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Terms Conditions

Guidelines for Using Our Bulk SMS Service

Terms of use

This is a binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions for using all services covered by the service that you have agreed to. The service may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions set here. The laws and guidelines of the Indian government's authorities shall apply to this agreement. Please take your time reading this agreement. After they have been electronically verified, all notifications required by this agreement will be considered to have been properly made and signed.


You consent to obey all relevant local, state, federal, and international laws and ordinances. All actions or inactions taken under your account are exclusively your responsibility, including the words used in any communications sent via the service. TEAM maintains an SMS service that allows users to send and receive messages to and from mobile devices. The following Terms of Service apply to the use of the SMS service.

  • It is totally forbidden to use the SMS service in an unauthorized manner.
  • Any use of them that includes sexual, racist, or discriminatory material may be deemed harassment, and you may be held accountable. TEAM disclaims any responsibility for the message content that is transmitted.
  • The Delivery ratio for Messaging service would be between 70% - 80% delivery.
  • TEAM shall be immune from any third-party claims arising from the content of messages.
  • You guarantee that all SMS content will adhere to the rules of intellectual property rights legislation and will always respect and not in any way contradict basic human rights. For instance, the right to privacy and the outlawing of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, colour, language, religion, political viewpoint, or other characteristics.
  • You agree not to use the service for any of the following purposes and acknowledge that it is solely offered for professional usage:
    • Promote gambling, deceit, dating, music, dancing, or alcohol.
    • Send unsolicited texts (also known as mobile spam), and make sure that you only send messages to those who have given you permission to do so.
    • Without their permission, we harvest or otherwise obtain information about people.
    • Use phony identities, assume the identity of someone or something else, or give out contact information that does not belong to you to deceive others about who is sending them your communications.
    • Any kind of content that is illegal, racist, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, humiliating, lewd, immoral, hurtful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable should not be sent, associated with, or published. As a general rule, if your material is not appropriate for viewers who are at least 13 years old, it probably violates our Usage Policy.
    • You can't send any content that violates the intellectual property rights of a third party, such as trademarks, copyrights, or other publicity rights.
    • Send any content that is infected with malware, including Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancel-bots, and other destructive software.
    • Interfering with, disrupting, or breaking the rules, policies, or procedures of networks that are connected to the service.
    • Attempt to use any method, including password mining, to gain unauthorized access to the service, other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the service.
    • Hinder others from using and enjoying the service.
    • Participate in any other action that Team feels might result in legal trouble or a monetary fine or judgment.
  • You understand that TEAM only has limited technological control over SMS message delivery and transmission since it uses major telecom carriers to transmit SMS messages. If the recipient's phone is turned on, has free memory, and is in a service region for the mobile network provider to whom it has enrolled, SMS messages sent over the Internet will be sent to the mobile network providers. You know that it may not be possible to send the SMS message to the recipient based on their mobile service provider.
  • You are in charge of maintaining the confidentiality and preservation of the user name and password. You acknowledge that any actions taken using your account are formally obligated to you.
  • Team makes no representations or warranties about the service's performance or availability and disclaims all responsibility for any transmission errors or failures. Despite TEAM's best efforts to send messages on time.
  • TEAM does not refund credits for undeliverable SMS messages because we cannot guarantee that recipients will receive them due to potential issues. According to its transmission records, TEAM debits SMS messages that have been sent. Unless an examination by TEAM has shown evidence of a technical issue or mistake, these logs are regarded as accurate and genuine, even if the client has disputed the accuracy of the accounting records.
  • We retain the right to deny your access to this service and to reimburse you for any unused funds in your account. In accordance with our no-return policy, all purchases must be regarded as final.
  • The balance of the SMS account is non-refundable and doesn't accrue interest. No credit will be carried over unless it is specifically stated in a different contract. All SMS must be used within the validity period, which starts from the date of purchase.
  • You are fully responsible for any messages sent from your account using services and following your instructions.
  • You are responsible for keeping TEAM safe and paying back any debts, expenses, losses, or damages if a third party sues TEAM for breaking the contract.


