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Get Your WhatsApp Business Account Verified With Green Tick Today!

Are you looking to become a WhatsApp business partner for WhatsApp API and increase your income 10x?

You've got the right platform if you wish to become a WhatsApp business partner and help your customers and businesses realize the potential of WhatsApp's business API.

You'll be required guidance from WhatsApp business solution providers like Getgabs to become a WhatsApp business partner. The following capabilities you can have by becoming a WhatsApp business partner with Getgabs:

  • Get registered on the Meta partner directory and be qualified for the future bonus program from the Meta tech provider.
  • Retain Embedded signup flow without Getgabs branding.

We'll describe each in this article. Stay calm if you need clarification with all the technical terms. We'll discuss every detail you're required to have to become a WhatsApp business partner with Getgabs.

Who is a WhatsApp BSP, And How Can They Help You Become a WhatsApp Business Partner?

Here's the backstory in a nutshell: WhatsApp wants to be free of the obligation of reviewing requests from businesses seeking to become WhatsApp business partners for the WhatsApp Business API. That is why they transferred this job to WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) such as Getgabs.

A WhatsApp BSP is a partner chosen by Meta (formerly Facebook). You cannot apply directly to WhatsApp to become a WhatsApp business partner; you can only apply through partners such as Getgabs.

They were wondering where WhatsApp business partners fit into this scheme. Meta tech provider is the official term many WhatsApp business partners use to help the WhatsApp BSP. In this blog, we will refer to these partners as WhatsApp business partners to minimize misunderstanding.

But what is WhatsApp's advantage over other platforms that should persuade you to integrate WhatsApp Marketing into your services?

Let's have a peek.

Reason to Choose WhatsApp

Some factors will help you to know why WhatsApp is the only solution: WhatsApp is the only marketing platform that has 2.5 billion+ monthly subscribers using more than 20min/day. This makes it the best place for your clients and you to rank your business in front of the clients.

Compared to other traditional channels such as Email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing is 10x more effective, the best channel to acquire clients, has a higher conversion rate, and helps your brand retain clients.

WhatsApp is the perfect place to individualize customers' conversations and send messages, including images, emojis, gifs, videos, documents, clickable links, and more. Businesses can quickly increase their revenue by 10x by making use of WhatsApp marketing for their services.

Now, you need to understand why we need to select WhatsApp as our top marketing priority. What is WhatsApp BSP, and how can we become a WhatsApp business partner? Then, let's achieve the goal of becoming a WhatsApp business partner.

What is Getgabs, and What do We Do?

Getgabs (WhatsApp BSP) is a complete WhatsApp engagement suite developed on top of official WhatsApp Business APIs to support businesses in bringing WhatsApp marketing to their companies. Getgabs is a verified and official WhatsApp Business solution provider (BSP) developed for technology enablers.

You are helping more than 4000+ clients all over the world across domains like D2C, education, e-commerce, Marketing companies, Retail, Real estate, banking & finance, events, tour & travel, trade fairs in 25+ countries inclusive India, Australia, U.S.A, U.K, Brazil, UAE, and Canada.

With the help of Getgabs, more than 300+ organizations, including SaaS, CRM solution providers, app developers, CPaaS, and conversation AI providers, have become WhatsApp business partners. Do you want to be one of them?

Follow us to learn how you can become a WhatsApp business partner with Getgabs.

Way to Become Meta ISV (Tech Partner) with Getgabs

Getgabs offers the simplest way to become a Meta ISV (Called a Meta tech partner). All we have to do is choose between the two partnership models provided by Getgabs that suit your requirements.

Presently, Getgabs has offered two partnership models such as:

  1. 1. WhatsApp APIs partnership
  2. 2. Getgabs Whitelable partnership
Become a WhatsApp Business Partner

Let's study them in detail.

1. WhatsApp APIs Partnership

In the WhatsApp APIs or Direct APIs Partnership plan, you can gain access to the raw WhatsApp APIs wrapped in Getgabs and build/integrate your solution on top of WhatsApp APIs.

This plan includes the WhatsApp APIs. However, you will need to create applications for your users to access the WhatsApp Business API.

This plan is ideal for individuals who have a dedicated tech team that is accessible to add services such as Broadcasting, Live Chat, and many others developed by Getgabs.

Here's what you get with the WhatsApp APIs Partnership plan:

  • Access the Partner Dashboard - This Dashboard allows you to keep track of all the information about your customers.
  • WhatsApp APIs
  • Embedded Signup
  • Green Tick provides application support
  • Customer support for partners via phone and WhatsApp.
  • Access to closed betas via WhatsApp

To learn more about the Direct APIs Partnership strategy, please request a callback from our team. However, if you need more resources or a team for development, we offer the Whitelabel Partnership plan.

2. Getgabs Whitelabel Partnership

Become a WhatsApp Business Partner

Under the Getgabs white label partnership, you can resell Getgabs as your brand. This plan allows you to sell the Getgabs software under your product name and logo. All the rights, features, and latest updates will be included in your business for sale under the branding.

This plan allows you to acquire all the Getgabs features, so you will need to spend your resources and time developing the service, including 100+ functions, which took over 2+ years to build.

