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How you can define the WhatsApp marketing strategies benefits for businesses using best WhatsApp advertising messages examples. Have you ever thought, "How can we look at the best WhatsApp advertising message examples to learn more about WhatsApp marketing for the business? "

We all are very well aware of the WhatsApp uses to promote or advertise our products to a large audience through WhatsApp business. This article will include the WhatsApp advertising messages examples to use for advertising the services. These WhatsApp advertising messages examples inspire you to add the method to your business.

But wait, wandering through a new channel may force you to think about how it could be to get started with WhatsApp marketing. So let’s get started with WhatsApp advertising messages examples.

Let us help you showcase the best WhatsApp advertising message examples to better know what we can do on this platform.

“Hey, what have you been waiting for, hurry up? The sale is going to end”! Sending this kind of advertising message over WhatsApp will make customers interested in the product and visit your business.

WhatsApp marketing is about developing relationships between customers and service providers and inspiring them to trust the brand's value. But just because WhatsApp has a high open & response rate, you are not allowed to send inappropriate, boring, or generic sales messages to customers.

Introduction To WhatsApp Advertising Messages Examples

WhatsApp advertising messages examples are the perfect way to explain to you how WhatsApp can be implemented to promote the business brand. This is sure to create some special creativity for these WhatsApp marketing messages. Let’s get started with WhatsApp advertising message examples for your business and get encouragement for brand promotions.

Facebook may have abandoned plans to run advertisements on WhatsApp, but shrewd marketers are still establishing a presence there. Knowing how to advertise on WhatsApp without breaking any rules is the key.

The response? Of course, you might begin by using WhatsApp advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. However, you may think about sending WhatsApp advertising messages if you are not interested in running commercials on other Meta products.

Here is a little tutorial we've produced regarding the impact of these messages. It also outlines how WhatsApp's Business and Commerce regulations are changing to take into account the quickly altering business landscape and where they fit into your marketing plan.

However, before proceeding with new ideas for brand promotion, the message sender must consider not disturbing the customer’s privacy. Thus, a new way of reaching the audience on WhatsApp can help to increase message frequency with the quality of content.

Is It Possible To Send Promotional Messages On WhatsApp?

Yes, with WhatsApp business sending promotional messages is completely possible. Sending advertisement messages over WhatsApp increases the chances of business growth and the opportunity for leads. Before September 2021, WhatsApp only allowed the business to send messages for transactions.

But now it has updated many things such as sending updates for shopping, abandoned carts, payment issues, reservations, or greeting messages for new customers. WhatsApp is still a private messaging service, and its power comes from scale.

They are present in 180 countries and have 2 billion active users. They didn't want companies to annoy customers with sales pitches (as it does now on emails!) and drive them to another messaging service.

However, starting in September 2021, WhatsApp will allow companies from all nations to send promotional messages by combining the WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API.

If you are unsure of how to access these and use them to expand your business, don't worry. GetITSMS, a WhatsApp Business Solution Partner, can assist you with the setup and hassle-free operation of your WhatsApp marketing.

Key Features Of Sending WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Promoting a business via WhatsApp advertising messages gives a lot of benefits to businesses or users. Here are the advantages of sending promotional and transactional messages to customers during business hours:

  • potential to reach more people for the least amount of money.
  • can increase your ROI by up to 33x.
  • enables you to reach Unlimited users (to opted-in users) in a single click.

Here's how to use GetITSMS to send broadcast messages quickly.

  • useful for a variety of sectors, including retail, e-commerce, educational institutions, travel, real estate, and many more.
  • Three to five minutes after being sent, WhatsApp messages are accessible. Customers would prefer reading promotional communications on WhatsApp over other channels like email and SMS because it is where they are most active. As the proverb goes, "Don’t push people where you want them to be just meet them where they are actually."

What Type Of WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples Can Be Sent On WhatsApp?

You have the opportunity to be an early adopter of WhatsApp advertising messages because they are a completely new idea. WhatsApp marketing messages are group communications that feature commercial content from a business. They are also referred to as WhatsApp broadcasts or newsletters.

Businesses couldn't use WhatsApp broadcasts to communicate with their contacts until September 2021. Only customer service and transactional messages were permitted.

