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Once again we are very thankful for our customers who made it possible for GetItSMS to get awarded as the best 2023 G2 Est ROI and G2 leader in fall 2023. Because of our best customer support and low-cost services in the business industry, GetItSMS has been recognized as the top G2 2023 fall leader.

We are delighted to share our experience with all of you and also that GetItSMS has been awarded not only one but sixteen top awards for 2023!

G2’s award list for businesses is a combination of top & best global companies or services in the service industry. This award is based on the review, ratings, and customer satisfaction scores of real and verified users from G2’s community.

G2’s best ROI and fall leader 2023 report is here, GetItSMS finally achieved its top place in industry rankings. We are excited to let you know that we have been chosen as one of the best EST ROI and fall leaders for 2023. We have honors as leaders and high performers in these amazing categories live chat, WhatsApp API, chatbot, AI-based chat, 24*7 customer support, social customer service, and affordable cost service.

But wait, there is more to tell you about our experience to be awarded by G2. In this article, we will share the awards you achieved by GetItSMS including easy-to-use service, best Est ROI, best meets requirements, high performance and best support, etc.

The award from G2 Reviews increased our commitment and desire to offer top-notch services as we set new ambitions and objectives for this year.

G2 Awards Achieved By GetItSMS

We are thankful and will celebrate these achievements with all of you. GetItSMS will be always available for its valuable customers and put efforts into providing the best services. GetItSMS always trusts in building customer loyalty and satisfaction, introducing new products and features, or listening to the clients in upgrading their business.

Our trip there is dynamic and always evolving. GetItSMS values each member's commitment to excellence in their assigned duties. We will work to make these awards equitable and support customers in reaching their objectives.

Hundreds of winners may sound excessive, but when you consider that there are more than 115,000 companies and 145,000 software goods & services listed on G2, it's something unique. These honors are also not simply from G2 but rather are based on actual user input. Winners are selected using our in-house methodology, which is based on market presence data and verified user ratings.

Therefore, winning a Best Service Award is not just challenging, but you can trust the objectivity and legitimacy of the outcomes. Without further ado, let's look at some of the top trends and some of the overall winners.

Here are the awards that have been achieved by GetItSMS from G2 in 2023:

1. High Performer Fall 2023

This is the first award that GetItSMS has been awarded. According to the G2 award criteria, customer satisfaction is the first element to evaluate the award. And we have proved it by achieving a high performer G2 award.

2. Small Business High Performer Asia Fall 2023

GetItSMS has received the award as β€œSmall Business High Performer Asia Fall 2023” as any small-level enterprise can satisfy their customers with the use of GetITSMS.

3. Small Business High Performer Asia Pacific Fall 2023

Small Business High Performer Asia Pacific Fall 2023 on G2 award given to GetItSMS.

4. High Performer Small Business Fall 2023

High performer leader in advertising platform in Fall 2023.

5. Small Business High Performer India Fall 2023

Awarded by small business high performer India Fall 2023 to get achievement in small client business setup satisfaction.

6. Leader Asia Fall 2023

Leader in marketing platform Asia Fall 2023.

7. Leader India Fall 2023

Best leader platform for business in India 2023.

8. Users Most Likely to Recommend Fall 2023

It's wonderful to see all the happy and encouraging comments from our clients, which are what led to the accolades.

9. Best Est. ROI fall 2023

The Best Est. ROI Fall 2023 year award goes to GetItSMS by G2.

10. Best meets requirements small business fall 2023

We strive to help customers meet their exact requirements for engaging with their targeted audiences and creating extensive relationships.

11. Easiest Admin Fall 2023

Easy to use admin portal with effective user-interface experience G2 Award Fall 2023.

12. Best support small business Fall 2023

GetItSMS always aims to offer the best customer support, a simple setup procedure, and an intuitive user interface. This is what our clients have expressed through the Best Customer Support and Easiest To Use awards.

13. Easiest to use Fall 2023

Receiving these honors from a reputable source like G2-Business Software and Services Reviews makes us very happy. The device examines the G2 community's honest ratings and recognizes the services in each category.

