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Include country code without + symbol. Eg. if country code is +91 and WhatsApp number is 9000012345, then type 919000012345 below.

Welcome Message (Optional)

Automatically include this text when a user clicks on your chat link, making it easier to start a conversation.

What is a Free WhatsApp chat link generator and how can we create it? Do you want to use this delightful service for your business? Are we going to create a Free WhatsApp chat link for free? Can small businesses use this Free WhatsApp chat link generator?

What is a Free WhatsApp chat link and how does it work?

Is it an advanced feature of WhatsApp provided to make the business work easier for their customers? Yes, WhatsApp has provided a special feature to communicate with your client with a chat link. WhatsApp has brought a lot of changes in its feature to make clients aware of its services. Adding every client’s mobile number would be complicated and a bit annoying, the free WhatsApp chat link generator allows you to create a link to chat with your customers simply.

This is a huge change to the social media advertising industry which WhatsApp has to include. Nowadays communicating with your customers is very difficult and annoying through these traditional messaging apps. 

The good news is that WhatsApp users can send messages to contacts who haven't been stored without having to download any additional software! Customers may easily start a chat with your team by clicking on a "click to chat" link you can establish as long as you have an active WhatsApp account and an active phone number. GETITSMS will describe what it is, why it should be used, how to make one, and examples of the best outcomes in this post. Let's investigate.

Businesses and people can simply start a conversation with the company team by clicking on the "chat to link," and this would be activated as long as their cellphone number is active. Creating the click-to-chat link is a very simple and cost-effective option. 

As per research, it states that 77% of customers said that to provide good online service by the business, they need to value their time. Free WhatsApp chat link generator provides you with quick responses and the best customer service with one-to-one conversations and builds productive relationships with customers.

To have good customer service and better communication WhatsApp number is not only enough. Businesses need to put them out where customers can notice them. For example, on the bottom right corner of your application. Although to contact you for their needs, customers need to go to your website and save your number, then send you a message. 

But no one has that kind of patience anymore? Everyone wants instant response & gratification. That’s where the Free WhatsApp chat link generator will help you as your savior. How is it? 

What Is a Free WhatsApp Chat Link Generator?

Simply to communicate with someone or a business with WhatsApp, first, we need to save their number and then start the conversation. But sending a message through the Free WhatsApp chat link becomes easier without saving the contact numbers. 

The Free WhatsApp chat link is the URL that users open to start conversations with each other. To click on the chat link, neither the business nor the individuals need to save the contact numbers of the respective person before sending the message. WhatsApp has given this feature to users to make conversations easier and fast without saving contact numbers. 

WhatsApp links are links you can make to connect with your customers using your WhatsApp business number. You can also include a pre-written message in your link so that users can respond without having to manually type anything.

WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

When you're running campaigns and need individual responses for each campaign you're doing, this is typically helpful. Additionally, suppose you ever decide to use WhatsApp automation for your business with a WhatsApp chatbot. In that case, you may activate several paths for the bot and create different workflows for executing multiple campaigns at once. 

Hopefully, this decision will be made sooner rather than later. Additionally, since the chatbot is intelligent enough to comprehend the question and respond appropriately, you won't need to manually respond to every consumer in this scenario.

Free WhatsApp chat link generator works on both mobile and Desktop. And users can embed these links in images or across various platforms as per your requirements. To generate the Free WhatsApp chat link there are some types of WhatsApp links listed below.

Types Of WhatsApp Chat Links

  • Direct Link
  • Direct link with pre-filled message
  • Only pre-filled link

Direct Link

This is a type of Free WhatsApp chat link generator and usually, when we click on the “click-to-chat” link it is composed of two parts which are the standard link and the user's mobile number.

Let’s take an example to understand this direct link chat generation, if your mobile number is 797976XXXX and your country code is +91. The link will be generated as

Please ensure to not include any special characters such as brackets and dashes when filling in your phone number, otherwise, the link will be useless.