The plan you'll receive:

  • Partners Dashboard
  • WhatsApp APIs
  • Embedded Signup is required to onboard clients to WhatsApp API
  • Green Tick Application support
  • Customer support for partners
  • Getgabs Dashboard (Whitelabelled)
  • Getgabs Platform APIs
  • Getgabs Platform Billing APIs
  • SSO & Customer domain

Picking Up the Right Partnership Model for Meta ISV

Do you need clarification about picking the suitable partnership model for Meta ISV? Hence, to clear your doubt, we'll explain to you how to select which model your business requires with Getgabs:

1. Direct APIs Partnership

  • Under this direct API partnership model, business partners will only get access to WhatsApp APIs but will need to develop their solutions.
  • The plan suggested by technology allows for a CRM with live chat capabilities.
  • Enablers also suggest having an outsourced or dedicated development team.

2. Getgabs Whitelabel Partnership

  • Through this Getgabs white-label partnership model, with your branding, you'll have a fully-featured WhatsApp engagement base (Getgabs).
  • They are preferred by technology enablers who want to resell the Getgabs Platform alongside their existing products or services under their branding.
  • Choose by Enablers looking to build a business through reselling.
  • Technology Enablers chose this option because they provide one-way notifications through their portal and want a separate number for each Customer.

For more questions and in-depth understanding, request a callback now by using the button below.

Compare Direct APIs vs. Getgabs Whitelabel Partnership

For Direct API partners, Getgabs provides the Meta official Cloud API with a Getgabs wrapper. This allows the partner to create their solution while also providing benefits such as becoming a recognized tech provider, access to the embedded signup form, faster template approvals, and exclusive Getgabs support.

Getgabs Whitelabel Solution Partners do not have to reinvent the wheel. Partners can take advantage of the existing technology, which includes the industry's best drag-and-drop chatbot builder, updated features such as a Click tracker, support for click-to-WhatsApp ads, numerous Native connectors, exclusive support, and platform and use case training from the Getgabs team. The Whitelabel program provides partners with the whole Getgabs platform under their brand name, hosted on their domains/subdomains.

  • Onboarding process: WhatsApp business partners need to build an app in the Meta Developer account and display their solution through a video once you have selected between a direct API partnership and a Whitelabel partnership. You can follow the guide to manage the business and messaging using the solution and forward their dashboard credentials to Meta. Whitelabel partnership displays the Getgabs white label dashboard while direct API partners demonstrate their business.
  • Approval process: Once Meta accepts the application, the partners will send a request to Getgabs for solution provider access. The Getgabs team will then take the request. Getgabs will have to build a Whitelabel embedded signup for white-label partners. In contrast, partners must create their signup form using direct API.

Steps to Update from Meta Tech Provider to Meta Tech Partner

Initially, you will become a successful Meta tech provider after receiving approval from Meta. To successfully from a Meta tech provider to a tech partner, partners should have:

  • Complete Meta Developers onboarding
  • Accept the Tech Provider Agreement
  • Onboard at least 10 clients on their solution
  • Autorise over 2,500 Average Daily communications.

Later then, Meta will verify the request and make them as Meta Tech Partners.

How do you embarrass clients once you become Meta ISV?

However, you can become a Meta ISV (Meta Tech partner) by selecting the two partnership models discussed above with Getgabs. Then what? How do you embarrass clients with the WhatsApp Business API and get started?

We've explained the simple process to you. To bring the customers live on WhatsApp Business API, there's an end-to-end process:

Become a WhatsApp Business Partner
  • As illustrated in the graphic above, to onboard clients to WhatsApp Business API, they must have a website and a new phone number that still needs to be made active on WhatsApp.
  • Following that, they will need to sign up for the API through the Embedded Flow. Here's an example of the Embedded Flow signup that we'll send to you.
  • Become a WhatsApp Business Partner
  • After the WhatsApp Business API is approved, your clients must verify their Facebook Business Manager to increase their daily messaging limit from 250 to 1000 unique users.
  • Become a WhatsApp Business Partner
  • Furthermore, they can update their WhatsApp business profiles, profile images, and the business website.
  • Once this is completed, they can begin submitting the template messages and sending them to the end users.

If you have any questions, we will provide customer support so that all of the above processes can be completed smoothly.

Interested? Connect with us on WhatsApp to get started with Getgabs's Partnership Program now.

Benefits of Becoming a Meta Tech Partner with Getgabs

  1. 1. The top WhatsApp business solution provider, Getgabs, has helped to become a Meta Tech partner.
  2. 2. Within 10 minutes, get a co-branded embedded signup to bring the clients on WhatsApp business API.
  3. 3. Have end-to-end dedicated customer support and dedicated onboarding for all Customer's queries.
  4. 4. Lowest pricing plans in the industry.
  5. 5. At the lowest investment, earn more than 1cr+/year.
  6. 6. The nearest betas can be accessed from WhatsApp.


Becoming a Meta ISV (Meta Tech Partner) for WhatsApp Business API with Getgabs opens limitless opportunities for your company. This agreement is a game changer in terms of additional revenue sources and service offering expansion. Take advantage of this fantastic chance! Contact Getgabs immediately and begin your journey to success.