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With the introduction of extensive communication platforms like WhatsApp Business API for hotels, they have become a powerful tool for leveraging communication and elevating guest services to new heights. So, are you a hotel or restaurant business searching for a way to simplify your customer conversation process?

Look, nothing is better than using WhatsApp business API for your business. This vital tool integrates hotels, guests, vendors, or other groups. With a user base of 2.7 billion people, WhatsApp has found the best channel to engage with clients and enhance guest satisfaction.

WhatsApp's functionality makes it perfect for hotels and the hospitality industry to speak with people. Compared to other communication methods, it has a high open rate. Most users open WhatsApp daily, increasing the chance of reading and responding to messages.

WhatsApp Business API for hospitality also allows sending messages, including pictures, videos, and files, to make chat exciting and lively. Also, it saves all the chats, so hotels can easily keep a record of conversations better than emails or text messages.

Getgabs' WhatsApp Business API integration for hospitality assures rapid conversation. It facilitates the development of long, trusted relationships with your customers. The article will elaborate on how to use WhatsApp Business API for hospitality.

What is WhatsApp Business API for Hotels?

The WhatsApp Business API for Hotels uses WhatsApp as a discussion platform to connect hotels, guests, merchants, and other groups of people.

Why should hotels or the hospitality industry adopt a messaging platform like WhatsApp Business?

Utilizing WhatsApp, a hotel can easily or rapidly connect with its customers or other stakeholders while enhancing communication. However, some hotels already use different platforms like SMS or Email booking platforms to interact with their stakeholders.

Using WhatsApp Business API for hotels, consider booking a room until they leave, making things more accessible and personal. Hotels can even send broadcast messages on WhatsApp for different purposes:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Coordinate services during the stay
  • Gather feedback after check-out

WhatsApp Business API for hotels is about more than just talking to guests. It also involves planning events and shows and working with travel agencies to attract more guests. When hotels use WhatsApp Business API, they may boost their interactions with people and make their work easier or seamless.

Now, let's see how WhatsApp benefits the hotels or hospitality industries by attracting more customers and providing personalized communication.

Top 8 Benefits of WhatsApp Business API for Hotels?

Consider using WhatsApp Business API to improve the guest experience in the hospitality industry. Also, it helps to enhance customers' conversation, encourage better guest experience, and facilitate operations. Here are a few benefits that WhatsApp Business API provides:

1. Improves customer experience

WhatsApp Business API streamlines direct and instant communication with guests and customers, allowing hotels to connect with them throughout their journey from booking to check-out. This helps to enhance customer experience and develop long-term relationships.

2. Personalized communication

Through WhatsApp marketing with WhatsApp Business API, hospitality can share personalized messages, updates, and offers with customers based on their preferences and searches or previous communication. This level of customization increases the guest experience and motivates them to repeat hotel bookings.

3. Easier booking process

Linking WhatsApp business accounts with WhatsApp Business API for hospitality makes booking easier by allowing guests to make reservations, ask about availability, and get confirmation messages instantly through WhatsApp. This comfort and convenience speed up the booking process and decrease the workload on hotel staff.

4. Real-time assistance

With WhatsApp Business API for hotels, they can offer real-time assistance and support to their customers by integrating WhatsApp chat widgets on their website, promptly addressing their queries, concerns, and requests. This enhances customer service and assures customers a smooth or hassle-free experience during their stay.

5. Targeted marketing campaigns

WhatsApp Business API allows hotels to run targeted marketing campaigns by splitting their audiences based on demographics, preferences, and booking records. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts and increases the ROI.

6. Cost-effective marketing

Leveraging WhatsApp for business conversations with WhatsApp Business API is a cost-effective solution compared to other traditional channels like phone calls and SMS. Hotels can preserve communication expenses while providing excellent services to guests.

7. Reviews and Feedback

The WhatsApp Business API feature for hotels allows them to easily collect valuable feedback and reviews from customers through WhatsApp, offering them essential insights to enhance their services constantly. This visionary approach to review management helps hotels manage high standards and address problems quickly.

8. Streamlined operations

By linking WhatsApp Business API to hotel operations, hotels could simplify various processes, such as check-in/check-out room service recommendations and guard services. This would also boost efficiency and reduce customer waiting time.

Additionally, WhatsApp Business API for hotels offers a powerful marketing channel to streamline guest communication and deliver the best customer experience. Hotels can send bulk WhatsApp messages to a large audience, promote special offers, events, and amenities, or increase engagement and revenue.