Direct Link With Pre-Filled Message

This is the second type of Free WhatsApp chat link generation, and when you will click on this type of link, it will compose the link generation with a predefined message to users. A message template will be automatically displayed in the text field.

The format will be for this type of free WhatsApp chat link generation as:<pre-filled message>

But when this link is generated, your mobile number would remain unchanged at the time of adding a greeting message like “Hello, I want to know more about your services”. Then the link will be:,+I+want+to+know+more+about+your+services.

Only Pre-Filled Link

In this type of Free WhatsApp chat link generation, you can also send broadcast messages. We can choose the contact lists to whom we want to send the messages after opening the link.

At the time of link creation, it will redirect you to a list of pages where all numbers are listed, you can select the multiple contacts and can send them all a unique message about your services. The message can say, "Thanks for inquiring," for instance”.!

So these are the types of Free WhatsApp chat links generator by which you can communicate with your customers without saving their mobile phone numbers every time to start a new conversation. In the next section, we are going to tell you how to create the Free WhatsApp chat link generator and how we can use it.

Read the next paragraph to know more about the WhatsApp chat link generator in detail.

Free WhatsApp Chat Link Generator: Create WhatsApp Chat Link To Send WhatsApp Message

Your consumers can contact you over WhatsApp by clicking the links provided, which saves them from having to enter your phone number into their contact list. 

With this tool, Free WhatsApp chat link generator you can create free WhatsApp chat links for your multiple WhatsApp business numbers that you can distribute to your customers about having your product & services information. This tool creates WhatsApp API to generate WhatsApp chat links.

Free WhatsApp chat link generator click-to-chat links are an important tool of WhatsApp marketing strategy that attracts the customer towards your business to buy your services without any trouble in communicating with your team.

To get the Free WhatsApp to chat link for your business, you can contact the best and most cost-effective service partner GETITSMS,who will help you get WhatsApp to chat links to place on your social media marketing methods such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & other profiles.

WhatsApp chat link generator is a free tool for users that allows you to create a Whatsapp chat link for your business to reach out to customers. You can create multiple business accounts and send the broadcast messages at the same time with the help of the Free WhatsApp chat link. 

There are more than 100+ companies in India who will help you to generate the Free WhatsApp chat link but GETITSMS will help you to create Free WhatsApp chat link as well as automate the customer's replies.

However, there is an important concern needs to know about that creating a Free WhatsApp 

chat link is not very user-friendly, want to know why? Here GETITSMS comes into the picture, GETITSMS provides its users a tool to generate the free WhatsApp chat link through the GETITSMS domain. This type of service increases the chat conversation rate with users and you know it is free!

How To Generate WhatsApp Chat Link In A Single Click?

Are you looking for a better way to approach your customers to start the conversation without saving numbers? Yes, you are at the right place, your wait is over. Bring your customers over the GETITSMS for the Free WhatsApp chat link generation. They just need to click on the generated chat link and will be able to reach you, that too without saving numbers.

The most popular messaging application - WhatsApp, which is used by millions of people every day is now going to the rescue to connect with your friends, family, and clients. Despite sharing images, and videos, chatting in the form of text messages, and having audio/video calls. But now with the advanced feature of WhatsApp, we can send messages to multiple people without saving the phone numbers by generating a WhatsApp link.

WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

It can be difficult to keep track of all the numbers while sending a WhatsApp message en masse. How to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that aren't saved could be a question in such circumstances. The basic solution is the GETITSMS link builder. You can connect with your consumers using the GETITSMS link generator without saving their phone numbers.

Steps To Create Free WhatsApp Chat Link For Your Business

To create the Free WhatsApp chat link, you need to follow the steps. The steps are given below.

  • You can go to open your web browser and move to the GETITSMS home page.
  • Now you will have to enter your mobile number and also remember to enter your country code.
  • If you want to add a template for messages to show to the customers, you can add it. 
  • Go to click on “Get Link”.

That’s it, you are all set to woo your customers like never before, copy-paste the link and use it.