Finally, you can include WhatsApp marketing in your strategy in addition to email and SMS marketing. The biggest advantage of employing WhatsApp as a marketing strategy is that it is a hugely well-liked messaging program.

WhatsApp Advertising Messages Examples Use Cases

WhatsApp has now removed the limitation on the number of messages sent to customers in large amounts. Let’s discover some interesting use cases for sending WhatsApp advertising messages examples for better understanding:

Event announcements — WhatsApp messages make it simple to advertise webinars, online conferences, and offline events.

New product alerts — You can use mass marketing to inform all of your WhatsApp contacts of the launch of a new feature or product.

Restock alerts — Automated WhatsApp messages are also possible. You can deliver back-in-stock alerts to WhatsApp users who have signed up to receive information about the restocks of particular products by putting up a simple automation procedure.

Exclusive company updates — Share corporate updates with your customers to keep them informed.

Feedback requests — WhatsApp promotion messages have a 98% open rate, which can help you get more consumer survey responses and real-time feedback.

Loyalty program invitations — You can send a WhatsApp message to a customer after they make a purchase or hit a certain milestone inviting them to refer a friend and receive a coupon code for future purchases.

Sale launch announcements — WhatsApp broadcasts are excellent platforms for sharing Black Friday and holiday bargains information.

Limited-time offers — WhatsApp response rates for initiatives that are time-sensitive are often high.

Technical issue updates — Use WhatsApp broadcasts to immediately notify users of planned maintenance and unanticipated technical issues.

Newsletters with top-funnel marketing content — Although sales campaigns are effective, you may achieve greater success by first engaging your prospects with top-funnel content. (Cooking instructions, advice, digests, etc.) You can employ a variety of content formats to increase brand recognition among your WhatsApp friends.

Let's look at some examples of WhatsApp advertising messages in action.

How We Can Send WhatsApp Advertising Messages?

Before recently, businesses couldn't contact customers via WhatsApp. They had to wait for customers to get in touch. Why? To stop businesses from spamming customers.

The WhatsApp broadcast message, a recent addition to WhatsApp Business, changes this. However, there is still a significant restriction that prevents you from spamming those who have never heard from you. Only those who have saved you as a contact in their phone can get the broadcast message. Your "broadcast list" can contain up to 256 people that you choose to include.

Your broadcast list's recipients will all get the message as a private message. This implies that, if the recipient responds to your advertisement, a conversation will begin if the receiver tries to initiate the chat with the service.

The recipient won't be able to tell that the message is a broadcast message, which is a good bonus. To them, it appears to be a simple message. This presents an opportunity for you to construct a conversational message that appears to be a natural conversation opener.

How To Improve Good WhatsApp Advertising Messages

Let's talk about how to create effective WhatsApp advertising message examples now that you know how to send one. It's critical to clarify that this shouldn't be seen as a typical "advertising message." The term "advertising" in the context of WhatsApp is deceptive.

You're not assembling a billboard. There won't be a magazine edition of the text. It's a message from WhatsApp. We have now reached our first best practice.

1. Make WhatsApp conversations clear with customers

We can now throw the dusty copywriting manual aside because we know you're writing a WhatsApp message. Making your message sound conversational rather than promotional is crucial.

It's easy. Write a message in a casual, conversational style. On how that works, I could create a complete blog post, but it's not difficult. Say out loud anything you have written. Do you instantly come off as a salesperson from a Tell Sell ad? Press the backspace key right away.

Remember, 10,000 advertisements are seen by the typical person each day. We can immediately tell when a sentence has been prepared by a marketer. Avoid getting forgotten like the other 9,999 commercials.

2. Always send short content for WhatsApp advertisements

When was the last time you received a WhatsApp message that required you to scroll down to fully read it? If you do receive them, you must feel intrusive. This is because it violates WhatsApp protocol.

Conversations on WhatsApp are designed to be brief and rapid-fire. To tell a story, users frequently send many messages in a row after pressing the send button. Therefore, to blend in as a company, you'll need to keep your messaging equally succinct.

Don't try to use outdated copywriting methods on modern mediums of communication. I'll say it again: You are not writing an email.

