.

All you have to do is navigate to your WhatsApp settings > Business Tools > Short Link to create your click-to-chat link and QR code. You can share your chat link and QR code on this page, as well as create a message that will pre-fill the lead’s greeting when they are taken to the chat inbox.

Whether you’re using the WhatsApp Business App or the WhatsApp API, you may easily create a connection using the online WhatsApp panel.

Create links and QR codes on Getgabs with ease if you’re utilizing the WhatsApp API connected to Getgabs. To begin, navigate to Settings, choose Growth Widgets, and then click Add Widget. Click Create Widget after selecting the QR Code.

Pick your WhatsApp Business Account from the drop-down menu of channels, pick WhatsApp, type your message using the pre-filled fields, and then click Generate Widget. Next, duplicate the chat URL or distribute the QR code.

We’ll then demonstrate how to use the WhatsApp widget to generate leads.

7. Generate Leads Through WhatsApp Chatbot

Although WhatsApp chatbots are the ideal tool for Lead Generation Through WhatsApp, you still need to put some work into generating leads. Here are some strategies to turn your WhatsApp chatbot into a lead generator.

  • Include links to WhatsApp’s chatbot in email signatures and social media posts:- Your sales team’s email signatures provide excellent space for WhatsApp chatbots to move if they are cold emailing prospects. Email signatures are not only at the end of your emails but also at the end of your emails. They serve as email footers and can provide further details about your company, its products, forthcoming events, or ongoing promotions.
  • Add chatbot links to paid advertisements:- Display and text advertising from Google. Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. You can run marketing campaigns using a plethora of paid channels. It is standard procedure to request users’ contact information via a pop-up form or lead sign-up page.
  • Distribute QR codes for WhatsApp:- The personal interaction with clients has been lost due to dropshipping and doorstep delivery. Is that correct? You can still set up a WhatsApp channel for clients to interact with your company. You may always get in touch with your current customers or potential new customers if they want to learn more about your other products or make additional purchases.

WhatsApp Lead Generation for Sales and Customer Support

This is how we can do WhatsApp lead generation for sales and customer support:

1. Expand Sales Through WhatsApp

Companies must bring their strategies onto this effective channel to drive sales. It could be more straightforward to display brand personality, nourish customer relationships, and offer valuable information that relates to the target audience.

2. Merging WhatsApp into Customer Support Channels

Aside from increasing revenue, WhatsApp can be smoothly linked with customer service channels. This enables organizations to deliver immediate and efficient service to their clients, thereby improving the overall customer experience. WhatsApp addresses typical issues encountered by organizations utilizing traditional channels such as email and webchat, providing a more engaging and immediate communication platform.

Businesses that collect lead information such as names and phone numbers can follow up with potential clients and nurture them along the sales funnel. WhatsApp may also be linked to Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, allowing businesses to divert traffic from these platforms to WhatsApp for increased interaction.

3. Further, Practise Tips

The only key to managing positive customer relationships is to set clear follow-up expectations and equalize informal conversations with automation. WhatsApp allows companies with its 24-hour rule to contact clients directly during the first 24 hours of chat.

Later, businesses would be able to send promotional messages on WhatsApp to users. Organizations can effectively purchase WhatsApp for lead generation by respecting and understanding these terms & conditions.

Things To Know About WhatsApp Lead Generation: Lead Generation Through WhatsApp

Through the WhatsApp Business App, which is made for small businesses, or the WhatsApp API, which was developed for SMEs and corporations, companies can generate organic leads on WhatsApp.

Businesses can chat with prospects and customers at any time using the WhatsApp Business App as long as they follow WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce Policies. The app is likewise accessible.

On the other hand, WhatsApp API has a set of guidelines in addition to the Business and Commerce Policies that safeguard users’ privacy, promote quick responses, and stop companies from spamming clients.

For instance, only customers may initiate a conversation, and companies must respond to messages within 24 hours. Businesses can only initiate conversations with leads or customers on WhatsApp by using pre-approved WhatsApp Template Messages.

The API must be connected to third-party applications, such as the Getgabs customer conversation management software because it lacks a user interface.

We’ve shown you in the above section how to generate organic leads on WhatsApp. Now you’re aware of the different WhatsApp products available and how to use them.

Best Practises To Manage WhatsApp Leads

Since you’ve made it easier for leads to contact you, you need to handle them well and make sure you have enough resources to respond to a large number of incoming discussions. You can use the best practices you learn in this part to manage and communicate with your WhatsApp leads.

1. Leads Management: WhatsApp Business App

To manage the generated leads, the WhatsApp business application has the required tools to manage conversations on WhatsApp for small businesses as well. For said, whenever new users message business, they would be able to use labels to categorize the priorities.

Having these features enables one to reach audiences with their promotional broadcast message, which generates leads through WhatsApp.

As was already established, WhatsApp users typically anticipate prompt responses from companies. Businesses can greet new clients with an automatic welcome message. When leads contact them after regular business hours, they can respond with an away message to help manage their expectations.

Businesses can use the rapid reply option to put up pre-determined answers to frequently requested questions because having sales personnel constantly respond to the same inquiries can be tedious and time-consuming.

