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As per the Meta policies, it is essential to obtain WhatsApp opt-in from users before sending WhatsApp messages for all communications going through WhatsApp Business API. This is performed because you have received the customer's consent to send them promotional messages about your business.

Meta said: We like to help people get expected and valuable information about businesses they would like to hear from.

However, it is essential to get the opt-in information from all customers before sending them the first WhatsApp notification. But do you know how to get customers to agree to your WhatsApp updates?

But don't take stress! At the end of this, you will have all the strategies and techniques to get customers to opt-in for your WhatsApp notifications. We'll be explaining how to drive users to WhatsApp opt-in.

What is WhatsApp Opt-in?

WhatsApp opt-in is the consent businesses might have to attain from customers to share notifications over WhatsApp. WhatsApp opt-in allows you to send updates, promotional messages, or other kinds of communication to consumers who agree to receive your business updates.

The opt-in consent form can be asked directly on WhatsApp or through another channel, such as a checkbox during the “signup process”, the Website, and social media ads. The way to establish a list of users who are interested in receiving notifications from businesses on WhatsApp is called opt-in.

The opt-in content must mention the conversation, including:

  • The business name from which they get the WhatsApp messages.
  • The willingness of the person to receive business updates on WhatsApp is essential.

You must be thinking about asking to opt-in for your business on WhatsApp, which would be complicated. But don't bother; we are here to help you know this is easier than you think. Several strategies must be implemented to confirm a significant inflow of users to your WhatsApp business, including all opt-in customers.

Top 7 Strategies for WhatsApp Opt-in from Users

1. Add a WhatsApp Opt-in pop-up on the Website

The simple way to get WhatsApp's opt-in is to add a pop-up on your Website asking visitors to subscribe to WhatsApp notifications. This will bring website visitors to WhatsApp, engage them with promotional offers, respond to queries, and transform them into customers.

You can use Getgabs, the advanced WhatsApp engagement platform, to directly obtain users' names and mobile numbers as soon as they visit your WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp Opt-in on Signup Page

Another place to add WhatsApp opt-in is on the signup page to obtain the users opt-in. After gathering the required user information, provide users with an option to sign up for WhatsApp updates.

Transparently define the type of messages that users want to receive on WhatsApp, such as transactional notifications, OTPs, promotional messages, and more.

3. Gain Direct Opt-in on WhatsApp

Ahead of time, businesses must gain opt-in through third-party sources like email, SMS, etc. However, in July 2020, WhatsApp updated businesses to acquire direct WhatsApp opt-in with a WhatsApp message.

If you already know the user's WhatsApp number, you can request opt-in authorization by sending a WhatsApp message. Greet them warmly and ask if they want to receive company updates via WhatsApp.

Count users who respond with 'Yes' as opted-in. Be transparent in your communication and include an opt-out option as well.

4. Forward Email and SMS for WhatsApp Opt-in

Running Email and SMS campaigns is another effective technique to get WhatsApp users to opt in. Inform people that you are available on WhatsApp and that they can contact you for any questions or customer service.

Emails and SMS have 10x lower open rates than WhatsApp, which has a 98% open rate, so moving communication away from Emails to WhatsApp can be highly successful for business growth.

Getgabs allows you to have an unlimited number of customer care agents answering user queries on the move via mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop PCs.

5. Add a WhatsApp Button on the Website to Receive Opt-in

Another effective strategy to collect user Opt-in is to add a WhatsApp chat button on the website to collect opt-in. To drive visitors seamlessly to the Website and take WhatsApp, opting in and placing a free WhatsApp button is a good thought.

Add a pre-filled message that users can send to you on WhatsApp to indicate their interest in receiving updates from your company. When a user clicks the WhatsApp Button on your Website, a pre-filled message appears in their text window.

6. In-store WhatsApp Opt-in

Placing WhatsApp QR codes in your retail stores can increase WhatsApp opt-ins. Using Getgabs's Creator tools, you can generate a WhatsApp QR Code for FREE and increase user engagement on WhatsApp.

Again, include a pre-filled message that users can submit to confirm their approval to receive notifications from your company on WhatsApp.

7. Engage Social Media Platforms

Social media is the best way to increase user engagement on WhatsApp and gain WhatsApp opt-ins. To increase WhatsApp user numbers, you can leverage the power of social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Add a WhatsApp link to your company's bio to send users to WhatsApp, and launch direct-to-WhatsApp marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Once you've directed users to WhatsApp, you can use Getgabs to engage them and increase conversions.

Soon, you'll be able to generate WhatsApp ads for Instagram and Facebook directly from Getgabs. Stay tuned!

4 Tips to 3x Your WhatsApp Opt-in and Prevent WhatsApp Opt-outs

There are some significant tips to consider when opting into WhatsApp. Follow the below tips to ensure 3x more business engagement and opt-ins on WhatsApp from users:

  • Clear, convincing, and crisp communication: Try to make your conversations very clear, crisp, and compelling, which means explaining your message in simple words. How can consumers benefit from your services if they opt-in for your WhatsApp notifications?
  • Don't junk: Sending spam content pushes users to block you on WhatsApp. So try to avoid sending junk or spam messages. Just send Broadcasting if necessary.
  • Run click-to-WhatsApp ads: The best way to drive WhatsApp opt-ins is to Run Ads on Facebook or Instagram that lead users to your WhatsApp Business API account. Getgabs permits you to generate click-to-WhatsApp ads and turn leads quickly.
  • Permits users to opt out: Every user wants to avoid receiving notifications on WhatsApp for a long time. Please respect their privacy and offer this opt-out option in all messages so that users can opt out of the updates.