3. Make customers to reply back

Being able to hold a conversation is the strength of conversational marketing. It's not a good idea to make a one-way street.

Here, what frequently goes wrong is that marketers offer messages to recipients without making them feel as though they must respond. People will treat a copy that appears to be in a pop-up as if it were one.

And we don't want that. We want the message's reader to take an active role in the discourse. So carefully examine your letter; after reading it, would you respond to it?

Let's look at an illustration:

Hello there! We are offering a 20% discount on all of our products this week. Do not pass up this opportunity.

The aforementioned message need not be negative. Just a missed chance. The message might be well received if the recipient is a die-hard supporter of your company. They won't respond to this message even then. And that eliminates the chance to develop a relationship beyond the initial transaction.

10+ WhatsApp Advertising Messages Examples

WhatsApp marketing can be used by any kind of business, including brick-and-mortar and SaaS. Here are some WhatsApp advertising message examples from businesses with a range of sizes, target markets, and business models.

WhatsApp advertising messages examples are the ways to explain to businesses how WhatsApp marketing plays an important role in good business revenue. We are going to discuss here 10+ WhatsApp advertising message examples that commonly happen while promoting the products.

1. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Launch of product sale

The first example could be WhatsApp advertising messages to send WhatsApp promotional messages for upcoming sales of new products. For example, suppose a company has achieved a 60% click rate and ROI has increased by ten times due to personalized WhatsApp marketing messages.

The business was looking for a less stringent word-count restriction alternative to SMS marketing. The business quickly learned that WhatsApp was the preferred app among its customers. With shipment notifications as their first use of the WhatsApp Business API, they subsequently added marketing messages.

To promote client engagement and sales, they offer price-drop alerts, seasonal sale announcements, and personalized product recommendations. The company employs WhatsApp campaigns in the example below to promote its Black Friday deal. The concise but compelling message contains all the details customers need to click the CTA.

2. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: To Ask For Product Feedback

WhatsApp advertising has advantages that aren't simply for e-commerce businesses. An X company also utilizes WhatsApp marketing successfully.

A good technique to get feedback is to automatically send client surveys via WhatsApp chats. Use it for exit polls, post-purchase surveys, questions on specific products, etc.

Straightforward, direct questions about platform user experience are posed in ‘X’ messaging. Also take note of the unsubscribe link, which enables customers to decide whether or not they wish to receive communications from the brand. Customer loyalty and brand perception are significantly improved by such a straightforward action.

3. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Brand Promotion

While using WhatsApp advertising messages businesses can even promote their brands in a better way. More than a thousand users are regularly active on WhatsApp and that is why sending promotional messages on WhatsApp proves more effective.

The main goal of WhatsApp advertising messages is to directly interact with the customers in an appropriate way to drive the customer’s action. This is why WhatsApp advertising messages are often as simple to send including different types of emojis, gifs, videos, documents, and audio files.

The GOCO is an online retailer company that sends WhatsApp advertising messages to its customers for the promotion of new products. They include media files such as a call-to-action button to announce the new offers. Including this embedded click-to-store button makes it easy to navigate the website and buy to go.

To compare the WhatsApp advertising messages examples and Facebook advertising messages GOCO company split the customers into two segments and ran a test. Within a week WhatsApp advertising achieved an 80% higher open rate as compared to other channels.

4. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Newsletter

In terms of Food and restaurant advertising WhatsApp also proves the best medium to bring customer growth. FoodGo uses WhatsApp advertising messages to connect with their customers for better engagement. They share nutritional information over there along with challenges, advent calendars, discount coupons with food recipes.

The WhatsApp advertising messages examples are used by the business to promote recipes for healthy diets. The WhatsApp marketing campaign not only enhances customer awareness but also gets a high sales rate. Please consider the below food advertising messages example.

5. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Limited time offer

To let people know about your products, time offers WhatsApp advertising messages that get you great traction due to its quick response and high open rates. Let’s consider an example, some companies run limited-time deals over WhatsApp. This is mostly the preferred channel for marketing with low campaign costs and high response rates.

6. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Proactive sales reminder

Using WhatsApp advertising messages examples you can send proactive sales reminders to those who are looking eagerly to buy something before the sale starts. You can inform customers that they can browse merchandise even before the sale starts and purchase their top picks before they sell out.

