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WhatsApp for customer support service authorizes your team to provide better support to clients when they require it. WhatsApp has emerged its platform into a global online platform through a particular customer insight in the earlier days.

The other quick communication platform was the only one helping its customers in their daily lives, and its responsibility was growing. So, WhatsApp has started expanding its platform to support customers in many industries. Many organizations have already begun using WhatsApp for customer support service to boost their business growth.

If you use WhatsApp for customer support service, you may need a WhatsApp Business account. There are two types of WhatsApp accounts: the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API.

Hence, in this article, we’ll elaborate on the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer support. You will learn the basics of WhatsApp use and best practices for providing customer support via WhatsApp.

This is not all; we’ll also include some successful examples of how industries use WhatsApp for customer service around the world.

What is WhatsApp for Customer Support?

WhatsApp for customer support is an integral part of any business’s social customer care strategy. Industries implementing WhatsApp for customer service provide everything from simple order updates to customized, one-on-one shopping adventures.

For customer support experiences, WhatsApp is a valuable channel for communicating and engaging with customers via the channel they are already using, trusting, and knowing.

With its extensive user base, multimedia abilities, and quick messaging functionality, WhatsApp provides companies with a unique and powerful opportunity to offer customized and adequate customer support. An average WhatsApp user spends about 40 minutes per day on it, which gives companies a significant opportunity to expand their customer base.

By discrepancy, WhatsApp communications are fast-paced, offering inquiries to be solved quickly. The support team can also recognize the contacts by their contact number and access the conversation history on the same line, allowing personalized support for everyone.

6 Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Customer Support

Suppose you’re looking for a plug-and-play solution that will help you serve your customers better quickly. Getgabs’ customer support automation tools are the perfect solution.

Getgabs’ customer support service works effectively with the WhatsApp Business API. To handle extensive customer volumes, various customer support agents may use the same WhatsApp for a business account.

Using WhatsApp for customer support gives various benefits to business users:

1. Resolve support needs

Conversational customer support on WhatsApp enables you to provide help to your customers whenever they require it. Businesses can optimize pre-built conversational flows to automate returns and refunds, rescheduling/cancellations, query management, and account or transactional updates. Apart from this, review collection, payment reminders, and loyalty assessment can be performed through WhatsApp business automation.

2. Lowers cost and boosts CSAT

WhatsApp for customer support is an effective method used by businesses to offer customer support. They are not required to invest in costly call centre infrastructure or employ an extra team to handle customer queries. Through a self-service model, companies can automate more than 80% of customer interactions, offering them a 20% higher CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)with a first-time explanation.

3. AI Chatbot agent support

WhatsApp for customer support can be easily automated with the use of AI WhatsApp chatbot agent support even after working hours. Simple and complex problems can be solved with seamless bot-to-agent and agent-to-bot and take care of complicated problems.

4. Customized support

WhatsApp enables them to customize their communication with customers. They can use the customer’s name and past conversation history to give a more personalized and seamless support experience, which will help them develop a strong relationship with the consumers.

5. Offers rich multimedia communication

Businesses that use WhatsApp’s multimedia features may deliver better and more personalized support experiences. Some client concerns may need visual demonstrations or step-by-step guidance to address difficulties successfully. Businesses may use WhatsApp’s multimedia features to easily transmit photos or videos that help consumers through troubleshooting processes or give visual explanations.

6. Better Engagement

WhatsApp delivers a more engaging experience for customers. They may contribute texts, photographs, and videos, which provide context to their inquiries. This allows firms to grasp the customer’s problem better and offer a more effective solution.

How to Use WhatsApp for Customer Support Service

WhatsApp for customer support allows you to offer instant and customized guidance to your clients effortlessly. We’re describing ways you can improve your customer support delivery.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go with WhatsApp for customer support-

1. Begin a Business account

If your company does not have a Business account, you have to create a WhatsApp Business account. Install the WhatsApp Business application directly from the Play Store and create your profile using your business number. Also, you can integrate it with your system with the WhatsApp Business desktop application.

2. Setup Business profile

You can add your business details, such as name, description, product catalogues, category, website, and working hours, to your WhatsApp profile. Complete business details help customers contact you quickly and build credibility with them.

3. Offers automated greeting message

You can make the settings for automated greeting messages on your WhatsApp Business whenever a customer sends you a message for the first time. The message should be greeting or welcoming them, knowing customers that they have contacted the customer support window.

4. Use quick replies

For customer support, WhatsApp offers to create quick replies for common questions or frequent inquiries. These may be accessed by writing a designated shortcut or keyword. This will save time and effort in response to common questions asked every time.

5. Set away messages

When the company is out of working hours or closed, you can enable away messages to let them know that you’re unavailable right now. Businesses can also provide an estimated time to connect with customers or when clients can expect a response.

6. Associate WhatsApp with customer support tools

Based on the size of the business and the volume of customer queries, WhatsApp can be associated with customer service tools such as a CRM system or help desk window software. Such integration offers to facilitate customer data and engagement around various platforms.

7. Add a WhatsApp chat widget to the website

Integrating the WhatsApp chat widget on your business website is the most effective way to provide customer support anytime. Highlight the widget’s importance in creating a customized experience, managing a professional touch, and enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

8. Use message templates to take follow-up

Implementing WhatsApp message templates can reopen WhatsApp’s messaging window, allowing agents to follow up on past complaints and queries of customers outside working hours. Unlike other tools, Getgabs will enable you to sync, develop, and send WhatsApp templates for customer support promptly.