WhatsApp Opt-in Rules and Policies

To gain WhatsApp opt-in from users, you must follow the following rules:

  • 1. Before delivering their first promotional message to customers on WhatsApp, businesses must obtain an opt-in on WhatsApp or through other channels.
  • 2. If a consumer initiates the interaction, you can collect the opt-in during the first conversation.
  • 3. Ensure that the opt-in specifies that the user agrees to receive business notifications on WhatsApp.
  • 4. Explain in advance what types of messages the user can expect to receive from your company. For example, transactional (shipping updates, order confirmations, promotional offers, OTPs, and so on).
  • 5. Make sure users always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving updates from your company. The opt-in and opt-out approach should be seamless and intuitive for everyone.

How do You Effectively Maintain WhatsApp opt-ins and opt-outs using Getgabs?

How will you react if we are going to tell you about effortlessly managing the WhatsApp opt-ins and opt-out users directly depending on the information users send over WhatsApp? What can we do?

Yes, this can be done!

The WhatsApp BSP, Getgabs, helps you automatically opt-in/opt out of customers with advanced opt-in management functionality.

Here's a guide on how to automate WhatsApp opt-in and opt-out using Getgabs. First, if you still need to sign up with Getgabs, do so immediately! You can utilize a free 3-day trial of Getgabs. Let's get started with a complete guide to automate WhatsApp opt-ins and opt-outs.

1. Proceed to Opt-in Management

The first step is to set up WhatsApp opt-in or opt-out for customers by going to the option "Auto-reply" section on the Getgabs platform. You can add your Opt-in keywords to receive users' subscriptions under the Auto-reply section.

For example: Do subscribe from users add the new Opt-in keyword such as the keyword “Hi” in the auto-reply option shown in the below screenshot:

WhatsApp Opt In From Users

2. Add Opt-out Keywords

Now, let's look at how to opt out of users in Getgabs automatically.

First, Add the opt-out keywords like “STOP” and “Unsubscribe”. This will send an opt-out notification to users who wish to unsubscribe from your WhatsApp updates.

Notice and add the keywords that consumers provide to opt out of your WhatsApp updates. Keywords might be as simple as 'STOP' or 'Don't send me texts'. After entering keywords, click Save settings. Anyone responding to these keywords will automatically opt out of your WhatsApp updates.

3. Compose the Opt-out Message (optional)

If you wish to individualize the WhatsApp opt-out message, you can do that effortlessly.

  • Just tap on the Configure message
  • Select pre-approved content or create a new one
  • Select the message type
  • Add new content (if adding new content, tap on "Save Configuration")

The template message of Opt-out users will be shown like this:

WhatsApp Opt In From Users

4. Setup Opt-in for Users

Again, do the process to set up automatic WhatsApp opt-in as implemented while setting up opt-out management.

  • Authorize Opt-in replies
  • Create Opt-in Keywords (like “Yes or Hi”, I'm interested, etc)
  • Compose a message (Optional)
  • Save settings

Benefits of Opt-in for Users Using Getgabs

On the Getgabs platform under the “WhatsApp book” section, there will be a separate list created of Opt-in and Out-users. If in the future, you want to send a WhatsApp campaign to those opt-in users, you can directly go to this list and send the campaign at once. For example shown in the screenshot below:

WhatsApp Opt In From Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is WhatsApp opt-in required?

A. Yes, WhatsApp opt-in is necessary. Businesses should have WhatsApp opt-in so their users can collect consent before sending them business promotional messages even after the 24-hour session window.

Q2. How do we define WhatsApp consent?

A. To create a safe and spam-free environment on WhatsApp, Meta has made it obligatory for businesses to obtain users' approval before sending them WhatsApp Notifications. This way, Meta ensures that users only receive messages from companies they choose to connect with.

Q3. Do messages sent for customer support count as opt-in on WhatsApp?

A. No, consumers who contact us via WhatsApp are not immediately considered opt-ins. To turn them into Opted-in contacts, send them an Opt-in message requesting permission to deliver notifications and updates over WhatsApp.

Q4. How does WhatsApp implement its WhatsApp opt-in rule?

A. If many people block the business when they receive promotional messages, WhatsApp enforces the Opt-in policy. If that's the scenario, the business's quality rating will change from green to yellow and then to red. With a low-quality rating, if a company continues Broadcasting, there might be a high chance its WhatsApp API number will be blocked.


Are you ready to get WhatsApp opt-in rates by receiving consent from users and achieving meaningful results? Do not waste another second. With Getgabs's premium features and seamless integration, your company is just a click away from moving ahead. It's time to move from optional to necessary. Onward and higher!