The steps are explained above for the customers who want to get the WhatsApp chat link for free, like this they can get the Free WhatsApp chat link to generate. We are going to explain the WhatsApp chat link generation for the business.

  1. Go to the official website of GetItSMS and navigate to the configure section to tap on the “deployment” page.
  2. Now select the WhatsApp solution provider as GetItSMS and enter your WhatsApp business number.
  3. Please click on the “Generate API key” and save this for further reference.
  4. You will find your WhatsApp link under the share option. Along with the WhatsApp chat link, you will also get a downloadable QR code.
  5. You are done to go, now you can save it or start your marketing.

As we told you that the Free WhatsApp chat link is not very user-friendly, but the service provider GetItSMS will help you to make it user-friendly as well as automate the replies of users.

But, do you know the benefit of automating your business with a free WhatsApp Chat Link?

You need to read the next section just for 2 more minutes if you’ve read till here, You will need to know how this channel can work for your business.

WhatsApp Automation Benefits for your Business

  • Every time a customer makes a purchase, it automates the replies to all the post-purchase queries.
  • Whenever businesses have updated their services, they broadcast the updates and notifications to customers.
  • With WhatsApp, you can socialize with your products online to sell and showcase them to your clients.
  • WhatsApp users are growing every day with its interactive features, this is the best option for the marketing of businesses with interactive buttons. 
  • You can be in contact or engage with your customers to let them know about the pieces of information of payment confirmations, order status, etc.

WhatsApp Message Link Generator

Do you want to create the WhatsApp Message Link for your business? Do you want to enhance your business and social media marketing strategies with a WhatsApp message link generator? How to generate the WhatsApp message link?

Sometimes when your phone storage is full and you won’t be able to add the mobile number of the person to whom you want to speak. To remove the storage restriction another way to communicate with someone without saving their number is WhatsApp message link generation.

Creating the WhatsApp link for the business account can help you to connect with the customers and increase your business product position. When you activate the WhatsApp message link, the user will be redirected to the page where he can start the conversation, which also allows you to schedule the standard message template to send the customer. 

Users can also add the link to their social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube) pages for the advertisement of the product & services. Where customers can directly chat with the sales agent with a single click on the link, or without having to save the company number or without opening the WhatsApp application.

We all know that today everyone is using WhatsApp rapidly even in their busy schedules. WhatsApp has millions of subscribers who have the service of WhatsApp for their business meetings, updates about the products, and providing important information about projects over WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application so if you want to communicate with your clients to make your business activities easier, it is beneficial. As it has a 90% of open and response rate because every customer surely opens their WhatsApp to check the promotional, transactional, or alert messages.

If you are very familiar with the WhatsApp features you will have the information to add contacts by sharing them through the platform’s groups and conversations, as well as entering the number directly.

How To Use A Message Link Generator For WhatsApp?

There are various free WhatsApp link generators on the Internet that you can use if you prefer to handle everything by hand; all you need to do is enter some information to have a link generated for you. The majority of link builders let you personalize the link name using your name. The most well-liked services include Create WhatsApp Links.

Fill in the blanks, enter your phone number, write your message, and then select Preview. Click the Generate link if you are happy with the final URL.

Once the link appears, all you have to do to help others communicate with you is copy it, post it on social media, and share it with your contacts or clients.

Benefits Of Free WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

There could be a lot of benefits of WhatsApp chat links but we will focus on the most important benefits of the Free WhatsApp chat link generator. But the only problem with this method is that it has multiple steps to work on the free WhatsApp chat link. It shares the free WhatsApp chat link to another channel and then moves the conversation to another second location.

In free WhatsApp, a chat link generator removes the friction between customers and businesses and allows them to connect with a single click. 

We are talking about the benefits of the Free WhatsApp chat link generator we are describing. 

  • Use the WhatsApp chat link for customer support

In the business, the most common concern is to provide the best customer service and support. And gives 100% customer satisfaction. Free WhatsApp chat link helps companies to provide their customers with better customer support and a good response time.