Features of WhatsApp Business API for Hospitality

We'll explore WhatsApp Business API's features in the hospitality sector to help you improve your guests' experiences. These features include automated messaging, multi-agent support, customizable templates, and a corporate dashboard. These elements can improve communication, customer service, and visitor experience.

1. Automated messages

Automated responses using the WhatsApp Business API are an excellent approach to improve customer experience and service efficiency. Here's what you receive:

  • Customers receive quick replies since there is no need for physical involvement.
  • 24/7 Availabilityβ€”With WhatsApp business automation, you can be available to clients anytime, regardless of time zone.
  • Personalization entails greeting clients by name and providing relevant information depending on their inquiries.

The WhatsApp Business API allows you to build automatic responses for certain circumstances. For example, you can welcome first-time customers, apologize for any delays, and add calls to action that urge them to take action.

Finally, Automated Messages on WhatsApp Business API enable hospitality sector businesses to provide quick service while saving staff time and offering clients the best possible experience.

2. Multi-agent support

WhatsApp Business API provides real-time multi-agent support for customer services. Multiple agents can communicate with customers simultaneously, saving response time and offering personalized experiences.

The hospitality sector's features include maintaining multiple communications, allocating specific ones to experts or language-proficient agents, and escalating complicated queries. It also analyzes the communication history to enhance customer insights.

3. Personalized templates

Meta provides demo templates. Also, you can create personalized WhatsApp message templates to send WhatsApp broadcast messages for your hotel marketing campaigns. These templates are editable, which saves businesses time and effort. The following templates are available: welcome messages, reservation confirmations, feedback requests, and promotions/offers. In addition, firms can design bespoke templates as needed.

Segment clients according to their demographics to get the most out of these templates. Use a conversational tone appropriate for your brand, and reply to client queries promptly.

4. Business Dashboard

Unleash the fantastic feature of the business dashboard. Develop custom goals, track progress, analyze key metrics, and create detailed reports. Using WhatsApp Business API, you can develop good relationships with guests, enhance brand images, and enhance earnings.

How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Hotels?

Using WhatsApp Business API, hotels can instantly inform their customers about bookings and the details of their stay. By using quick replies and automatic messages with the WhatsApp chatbot, hotels can ensure their guests have a smooth and hassle-free communication experience.

One of the best platforms offering WhatsApp Business API for hotels is Getgabs. Our platform provides features such as:

  • Managing conversations with multiple guests
  • Sending promotional messages
  • Automation
  • CRM integration
  • Performance monitoring

Hotels and hospitality industries can take their business to the next level through WhatsApp and offer exceptional customer experiences. WhatsApp makes it easier for hotels and their staff to speak with customers and each other. It helps them run the hotel smoothly and satisfy their customers.

According to the research, many guests recommend connecting with hotels through WhatsApp to meet their requirements. This shows how essential hotels are to using such modern communication techniques.

There are the ways that how to use WhatsApp Business API for hotels:

1. WhatsApp Business API for hotels: Serve Guests

WhatsApp Business API can assist with the visitor experience. There are several ways to make their experience as smooth as possible.

  • Pre-arrival: A positive first impression is the foundation of a pleasant and smooth guest experience. Please send a confirmation message via WhatsApp when they make a reservation. Before they come, send automated messages informing them about your facilities and available activities. This creates anticipation and allows people to plan their stay.
  • Check-in and Stay: With WhatsApp Business API, your hotel can enhance the guest experience and offer unparalleled convenience with virtual concierge and room services. Use broadcast messaging to publicize ongoing events or promotions. Allow customers to explore hotel spa treatments or room service on WhatsApp Catalog and pay for them using WhatsApp Pay.
  • Check-out: You can also improve customers' check-out experience by sending them a special 'thank you' note and a visitor satisfaction survey to gather feedback and enhance your services.

Hotels may use these tools to streamline operations and improve the guest experience by providing a simple and seamless method for customers to access new services. WhatsApp allows your hotel to enhance or even replace traditional guest services.

You may also boost the likelihood of visitor return by providing coupons or discounts with promotional messages. To increase their effectiveness, send these messages out regularly, even before the Christmas season, or on events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

How WhatsApp Business API may be used at hotel events such as exhibitions and conferences.

