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Would you like to be a pro at "How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp App" with WhatsApp scheduler? As a business owner, you will be interested in scheduling payment reminders for the consumers on WhatsApp at the end of subscriptions or cart reminders.

Conversely, you are expected to share greeting messages with every new consumer or opt-in user. But every business owner faces the question, "How do you schedule WhatsApp messages via WhatsApp scheduler"?

Scheduling WhatsApp messages is important because everyone needs help remembering everything. WhatsApp scheduler is the process that enhances business sales and productivity, and every business wants this. Whether you use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, you can quickly achieve it most simply.

Then, comprehend how to schedule WhatsApp messages on every WhatsApp platform. Have you set up the things, then let's go!

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on Android helps preserve time and effort, enhances conversation, lowers errors, and offers business marketing advantages. This most suitable feature allows them to stay organized and keep in touch with family, friends, and relatives more virtually.

  • Install the WhatsApp messages scheduler application โ€˜SKEDitโ€™ from the Play Store. Allocate accessibility credentials from settings.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Unlock the application and choose a WhatsApp contact or group. Later then, click to select time & date. Write the message you must schedule and tap on the clip sign to add the attachment.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • If you want, messages can be repeated after scheduling at different time intervals.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Click the "Schedule" button at the top right corner to schedule the WhatsApp messages. You can also set up the option "Ask me before sending" to test the message before sending it out.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • The application โ€˜SKEDitโ€™ will inform you when the scheduled message is sent successfully.
Schedule WhatsApp Messages

Note: With SKEDit, scheduling multiple messages simultaneously is not possible. Now, let's proceed to the next part of the blog, which is to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on iPhone is more complicated than on Android as Apple is concerned with user security, data breaches, privacy, and scheduling messages on iPhone. However, on iPhone, an application of Siri permits you to organize messages over WhatsApp.

  • Find and install the application "Shortcuts" from the Apple Store.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • After opening the application, Select automation from the bottom row.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Click on the icon "+" at the top right corner and press the "Create personal automation" option.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Then, select a date and time and move on, clicking "Next".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Once you're done, click "add action" and find "text" in the search bar. Choose "text" from the results.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Count the required WhatsApp messages in the text section.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • After entering your message, hit the "+" icon and type "WhatsApp" into the search bar that appears.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • When the option displays, select "Send Message Through WhatsApp". Next, pick the contact you want to schedule the WhatsApp message with and tap Next.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • You will receive a notification from the "Shortcuts App" at the appointed time.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • When you click the notice, your WhatsApp account will open, and the message will be ready to send to the recipient. All you need to do is press send. With most of us using WhatsApp on our mobile devices, you might wonder if there is a way to schedule messages in WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web. Well, surprise!! There is a technique to achieve it.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on WhatsApp Web?

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp Web using the Bluetick extension for Google Chrome is easy.

  • Open WhatsApp web on the Google Chrome browser and Launch Blueticks from the Chrome web store.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Choose and open a conversation, contact, or group you are interested in scheduling a message over WhatsApp and tap on the sign next to the button "Send".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Open the new window, write the message wanted to send, and choose the date & time. When you're done, hit the button "Schedule send".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Later, you will see the message you want to send, which is scheduled and prepared.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages

So, when we discussed several options for scheduling WhatsApp messages, we will explore WhatsApp message scheduling in the WhatsApp business.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Business App

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on the WhatsApp Business app can only be done by setting up auto-reply away messages. The guide to do so will be described below:

  • Unlock the WhatsApp Business application on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Click and move to the "Settings" section and choose "Business tools".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Click on "Away messages" and shift the toggle to "Send away message". You'll find a pencil icon near the "Away message".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Write the WhatsApp message in the text field. When you're done, tap on "ok".
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Choose how you want to schedule the message and then hit "Schedule." You can create a bespoke schedule depending on your business's operating hours.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages

That's it; your WhatsApp Business app will now schedule communications while you're away.

