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Get Your WhatsApp Business Account Verified With Green Tick Today!

Have you considered your WhatsApp Business API profile insignificant without an official WhatsApp green tick badge?

If yes, you've got the right platform!

Without having a Green tick badge, promoting your business through conversations with users will not have any dramatic effects on your business.

This blog will discuss whether the WhatsApp green tick is essential for your WhatsApp business profile or whether you can still manage your WhatsApp Business API account without it. Let's go, then, to start.

Is Whatsapp Green Tick Required to Use The Whatsapp Business API?


The very first thing is that obtaining a Green tick is a challenge. Some companies apply for the WhatsApp green tick and get verified by the Meta to have the Green tick badge on their business profile.

To get the verified green tick badge, according to our observation, these are the criteria that will work for the organizations:

  • Well-settled business: Meta's most significant factor is whether businesses asking to get verified are well-established or not. Posting organic PR articles on your website could help establish your business as a well-known brand (paid articles will not count).
  • Good website SEO: Whoever is searching for you on WhatsApp, your website should come at 1st rank.
  • A working WhatsApp Business API account: This could be an easy factor if you apply for a free WhatsApp Business API account with GetItSMS.

Note:- The WhatsApp Green Tick does not impact your potential to use your WhatsApp Business API account. While the Green Tick on WhatsApp does increase your business's legitimacy, it does not provide any new services or advantages.

Verified and unverified WhatsApp Business API accounts have the same functionalities. You can use your WhatsApp Business API account usually and can still broadcast to multiple people you want.

The official Green tick Badge is the only difference between verified and unverified WhatsApp Business API accounts. A verified WhatsApp Business API account displays its brand name. In contrast, an unverified WhatsApp Business account displays the user's phone number.

This, too, will be neutralized when Meta introduces functionality that would allow unverified accounts to show with their WhatsApp Display Name.

The profile parts of verified and unverified WhatsApp Business API accounts are identical, as illustrated in the figure below.

With WhatsApp BSP GetItSMS, businesses can still do all this even without a Green tick on WhatsApp:

  • Send WhatsApp bulk broadcast offers to unlimited users in one click.
  • Orders, delivery abandoned carts notifications automation, and more with 2000+ integrations.
  • Interested users who are 3x more likely to convert send retargeting WhatsApp campaigns.
  • Offers live chat with multi-device support.
  • To automate sales & customer support, integrate the WhatsApp chatbot.

Acquire WhatsApp Green Tick for Free With GetItSMS

Nevertheless, it is not needed. The WhatsApp green tick badge adds authentication and trust to your WhatsApp business profile. When you have the WhatsApp green badge, people will notice your business communications on WhatsApp.

Is your current WhatsApp Business service provider asking you to pay the charge for WhatsApp green tick?

GetItSMS guides you to have a verified WhatsApp Business account for free. Whether your application gets rejected, businesses can still apply after 30 days with GetItSMS. Some popular businesses have also authenticated their WhatsApp business accounts with GetItSMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you compare verified and unverified WhatsApp Business accounts?

A. A WhatsApp green tick badge distinguishes a verified or unverified WhatsApp Business account. Both verified and unverified WhatsApp Business accounts get the same features. The feature is limited to the WhatsApp Business API, excluding Green tick presence.

Q2. What is the major required factor while applying for a Green tick on WhatsApp?

A. The significant factors required to get a Green tick on WhatsApp are WhatsApp broadcast tier 2, organic PR articles, and well-settled brand specification. However, these factors also do not confirm getting the Green badge. The conclusion goes with Facebook.

Q3. Why should you apply for the WhatsApp Green tick with GetItSMS?

A. GetItSMS helps businesses get their WhatsApp Business account verified with a green tick. When their applications get rejected, they would be able to apply for it after 30 days.

Q4. What is the reason Facebook rejected the WhatsApp Green Tick application?

A. The reason for WhatsApp's green tick application rejection could be that the business display name is not related to the brand, and the brand needs more organic PR or online presence. Hence, before applying for the WhatsApp green tick, make sure to have the relevant business name and organic PR.

Q5. How much does the WhatsApp green tick charge on WhatsApp?

A. GetItSMS does not charge you to get the Green tick on your WhatsApp Business account. The cost of a WhatsApp green tick badge is free with GetItSMS.


Hence, that sums it up! The green tick badge on the WhatsApp Business account enhances the brand's credibility and makes you part of the popular group of businesses that attain it. We hope you understand the differences between WhatsApp's green tick using WhatsApp Business API. Brands can easily converse with customers, showing the business with a green tick, and well, that is very interesting!