This is especially useful when your competitors are having a promotion at the same time, like during the holidays or on Black Friday.

For example “Get set with us to fill out your bucket list. The summer sale is going to end soon today. Hurry up and buy your things!”

7. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Abandoned cart

If you sell anything on your website, you are aware that many customers add goods to their shopping carts but never check out. But by sending them an abandoned cart message, you can still make up for this missed sale.

They occasionally need an extra push, or they need to be reminded in case they forgot their cart due to a distraction.

For example “Hey John, you are exiting without confirming the order. Come back and place the incomplete order to get the best reward for your next order”.

8. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Stock update

When something sells out once, it's often assumed that it will do so again. This illustrates how admirable, worthwhile, and popular the product is. This could enhance our messaging by adding scarcity and social evidence and boost sales of re-stoked goods.

For example “Hurray, the stock is back. The printed shorts are now available in stock. Order it today before it gets stocked out. Get redirected by the link to our service page”.

9. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Follow up with the customers

This WhatsApp marketing message is a follow-up for past clients who haven't made a purchase in a while or for those who have expressed interest in your goods or services.

You can send them a message that doesn't appear to be advertising anything. Only word your message such that it appears as though you have already spoken with the consumer and are only following up.

For Example “Hello user, thanks for showing interest in us. We just saw that you are looking for something. Visit the platform and shop with us now”.

10. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Upcoming event

You'll need to let people know about your upcoming event unless you're Coldplay, who will be touring the nation. Make sure individuals have the appropriate information so they can clear their schedules and encourage them to sign up before tickets run out.

For example “Hello, we are organising a fun quiz to choose the people who will go on dates. Come and take the family to the event. Learn how to obtain event passes”.

11. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: Games & challenges

Creating entertaining trivia contests and games using WhatsApp advertising messages is another way to keep clients interested. More people would want to participate if you offered winners and participants special deals. As your sales grow, you'll build dynamic relationships with your clients.

“Drums, please! It's that time of year once more! At [your business name], trivia week officially starts at [hour]. For the first 120 people who win our trivia challenge, we are providing exclusive discount codes”.

12. WhatsApp Advertising Message Examples: For rebranding purposes

WhatsApp advertising messages are even used for rebranding your products like changes in website appearance, brand name and logo, etc. This will help your audience to find you easily with your new rebranding without being confused with new details.

This is not the promotion of the brand but to enjoy the occasion with a fresh start and show something special to your customers with a new look or logo.

For example “We are offering special deals for your purchase to celebrate it with you. Visit our new website to get your offer”.

How To Send WhatsApp Advertising Messages?

To send WhatsApp advertising messages to your customers the best way to connect with them is through a reliable WhatsApp business service provider such as GetITSMS.

But wait, aren’t you able to set up marketing campaigns in your WhatsApp business account?

Yes, it is easy but can be done with some restrictions. WhatsApp business account allows you to send marketing messages only to upto 256 contacts to the broadcast list. But the audience should have saved your numbers to receive WhatsApp advertising messages.

The only option you can have with a third-party WhatsApp marketing service provider is to remove those limitations that give you access to WhatsApp API. This thing helps to create and send WhatsApp marketing campaigns without knowing any extra technical skills.

Use WhatsApp Business to promote by following these easy steps:

  • Join the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider program. Start using GetITSMS's free WhatsApp Campaigns immediately.
  • On the BSP platform, enable the WhatsApp capability.
  • Utilize the built-in signup feature provided by GetItSMS to create your WhatsApp Business Account. Your account and GetItSMS are then immediately linked.
  • Create a signup form to start collecting contacts who have given their permission for you to market to them via WhatsApp. You may manage and segment them in your GetItSMS CRM, where they will be kept.
  • Use the editor in GetItSMS to easily create your marketing message.
  • Directly from the builder, submit your WhatsApp marketing message for approval. Once it is accepted (in a few minutes to a day), schedule it.
  • purchase send credits. If you're subscribed to a monthly or yearly plan with GetItSMS, the first 1,000 WhatsApp messages are provided without charge.
  • Follow the launch of your WhatsApp marketing campaign.