14. Easiest to use small business Fall 2023

GetItSMS is awarded as the easiest-to-use small business fall 2023 to give services for small-level enterprises and mostly recommended services for them.

15. High performer Asia Pacific Fall 2023

High performer Asia Pacific fall 2023 awarded to GetItSMS by G2.

16. Users love us

Having an extensive presence on the market (in terms of market share, seller size, and social impact). A large number of reviews suggests a more accurate and representative representation of the consumer experience. High user uptake, simple setup, and simple administration.

What Are The G2 Awards?

G2 determines the winners each year "based on authentic, validated, and timely peer reviews from G2's software marketplace." These yearly Best Software awards are won by businesses from all over the world that offer their clients the best-in-class goods and experiences, according to a strict process.

G2, which runs a software marketplace used by more than 60 million software buyers yearly, is the go-to website for finding, evaluating, and managing the technology that companies need to succeed.

According to Sara Rossio, chief product officer at G2, "While there are hundreds of winners named to our Best Software Awards, it's worth noting that there are well over 100,000 companies and products listed on G2."

Software customers may have faith in our scoring methodology, which is based on the most recent verified customer reviews, and rely on these awards to guide their purchasing choices for the upcoming year.

Why is the G2 Award Important For The Services?

Visitors may investigate and compare tech tools and goods on G2, an impartial software review website. Based on user feedback and social media data, G2 highlights the finest solutions in the sector every quarter.

To determine CSAT and market presence scores, these reports are based on real, verified user reviews and information compiled from company profiles. Platforms that continuously receive positive user feedback are given the Leader award.

Ready to collaborate with the pioneer in automated customer support? GetITSMS provides

  • Responses that are prompt, witty, and relevant.
  • 20+ languages and more than 6 channels of support.
  • Single customer view and intelligent plugins.
  • Over 100 integrations.
  • Dashboard for performance measurement.
  • Security fit for an enterprise.

What Is GetItSMS Service?

We are a CPaaS (Communication platform as a service) service platform that helps businesses promote or advertise their platform through our WhatsApp messaging or text messaging services. GetITSMS offers a wide range of advertising services such as WhatsApp chatbot, Shopify plugin, WhatsApp chat widget, bulk SMS, Telegram marketing, and bulk WhatsApp messages service, etc.

We are serving our services all over the world and have more than 40,000 clients who trust our services and are satisfied with them. Businesses can send promotional, notifications, transactional and latest offer deals to more than one customer at every single time.

Resellers can even subscribe to GetItSMS services and could have the best benefit for their business. From small to large medium businesses GetITSMS offers affordable cost services to them. You just need to get registered with the GetItSMS portal to start promoting your business today.

According to the G2 Fall 2023 Report, GetItSMS continues to be the top conversational AI solution provider for customer care.

Our platform enables companies of all sizes to provide top-notch support to their customers, overcoming issues like scaling ticket volumes, offering prompt responses around the clock, delivering a seamless multi-platform and omnichannel experience, and providing useful agent assistance tools.

Our cutting-edge dashboard also gives companies the tools to evaluate the performance of agents and bots and learn crucial details about client behavior.

Our G2 reviews attest to the development of our product and indicate how it outperforms rivals. Our strong features improve customer service by fulfilling particular needs, guaranteeing simplicity of setup and usage, providing first-rate support, and increasing the possibility of referral.

Final Thought

Our accomplishments are a direct result of the hard work of our outstanding staff and the priceless input from our clients. We are dedicated to improving our product by always paying attention to consumer feedback. Schedule a demo to see the GetItSMS advantage in action and automate your customer care while delighting your users.

In 2023, GetItSMS will be happy to carry on this tradition of quality, and we're eager to raise the bar for the sector. We appreciate your contribution to our ongoing success.

We have always believed that a company's customer service department is its beating heart, and we work hard to keep it beating. We appreciate our customers' willingness to use our services and their insightful criticism. We're eager to keep giving you the greatest solutions.