Let's face it: There is no method to schedule crucial communications in the WhatsApp Business App. Consider arranging a WhatsApp welcome message when a new user joins your platform or a WhatsApp reminder when someone has to remember to attend an event. So, what can we do about this?

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Getgabs

To send and schedule WhatsApp messages on Getgabs, follow the instructions given below:

1. Create an Account on Getgabs

The first step is to log in or sign up with Getgabs.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

2. Build a contact list

The first step in scheduling WhatsApp messages on Getgabs is to import your contact lists into your messaging platform before sending any message with a bulk WhatsApp sender feature.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Go to the category WhatsApp book > and click on the button โ€˜Addโ€™ to give the contact list name.
  • Once the contact list name is added > click on โ€˜Add/view contact listsโ€™ to import your contact list.

3. Create a Campaign

By going to the category create a campaign, you can schedule your new campaign.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Add your campaign name
  • Sender ID will be by default added
  • In the WhatsApp book field, select your contact list.
  • In the type field, choose the option โ€˜Scheduleโ€™ with โ€˜Date & Timeโ€™ to send the campaign.
  • At the end, choose the pre-defined message templates.
  • Click on โ€˜Submitโ€™.
  • Youโ€™re all set to go!

Why to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp?

The reasons listed below why you're required to schedule messages on WhatsApp:

1. Say bid to unremembered messages

Are you busy? We can understand it. Sometimes, you forget to send essential messages, especially during peak business hours. You won't be in trouble about that again. By scheduling your message on WhatsApp, you will ensure that the consumers receive every information at the right time. This is like making an extra effort to give your best.

2. Proper timing, every time

Let's discuss sending special offers or holiday wishes again. You won't be required to send them very early or very late. Scheduling the messages at the right time hits that sweet spot to make customers feel genuinely impressed as you get them at the right time. What you say is not essential, but it's also when you say it.

3. Managing across time zones

Do you have the users out of the country or near the globe? We can understand the struggle. You need not send them the message at the right time, which means it's midnight where they live. Use the scheduler to schedule the message. Like this, your message will be sent immediately, offering that you care about the customers to speak with them conveniently.

4. Composing messages carefully

Have you ever raced through a message only to discover a typo as you press the send button? When you schedule, you allow yourself to create, review, and improve your message. Your communications reflect professionalism, and each message should be clear and error-free. No more hasty typing with quick remorse!

5. Maintaining your work life simplified

You're handling unlimited tasks. You're simplifying your messages by selecting a specific slot to schedule WhatsApp messages in your practice. Scheduling your weekly conversations in one shot allows you to focus on other activities, and your customer interactions are on autopilot.

6. Handling problems like a pro

Unplanned possibilities are part of the business. It might be an urgent policy change or an impulsive stock shortage. When you're habitual to schedule messages in WhatsApp, you can instantly compose a clear and concise statement to keep your customers updated. This is about being visionary; your customers will admire your business quality.

7. Stability is your new focus

Customers enjoy consistency. They prefer knowing they will hear from you regularly, whether it's a weekly update, a monthly email, or occasional promotional content. By scheduling these messages, you are reinforcing their confidence in your dependability.

Scheduling your WhatsApp messages is more than just a minor technical hack. It's an effective method for keeping your communications timely, intelligent, and professional. It demonstrates to your consumers that you are an expert at what you do and that you value their time and trust.

Guidance & Best Use Cases for Scheduling WhatsApp Messages

Here are some of the best use cases and suggestions for assuring you have become a pro to schedule a message like a pro.