You or your marketing team don't need any technological expertise to send WhatsApp advertising messages. All you want is a reputable WhatsApp Business Solution Provider who can offer you an intuitive user interface for quickly building up campaigns.

WhatsApp Advertising Messages Formats To Include

While sending WhatsApp advertising messages examples there is no- one-size-fits-all formula. This thing completely depends on the type of audience, marketing strategy, and business. But for better communication, you can include this kind of file format to boost your chance of success in your WhatsApp advertising messages.

1. Add an image to the message

It's best to incorporate a picture in your message content while running promotions. A vibrant visual component grabs attention and prevents users from skipping over your WhatsApp message.

However, refrain from employing boring stock photography in your advertising. Use stock photos as a starting point, but modify them to include your logo and message. For instance, if it's a limited-time offer, print the price ranges and the dates it's available right on the image.

2. Individualize your message

As you would with an email list, you may segment your WhatsApp contacts using the information in your CRM. Choose parameters, such as geography, purchase history, or buyer's journey stage, that make sense for the campaign you want to launch.

Include variables in your WhatsApp templates after you have a ready group of receivers to dynamically personalize the material they see in the message.

3. Include a link-to-click

What aims do you have for your campaign? With a clear CTA, define it and encourage recipients to carry out your intended action.

It's not a good idea to fit all of your message content inside the body of a WhatsApp message, even if you're just pushing material. Better to keep it succinct and direct users to a link to view the entire article.

In this manner, you can also monitor the success of your campaign. The campaign's relevance to your audience cannot be determined solely by open rates. You can get a better understanding of how your message was received by monitoring link clicks.

4. Analyze and adapt your campaign

Keep an eye on the stats after your campaigns have been sent to see what is effective for your audience and what is not. A/B test content, experiment with text length and discover how changes impact campaign performance.

You'll be able to recognize the patterns that work best after conducting WhatsApp advertising campaigns for a while. Reuse them and document them.

5. Reuse WhatsApp advertising message templates

With WhatsApp, you can save message templates and repurpose them for other campaigns. If your template has already been accepted, you can send it without editing.

Finding WhatsApp message templates for the exact kinds of campaigns you wish to conduct will require some testing. But once you've established them, it's better to follow them to save time and guarantee consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does WhatsApp allow you to send promotional messages?

A. Yes, with WhatsApp business sending promotional messages is completely possible. Sending advertisement messages over WhatsApp increases the chances of business growth and the opportunity for leads. Before September 2021, WhatsApp only allowed the business to send messages for transactions.

Q2. Are WhatsApp messages used for brand advertisements?

A. WhatsApp advertising messages examples are the ways to explain to businesses how WhatsApp marketing plays an important role in good business revenue. WhatsApp marketing can be used by any kind of business, including brick-and-mortar and SaaS.

Q3. Are WhatsApp advertising messages effective?

A. Yes, WhatsApp marketing messages can be a potent tool for companies seeking to communicate with clients in a more direct and personal manner.

Q4. How to send WhatsApp advertising messages?

A. To send WhatsApp advertising messages to your customers the best way to connect with them is through a reliable WhatsApp business service provider such as GetITSMS.

Q5. What are WhatsApp advertising messages examples?

A. WhatsApp advertising messages examples are the perfect way to explain to you how WhatsApp can be implemented to promote the business brand. This is sure to create some special creativity for these WhatsApp marketing messages.


Now it's all upto you. You have got the right inspiration. You can add those WhatsApp advertising messages examples to your business. Feel free to do such things that benefit your business.

This article summarizes that now with WhatsApp you can send WhatsApp advertising messages for your brands. But it could lead to not directly interacting with your customers. It would be done in a better way if you could customize your message in a manner that does not look like a direct promotion.

You can put the message in a frame to not show it like a promotional message so that customers can be involved in reading the message. The team of GetITSMS will always be available to help you send WhatsApp advertising messages as per your business requirements to increase sales.

The WhatsApp Business platform from GetITSMS is brimming with tools to support your communication plan. In conclusion, WhatsApp marketing messages can be a potent tool for companies seeking to communicate with clients in a more direct and personal manner.