2. WhatsApp Business API for Hotels: Events and Exhibitions

Businesses like MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions), weddings, or parties may also generate good hotel revenues. Elevate your hotel as a place in physical or digital spaces like brochures, trade shows, social events, and many more. Use WhatsApp QR codes and chat links to get more customers in your inbox.

Such features generate leads. WhatsApp Business API allows you to preserve contacts and their information in your phone book for future promotional messages.

3. WhatsApp Business API for hotels: Collaborate with Travel Agents

Further targeting guests and other end customers, hotels can collaborate with travel companies via WhatsApp Business API and click into their clients. Hotels can also integrate with their CRMs to keep records of agreements and contracts, customer lists, and related transactions.

Similarly, hotels can add travel agents to their broadcast list to advertise special deals and offers. Doing this will allow the hotels to effectively target a wider audience and enhance their probability of attracting more customers.

Hence, broadcasting promotion through WhatsApp leads to enhanced exposure for the hotel and potentially more room bookings. But this will not end here. You can do many things with WhatsApp Business API and Getgabs.

Tips for Using WhatsApp Business API for Hotels

WhatsApp Business API may be linked to a hotel's system to streamline guest communications. Sending updates and notifications from the hotel's system via WhatsApp can increase client satisfaction.

You can use WhatsApp to communicate with your guests in various ways, including sending pre-arrival messages with booking and travel details, messages during the arrival process to expedite check-in, messages during the mid-stay period to address any issues or problems that may arise, and post-stay messages with greetings and feedback survey links.

1. Pre-arrival stage: Sending messages to customers before they arrive at the hotel can enhance customer satisfaction and illustrate the hotel's concern for its guests. This information should consider booking and travel details, help retain customers, and offer other advantages.

2. Message at arrival: At the time of the client's visit, you can discuss the registration and room allocation procedure with the customers. This will help to prepare the customers for the check-in step and make it more convenient.

3. Mid-stay message: In the middle of the stay period, if a customer faces problems regarding hotel service or facilities like Wi-Fi, elevator, food, or room service, they can interact with the hotel team through WhatsApp to resolve the issue. This offers a timely solution for the customers and reassures them that their concerns are being addressed.

4. Post-stay message: Hotels can share post-stay messages at check-out to ask the client about their experience at the hotel. This will also include a greeting message and a link to a short survey to get their feedback and reviews on the services received. You can use the reviews to identify areas that need improvement. If feedback is good, it can be used for marketing purposes.

5. Promotional message: With WhatsApp Business API for hotels, you can meet your customer's unique requirements and ensure their every need is met with care and efficiency. Whether promoting hotel service or containing exciting tours, WhatsApp Business API delivers exceptional porter service that may exceed expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do hotels use WhatsApp Business API for marketing purposes?

A. Hotels use WhatsApp Business API to promote special deals, offers, events, and amenities to multiple users. Hotels can also split their audience, analyze the performance of their campaigns, and interact with guests with interactive content and rich media messaging.

Q2. What is the WhatsApp Business API for hotels?

A. WhatsApp Business API for hotels is the process of communicating with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders through WhatsApp, which allows them to converse and engage with each other.

Q3. Why is the hotel industry adopting WhatsApp?

A. The hotel and hospitality industry inherited WhatsApp to simplify communication with customers and staff. WhatsApp facilitates conversations between hotel staff and customers anytime, and 9 out of 10 customers suggested interacting with hotels through WhatsApp.

Q4. What do you understand about WhatsApp Business API?

A. WhatsApp Business API is a channel given by WhatsApp that encourages businesses to communicate with their customers over WhatsApp.

Q5. What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Business API for hotels?

A. The benefits of using WhatsApp Business API for hotels involve cost savings, better customer service and engagement, improved efficiency, and enhanced guest satisfaction.


So, WhatsApp Business API for hotels has taken its place in this digital world. To upgrade the customer experience, the industry has shifted from traditional channels to modern technology. This happens because businesses can offer more personalized services and share automated replies to guests.

WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption and user-friendly interface features make it very smooth to contact hotel customers, whether booking a room, organizing events, or checking in/checking out.

Everything is directed toward a seamless customer experience, strengthening business loyalty and trust and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, WhatsApp Business API offers compelling features like WhatsApp message templates, labels, and quick replies.

This will help increase team productivity and facilitate customer conversations. It is especially beneficial when the staff deals with multiple channels during busy hours.