While we'll do all we can to get your communications to reach the intended recipients as soon as possible, we can't promise or guarantee a certain delivery time. These times depend on a number of network and system-related factors, as well as the number of parties involved in sending your messages through cellular mobile networks.

We are unable to provide 100% availability assurances for delivery reports and the originator since they are operator-dependent features. When these traits are thought to be very important, we recommend testing ahead of time.

You accept that our ability to influence the delivery of your messages is limited by the technological restrictions placed on us since we transmit and receive text messages via well-known telecommunications providers and mobile network operators.

Therefore, it is our obligation to make sure that the text messages you send through the service are properly processed and sent to the designated recipient. Since the ultimate transmission of the message is outside our control and the responsibility of the mobile network operator, we are not liable.

The Mobile Network Operator will immediately delete any SMS that is not delivered within the life duration assigned to them, whether by us or the Mobile Network Operator. You agree that is not accountable for any damages arising from financial or other loss arising from a message delivery failure and that we are not responsible for any loss caused by the failure of a message to be sent. Additionally, you acknowledge that the contents of messages are treated as having no value.

You also realize that text messages are sent in an unencrypted format and that third parties may intercept mobile phone interactions, including SMS delivery. We also suggest that you use different ways to talk to people about sensitive and important information.

Additionally, the service is provided "as is" and "as available," without any explicit or implied warranties or guarantees, and use of the service and the Internet is at the user's own risk. We offer no warranties or guarantees that you will be able to access the service at any certain time or place, but we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to make access to the service accessible via the necessary access protocols. Without limiting the scope of the above terms, we and our affiliates, agents, content providers, service providers, and licensees.

By doing this, all express and implied warranties regarding the accuracy, fullness, legality, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose of the service generally and any content or services therein are hereby disclaimed, as well as all express and implied warranties regarding the continuity and error-free operation of the service generally and any content or services therein.

You agree to indemnify us against any third-party claims arising from any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions in, or losses, injuries, or damage caused in whole or in part by failures, delays, or interruptions of the service generally, and any element related thereto.

The terms listed above apply to Team and its affiliates, agents, content providers, and service providers, and each shall have the sole right to claim and enforce such rights, notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated herein.


We continuously update, amend, and otherwise constantly work to enhance the service; as a result, these changes usually necessitate modifying the terms and conditions of use at the same time. Due to this, we reserve the right to alter this agreement's terms and, in any instance, amend or eliminate any component of our service as we see fit. Your use of the service may be discontinued in accordance with the cancellation methods outlined in this agreement if you object to any such modifications. You accept that it is your duty to periodically examine this agreement to stay informed of any modifications and that we will be pleased to keep you informed if/when such changes occur.

Furthermore, you agree that in the event of a conflict, additional special terms and conditions will take precedence over these general terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to suspend, terminate, and/or cancel this agreement at any time if you violate the service's terms and conditions, and/or to seek damages from you in connection with the event(s) that resulted in the suspension, termination, or cancellation. We have the right to end your service at any time and for any reason, including if we think it's necessary to keep any of our services from being hurt by your status as a customer, your financial situation, or the content of communications coming from you.

Any obligations that you had at the time of any such termination, cancellation, or suspension remain your responsibility. If access to or use of the service is interrupted in whole or in part due to your failure to comply with, or violation of, the terms of this agreement or any law or legal requirement, payment and other obligations under this agreement are not suspended, stayed, or otherwise impacted. You agree to stop using the service right away if the service is terminated or canceled, no matter what the reason is, and we are no longer responsible to you after that.

This agreement is also freely revocable by you at any time and for any reason. You will still be held accountable for this agreement for as long as you utilize the service, and you will lose access to any credits that may be in your account. For such a termination or cancellation to be effective, however, you must tell us in writing by email.