9. Use Chat automation to answer FAQs and escalate cases

Through Getgabs chat automation, businesses can set up a WhatsApp multi-choice menu that offers solutions to commonly asked queries. This reduces the number of customer agents so they can focus on other complicated matters.

10. Include multimedia for clarity

Enabling customers to share images, videos, or document files to better elaborate on the problems. Similarly, using multimedia to offer guidance or visuals to instruct customers effectively.

Examples of Industry Particular WhatsApp Customer Service

The method of customer support and engagement varies from industry to industry. So, here are the descriptive industry-specific WhatsApp team support examples below.

1. Healthcare

WhatsApp for Healthcare industry for customer support offers the following services:

  • Appointment bookings- Medical and hospital staff can provide patients to make appointments through WhatsApp, sharing reminders and location details.
  • Health tips and advice- Healthcare professionals can forward tips and suggestions, dietary instructions, and exercise recommendations via WhatsApp broadcast or chat groups.
  • Prescription refills- Patients can ask for prescription refills and medication details via safe, private, secure communication with healthcare providers.

2. Food and beverage

  • Order arrangements- WhatsApp for restaurants and cafes allow them to receive orders online, offering users a detailed menu, order booking, and confirmation.
  • Table reservations- Consumers can book a table before check-in for dine-in service with WhatsApp, confirming a relaxing experience.
  • Catering queries- Industries can maintain catering orders and bookings with WhatsApp, differing menu options and event descriptions.

3. E-commerce

  • Order status notifications- WhatsApp for E-commerce used to provide updates to customers from buying to delivery including tracking links, order confirmations, and delivery notifications.
  • Product suggestions- By knowing customers’ interests and browsing history, companies can send them relevant product suggestions on WhatsApp, boosting the opportunity for upselling and cross-selling.
  • Refunds and returns- clients can start returns and refund requests through WhatsApp. The support team can lead them through the steps, offering a guide and shipping labels.

4. Automotive

  • Service bookings- Car dealers and service providers can make appointments and share reminders for vehicle maintenance over WhatsApp.
  • Test drive requests- Clients can inquire about test rides and schedule appointments with WhatsApp to simplify the process.
  • Vehicle support- WhatsApp for automotive companies allows them to guide consumers for vehicle-related issues like technical support and troubleshooting.

5. Telecommunications

  • Plan subscriptions and updates- With WhatsApp, clients can inquire about different mobile plans, data packages, and device updates.
  • Troubleshooting guidance- The telecommunications industry can provide technical support for network issues, device settings, and connectivity problems with WhatsApp.
  • Bill queries and payment- Clients can check their billing and payment details, settle bills, and send invoices on WhatsApp.

6. Financial services

  • Customer account management- Banks can guide customers for balance inquiries, transaction history and account-related issues or information on WhatsApp.
  • Loan applications- Financial companies can assist clients with the loan application steps, gathering required documents over WhatsApp.
  • Investment upgrades- The investment companies can share customized updates or portfolio details with customers through WhatsApp.

7. Hospitality and travel

  • Concierge services- WhatsApp for travel and hotel agencies offer concierge service, as clients can inquire about local interests, restaurant suggestions, and tour packages.
  • Flight notifications- Airways can also implement WhatsApp to provide flight status updates, boarding pass reminders, and gate changes.
  • Hotel reservations- Clients can use WhatsApp for hotels to make reservations or change booking details. Support agents can quickly confirm and send booking information.

8. Education

  • Course information- Educational organizations can even offer course information, syllabus, and admission document details with WhatsApp.
  • Virtual classrooms- WhatsApp for education allows teachers to schedule online classes and send study materials to students online.
  • Parent-teacher conversation- Schools can streamline conversations between parents and teachers related to student updates and progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do companies offer customer service on WhatsApp?

A. Yes, in the fast-paced digital world, companies employ WhatsApp for customer support to offer customized and real-time assistance.

Q2. What are the steps to contact WhatsApp customer service?

A. The steps to contact WhatsApp customer support through its in-app help centre. You can get it by navigating to “settings>Help>contact us” in WhatsApp.

Q3. Does WhatsApp offer live chat support?

A. By integrating WhatsApp Business API, businesses can implement live chat support, which WhatsApp does not offer itself.

Q4. What are the tools of WhatsApp for customer support?

A. WhatsApp’s tools are used for customer support, integrating chatbots, automated replies, and message templates to manage queries, provide quick responses, and simplify customer engagement.

Q5. Why to use WhatsApp for customer support?

A. With its extensive user base, multimedia abilities, and quick messaging functionality, WhatsApp provides companies with a unique and powerful opportunity to offer customized and practical customer support.

Q6. Can we use message templates for customer support?

A. Yes, we can implement WhatsApp message templates for customer service that can reopen WhatsApp’s messaging window, allowing agents to follow up on past complaints and queries of customers outside working hours.


By adopting WhatsApp for customer support, companies can acquire stronger relationships with clients, improve customer satisfaction, and bring business growth. Recognizing exceptional customer support goes apart from just offering guidance about developing meaningful relationships, promoting trust, and providing experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Then WhatsApp, a vital customer support channel, flourishes its features and tackles the journey of creating solid relationships with customers, which brings growth in the digital era. Getgabs is a trusted WhatsApp partner for conversational needs, allowing us to make the best platform for customer support and CSAT.