  • Plan your content calendar: The best advice to schedule WhatsApp messages is to start with a clear and concise plan. What do you want to talk about, and when? Illustrate your content calendar. Spotlight the special days, promotional periods, or any particular dates to the business that deserve a shout-out. The method confirms that you are transmitting messages and sharing valuable information that matches the customer's expectations and requirements.
  • Admire the time zones: Do your consumers live across different time zones? Elements in those other zones. You want the messages delivered when the customer is active or unrestricted, not when he is sleeping peacefully. Double-check the time zones before contacting the customer. Your awareness of the essential details will show respect for the customer's time and won't go unseen.
  • Compose clear and concise messages: No one likes to continue scrolling to read content as they get bored or feel stuck. Please keep your message transparent, straightforward, and relevant to their needs. The message should be short and sweet. Before sending it, ask yourself if you feel good reading this message. Your users will value your care for their time, especially when your message is easily read.
  • Customization is an element: Your customers are not just an entry in your contact list; they are individuals. You can mention their preferences and past purchases using their names. It can seem like a small effort, but this customization will make your customers respected and seen. It converts your message from a generic broadcast to a personalized touch.
  • Cross-checks your details and information: Have you given a link to your product or website in your message? Could you send contact information for bookings? Whatsoever, tap on those digits and links! It might be a link not working or an incorrect number, which causes inconvenience to the customers and can wipe your brand image or customer's trust in your business.
  • Use a trustworthy third-party application: WhatsApp does not give a scheduling function. You will require a third-party application. You can research, read reviews, and sponsor a trusted service. The softer application works, and you can communicate smoothly with customers.
  • Continue updates and reviews: Sit alongside sometime every week or month to evaluate your scheduled messages. Are there any new designs customers want to know about? Or have any sudden changes come in the market? Keep elegant and preserve your messages relevant and updated.
  • Greet feedback: Motivate your customers to share their feedback or help them find a specific message. Or are they interested to know more about particular topics? Customers will feel engaged and can share their thoughts with you through two-way communication.
  • Bypass spamming: Last but not least, do not overdo it. Sending many messages daily can irritate your customers, or they may get spam messages. Customers will block you. Hence, managing the ratio between overstepping and being present is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we schedule recurring messages?

A. With the help of third-party applications, offers to schedule recurring messages sent regularly daily, weekly, and monthly. You will have to examine the scheduling tool's functionalities before using it.

Q2. When scheduling the message sent, what happens when you're not connected to the internet?

A. Having a proper internet connection is essential at the time of sending scheduled messages. If you're not connected to the internet, a message will not be sent until you're connected to the internet.

Q3. Will scheduled messages be sent if the phone is switched off?

A. Generally, the phone must be turned on with an internet connection to send the scheduled message. The message will not be forwarded if the phone is off at that time. When you are back, a message will be sent at repeated times.

Q4. How do you edit or delete scheduled messages?

A. Until the message is sent, you can usually edit or delete messages. You'll be asked to do this with your third-party application.

Q5. How do I make use of the WhatsApp scheduler?

A. Based on the application or method, the process can differ from using the WhatsApp scheduler. Usually, you'll be required to choose the message receiver, compose the message, pick the correct date and time for the message to be sent, and ensure the schedule.

Q6. What is a WhatsApp scheduler?

A. WhatsApp Scheduler is a tool or feature that lets you create a message and set it to be sent later. It aids in the planning of communications that do not require immediate delivery.

Q7. Is using a third-party scheduler tool safe for sending messages?

A. The safety of third-party software can differ when using it to schedule messages in WhatsApp. This is necessary to check reviews and permissions the apps require and assume the risks included in sending information with third-party tools.

Q8. Will the receiver be able to know the message scheduled in advance?

A. No, not at all! Recipients can not know the messages are scheduled in advance. They'll get the message as other messages are sent.

Q9. Can we schedule messages directly on WhatsApp?

A. As of the most recent upgrades, WhatsApp does not provide a built-in function for scheduling messages. However, third-party apps are available; some devices have this functionality built into their operating system.

Q10. Can we schedule the messages for the group chat?

A. Most WhatsApp scheduling solutions let you schedule messages in WhatsApp for individual and group chats. Select the group rather than a single contact when creating the message.


Concluding the article "How to schedule WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp Scheduler", being a business owner, comprehending scheduling messages could be a game changer for your procedures. Exploring the WhatsApp schedule message functionalities allows you to confirm timely conversations with consumers, partners, or team members. Still, when you're not presented, send them manually.

Use this tool to increase efficiency, maintain consistency, and remain ahead in your communications plan. Please don't pass up the opportunity to connect when it counts most!