For micro to small businesses who wish to create and manage leads on WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Business App is a suitable choice.

As your team expands, though, you’ll realize that the software can’t handle medium to high message volumes, lacks advanced WhatsApp automation tools, and cannot determine which agent is in charge of which task.

2. Leads Management: WhatsApp Business API

Consider consolidating all of your company’s communication channels into a single omnichannel inbox using the Getgabs’ WhatsApp Business API customer conversation management platform.
You may use tools to manage WhatsApp leads, automate chats, and work together with team members for support. It also allows you to use WhatsApp Business with numerous users.

The fact that it supports every WhatsApp Business API function, including broadcasting, push notifications, creating interactive messages, and more, is crucial. For teams that are constantly on the road, Getgabs also provides a mobile app that allows them to respond to messages from any location.

You can export your WhatsApp contacts to an Excel file or CSV file and import WhatsApp contacts into Getgabs if you’re switching from the WhatsApp Business App to the WhatsApp Business API on your account. You will retain your current position using this method.

You will retain your current contacts, which include possible leads, using this method.
After that, let’s look at how to manage WhatsApp leads with Getgabs.

3. Arrange WhatsApp Leads

Gather the bare minimum of information from leads who message you to assess whether they are fresh leads or contacts who have already messaged you on another channel.

If they are an existing Contact, you will be asked to combine their contact information and all of your communications with them into a single profile so you can see all they have done for your company.

If a lead is fresh, Getgabs will instantly record their information and add them as a Contact. Whenever you receive new leads, be sure to group them according to priority, interests, geography, and other factors. This will be useful when using the Getgabs Broadcast Module to send tailored broadcast messages.

It’s time to automate chats to handle the massive amount of incoming conversations now that you have the contact management aspect under control.

4. With Automation, Manage Lead Communication

Businesses may automate sales processes with WhatsApp Business API including qualifying leads, directing them to the appropriate sales team based on the funnel they fit into, and automatically assigning them to a salesperson.

Managers have the option to build their routing logic, such as routing leads by priority access, deal size, region, and other factors, thanks to Getgabs’ Workflows’ significant degree of customization.

Additionally, they can automatically allocate current customers to their designated salesperson or guarantee that leads are distributed equally throughout the sales force.

5. Enhance Lead Management With Integrated Tools

When an agent needs assistance handling a lead, Getgabs offers a choice of internal communication tools. Agents can include discussion summaries for data collection when concluding a chat, tag coworkers for assistance, provide internal comments for handovers, and allow managers to monitor and steer live dialogues.

In addition, the Getgabs reports and Analytics Module aids managers in assessing the effectiveness of their lead qualification process, pinpointing areas for development, and assisting their team in improving lead conversion.

They may also monitor the workload and efficiency of the agents, the time it takes to resolve cases, and the development of conversations in real-time.

Employ the WhatsApp Business App for lead creation if your small business receives few messages. However, you need WhatsApp API connected to Getgabs if you’re getting a lot of leads or expect your business to expand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do you mean by Lead Generation Through WhatsApp?

A. WhatsApp lead generation is the process of allowing the business to recognize and engage with more interested customers. If you need to be made aware, you should be aware that WhatsApp can be used to produce significant leads and turn them into clients.

Q2. Can we use the WhatsApp chatbot to generate leads?

A. Yes, you can use WhatsApp chatbot to generate leads. WhatsApp chatbots are the ideal tool for lead generation, but you still need to put some work into generating leads.

Q3. Why is generating leads through WhatsApp required?

A. Generating leads through WhatsApp has a high rate of user engagement on the platform. As compared to other social media strategies, WhatsApp has a 98% open & response rate. However, whenever businesses promote or send advertisements through WhatsApp, there is a high possibility of users reading the messages.

Q4. How do you generate leads through QR codes on WhatsApp?

A. Create links and QR codes on Getgabs with ease if you’re utilizing the WhatsApp API connected to Getgabs. To begin, navigate to Settings, choose Growth Widgets, and then click Add Widget. Click Create Widget after selecting the QR Code.

Q5. What third-party applications can be used to generate leads through WhatsApp?

A. Getgabs helps add new WhatsApp inquiries automatically and gives leads to salespeople who have been added as users in the CRM. Receive timely reminders for follow-up via email and WhatsApp. Track leads by connecting to them using WhatsApp to assist sales managers.

Final Summary

This article has helped you to know how to generate organic leads on WhatsApp in detail with the required information. The discussed ways to lead generation Through WhatsApp or WhatsApp lead generation are the best ones we know. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to get leads is to use a conversational WhatsApp marketing platform like Getgabs.

Lead generation and WhatsApp marketing still need to be appreciated. Because prospects are most at ease using WhatsApp, it might be a helpful lead-generation tool.

Lead Generation through WhatsApp and turning them into dependable clients will be fine if you know how to use the proper WhatsApp marketing methods at the right moment. Address your prospects’ pain areas and try to be as descriptive as you can. The most excellent method to close a deal is to do that.

Are you still having reservations? Still, determining WhatsApp’s effectiveness as a lead generator? Make a connection with us right now to further your company’s development.