  • Use WhatsApp chat link for marketing

For the marketing of services and products, WhatsApp isn’t the most obvious choice. Over WhatsApp you can’t run ads nor can you initiate conversations with customers. Although they’ve already opted into receiving communications from your company brand.

  • Use WhatsApp chat link for sales & advertisement

The best way to increase leads and product sales, a WhatsApp chat link is the best option for the company product advertisement. You can use the Free WhatsApp chat link for sales & advertisement of it.

WhatsApp Click-To-Chat Link Generator

Users do not want to save mobile phone numbers that they do not know even when they are talking to them only for some time. In Particular, they do not save phone numbers on instant messaging applications when they use them for their conversations.

The best feature of the Free WhatsApp click-to-chat link generator or GetItSMS allows users to have instant and direct conversations with other WhatsApp users to click on a single link, without having to save their mobile numbers.

WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

Individuals and businesses both can use this feature very well. The customers only need to click on the free WhatsApp chat link, which will redirect them to the chat screen or WhatsApp web where they can start chatting with the respective person. 

Is there another advantage of WhatsApp's click-to-chat generator? You will have to read the complete paragraph to understand it.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Click-To-Chat Link Generator

  • Ease Of Communication

People want their needs to be satisfied quickly in our fast-paced society, especially when it comes to answering their questions or concerns. You can accomplish that with the use of a WhatsApp conversation link.

With WhatsApp click-to-chat links, you may instantly greet a new customer who just joined your website or offer individualized customer care. The consumer is a king, after all, and you want to treat them as such.

  • Engagement in real-time

Connecting the potential users at the right place at the right time increases the chances to convert them into your customer. So what are the right time and right places to hit the customers about knowing your brand?

The right place to target the audience on your website and the right place is when they are surfing on your website. With the free WhatsApp click-to-chat link enables the customer to reach you within a seconds without any trouble.

Their only focus during this process is on gathering information about your services. When they place their request to fill a form, wait for your response for hours, days, or sometimes a week later, making the customers unsatisfied with your service.

  • Sales & Marketing

WhatsApp is not only a messaging platform, it also has shopping and payment options. Whenever a customer looks at the product catalog, they do not need to go to your website to view the product list. 

Do you still use instant messaging services? For the majority of people today, that is unthinkable. All of your clients are using these apps. You must also be in that location.

When a customer uses a WhatsApp chat link to contact you, you have access to their phone number right away in your database. So you can email them your brochure, offer codes, and website links whenever you roll out a new offer, debut a new product, or simply just want to increase traffic to your website.

Only WhatsApp click-to-chat links do not offer convenience to customers. Additionally, a scannable WhatsApp QR code can make it exceedingly simple for clients to get in touch with you.

How To Use WhatsApp Click-To-Chat Generator

It is easy to use WhatsApp click-to-chat link generator which allows the users to begin the chat with someone without getting saved the mobile numbers in their contact list. To know the person’s phone number and if they have an active WhatsApp account, you can create a link to start the conversation with another WhatsApp user. 

When the user clicks on the link, a chat page will automatically open and you can work on both mobile and WhatsApp web.

Way To Use Chat On WhatsApp Button

The Chat on WhatsApp button adheres to brand standards. This button will be identifiable and trusted by potential customers who wish to interact with you since it complies with brand rules. There are three different sizes and two colors—green and white—of the Chat on WhatsApp button.

The official Chat on WhatsApp button looks like the two examples below:

WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

WhatsApp Link Generator With Message

This type of technology means a free WhatsApp chat link generator with messages allows you to add a standard message template to your conversations with customers and other individuals. This feature has the advantage that when the user enters a conversation with another WhatsApp user through Free WhatsApp chat link generator, they will get a quick and auto-response. 

You can add the message as per your convenience that you want to send the customer to know. You can even make or add the changes in messages to only make small changes in the link format.

When the user clicks on this link at the time when he is on your website for surfing the services, they will be able to see the link and WhatsApp button. Only a single click on the WhatsApp chat button allows them to redirect to the conversation page where they can chat with the business teams for their needs.

To understand it (free WhatsApp Chat link generator) in a better way, for example, the mobile number is 797674XXXX and you want to add a message with this number “Hii, This is Jack”. The WhatsApp chat link does not contain any spaces, we need to replace the spaces with the %20 or + sequence. 

The format of the WhatsApp chat link will be as follows:

This format would be as we explained above to follow the insert message with the mobile number to reach the customer with Free WhatsApp chat link generator with a message. Instead of doing it automatically, if users want to do this manually, there are several options available for Free WhatsApp chat link generators on the internet where users only have to insert the content to generate the WhatsApp chat link for them.

One of the best leading services in India, GetItSMS allows the customers to link the name with their name to make it customizable. 

How To Link A WhatsApp Chat Link With Message Content

In the whole article, we explained to you about the Free WhatsApp chat link generator and what it is. How can we generate free WhatsApp chat links and where can we use them to target audiences?

How can we create the WhatsApp link that will display the message automatically on the website or application? 

In this paragraph, we will explain to you the steps to create the WhatsApp chat link to display the message to the user. Free WhatsApp chat link is a cost-effective service that helps the users to give a message in the template, so there is no need to trouble another message when customers contact businesses.

WhatsApp Chat Link Generator

But before going to another step, you need to be sure that your WhatsApp account is activated and registered.

Two factors are necessary to generate the free WhatsApp chat link to send the message to customers. The most important two factors of the Free WhatsApp chat link are adding the numbers and adding the text.

Add numbers:-

You can add a phone number by adding it following the slash, like in the example above. Please be aware that if you merely enter the phone number without encoding the text, the link will still go directly to the WhatsApp phone number being addressed but will not contain the message's contents. The example will look something like this if all you want to provide is a phone number.

Add Text:-

With the free WhatsApp chat link generator, you can automatically display the messages to users. To add a text message with the link to send to customers when they click on the WhatsApp chat link there are 2 ways to do it.

The first way is to do it manually to write the text message with the link. The second way is to create a text message with a third-party website.


A Free WhatsApp chat link generator is the best way to reach your customers without saving mobile numbers every time. It helps to reduce the timing and complications to save contact numbers every time, to get started the conversation with them when you are in need to contact your customers quickly. 

We suggest you skip that long process to coordinate with your customer and reach them with traditional methods such as messaging apps and emails. Free WhatsApp chat link generator enables them to reach you quickly without a mobile number also. Just to ensure the customer’s WhatsApp number should be activated.

Contact GETITSMS as soon as possible to generate the Free WhatsApp chat link today to increase your product brand awareness to the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create a WhatsApp link with a message?

A. To create a WhatsApp chat link with a standard message template, you need to open the app and navigate to Settings > Business Tools > Short Links. To access the brief link, click on that word. After clicking on “short link” just tap the link icon to copy the link and paste it into a message, social post, or add it to another website.

Q. Can I use the WhatsApp link generator for commercial purposes?

A. Yes, surely you can use the WhatsApp chat link generator for commercial purposes as per your requirements or hobby projects without any attribution.

Q. Is it secure to use the WhatsApp chat link generator?

A. Yes Free WhatsApp chat link with massage tool is a completely secure tool, we will not store your data from this WhatsApp chat link generator.

Q. How can I send a WhatsApp message without a mobile number?

A. With the help of the WhatsApp chat link generator you can send WhatsApp messages without a mobile number.

  • You'll need to launch your phone's browser.
  • Now provide the phone number with the correct country code(91).
  • Tap to enter to open the link.
  • If you click on the green message button, you will be redirected to the chatting page where you can communicate with the customers.

Q. Can we send bulk messages on WhatsApp without saving contacts?

A. Go to the Broadcast module and select Add Broadcast to send a WhatsApp message in bulk. After that, give the group message a name and select WhatsApp as the channel. Tags offer a simple method for quickly sending targeted WhatsApp bulk messages.