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When it comes to modern marketing, a WhatsApp drip marketing campaign is a powerful yet subtle method of engaging customers and nurturing leads.

Some automated messages are part of WhatsApp drip marketing campaigns, and like you, you need to visit multiple websites in a day to receive them. Have you ever received WhatsApp messages after visiting a specific webpage? Does that sound appropriate?

Don’t worry; no one is stalking you! But what are these messages, and how do they matter? What is the significance of such messages, and how would it be more effective than other marketing techniques? 

First, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app, with over 2 billion users in 2019, and it is considered the most popular app globally. 

The platform was introduced as a basic SMS application. It achieved popularity as an alternative to paying bills, communicating with customers around the world, and marketing brands and businesses. 

Since most people in the world use WhatsApp for daily communication, you will have an opportunity to serve a larger target audience. This is going to be interesting. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into a WhatsApp drip marketing campaign and how it may be advantageous for your business.

What is WhatsApp Drip Marketing

WhatsApp Drip marketing campaign is an automated process of sharing customized messages to your prospects. Every company, large or small, has been using traditional marketing methods like email for drip campaigns. But why can we not ignore the fact that these campaigns have failed? 

This is because audiences have moved to novel methods of communication, such as WhatsApp. The application is not restricted to just personal chat; it also has advanced techniques for business-related conversations. 

If you have read about WhatsApp drip marketing before, you know it is an automated way to share customized messages with your potential and existing customers. The content is sent over some time to create relationships and advertise the business.

Benefits of the WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Because of its high rates of user engagement, WhatsApp is a perfect medium for drip campaigns. Compared to emails, messages on WhatsApp are more likely to be opened and read, so you can be sure that the right people see your content.

Actually, WhatsApp users return to the app an average of 22 times a day and interact with material for 59 minutes on average.

WhatsApp is the industry leader in large-scale personalization. Because messages may be customized based on unique customer behaviors, preferences, and stages in the customer journey, communication becomes more effective.

Broadcasts in a variety of multimedia formats, including text messages, videos, internet links, and other formats supported by WhatsApp, can be scheduled automatically. Furthermore, people can receive customized texts based on their relevant sales levels.

Likewise, content delivery automation guarantees that the appropriate message reaches the recipient at the proper moment. The timing of a communication, whether it’s a welcome message, a follow-up, or an exclusive offer, is critical to conversion rates.

Finally, a WhatsApp drip marketing campaign can greatly increase conversion rates by consistently and relevantly informing prospects and consumers. By providing information and offers that align with leads’ interests and wants, the strategy gradually guides them down the sales funnel and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

You already know the fundamentals of a WhatsApp drip campaign. Now, it’s time to reveal how to create one on Getgabs.

Why is WhatsApp Drip Marketing Important?

WhatsApp drip marketing campaigns are important; they are all about giving the right details to the audience at the right time. You can customize and automate the messages to be broadcast in numerous content formats involving webpage links, text messages, videos, and other encourages by WhatsApp. Additionally, you may be able to send customized texts to any single user depending on the sales level at which they’re available. 

As most of the customers think slightly, drip marketing campaigns guide them in their entire journey through customized content for item purchases.

How to Use WhatsApp Drip Campaigns?

If you are wondering about result-driven campaign strategies, look no further. WhatsApp drip marketing campaigns enable businesses to target their audience in numerous ways. However, the focus remains the same—to engage existing and valuable customers with customized messages. 

Let’s have a look at some types of WhatsApp drip campaigns that can be used: 

1. Nourishing leads

Respective customers interested in your brand and business are known as leads. Multiple people may be out there interested in your service, deals, and offers, and few will be more curious than others. Due to this, you have to split and prioritize your customers before sharing their messages. 

What does nourishing mean? It stands for engaging your perspective by giving details until they are converted to permanent customers. Nourishing leads involve offering product details and facilities, exploring the service, and all.

2. Greeting your customers

Not every client receives warm greetings. When you grab the attention of customers to use your service continuously, this is a time to share a welcome message. The content may contain an overview of the company and details about popular services.

3. Onboarding customers

Greeting new clients is a good thing, but you can also send onboarding messages to obtain smaller things like booking appointments, scheduling test drives, and buying a product. 

4. Suggestions

Recommendations like ‘you may also like’ are not restricted to OTT platforms. Product suggestions are one of the effective ways to interact with audiences. You can describe service suggestions for every sector and customer perspective. 

Through suggestions, you can reach your existing clients and convince them to buy services similar to those they are using. 

5. Renew notifications

By providing subscriber-based products to customers, you can utilize WhatsApp’s potential to remind them about their renewals. Setting up automated alerts to notify the customers’ WhatsApp inbox of the upcoming renewal date or payment is an excellent way to keep the customers informed.

6. Validate drip campaigns

When you have finalized the deal or got the renewed service, you would like to inform the customers about this as well. But before sending the messages, think that a confirmation text is enough to say ‘booking done’ or ‘thank you.’ This enables the clients to send more interaction resources involving tips on how to use products. 

7. Engagement drip marketing

The last one is to implement an interactive WhatsApp drip campaign to improve customers in both offline and online stores. Such campaigns are particularly designed to satisfy clients. Businesses may design an engagement drip marketing campaign for their existing customers or according to individual clients and respective.

Use 0,10,15 Strategy in WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Talking about this strategy, you should first send clear doubts or remind them that their bag is empty. This will bring some customers back to the page.

The next messages should mention a time-bound 10% discount or offer. This offer will again persuade some users to make the purchase. 

Last but not least, after some time, send them a discount offer of up to 15-20% with a short expiry date. 

Like this, you will not lose your customers by sending them a flat discount to everyone. 

Tip: Using a client’s testimonial on your website or social media will make the discount more attractive. 

Make the customers feel that if they use the offer this time, they can take advantage of the best opportunity if they respond quickly. Always remember to ensure the discount is automatically applied at the time of product checkout if you’ve given them one. 

Such a technique is to make the signature WhatsApp drip marketing liked by customers. A well-planned WhatsApp campaign encourages conversion rates from 3-4% to 8-9%

WhatsApp drip marketing campaign simplifies the potential of WhatsApp’s 2 ways of communication where you can enhance the campaigns with real and instant reviews. 

Our multiple-step campaign may be automated depending on replies, time, and other things. The top D2C businesses, especially your competitors in the market, are already trying with the number of messages shared, after this time, with what is copied, 

WhatsApp Drip Campaign Setup Steps

There is no one-size-fits strategy, but you can initiate experiments with the given steps – 

  1. You need access to the WhatsApp Business API and a reputable WhatsApp Business API solution provider, such as Getgabs, in order to set up a WhatsApp drip marketing campaign. You can then use Getgabs automated workflows or WhatsApp Broadcasts.
  2. For basic drip campaigns, you may plan messages to be sent at certain times using WhatsApp’s Broadcast feature.
  3. Using Getgabs workflows is the best solution for organizations seeking more customization possibilities and sophisticated automation tools. In order to construct complex WhatsApp drip campaigns, firms can use conversational AI technologies in conjunction with targeted messaging based on consumer data.
  4. If your human agents need to manage communication directly, they can also halt the campaign for a specific contact without affecting the entire audience. Because of its automated procedures, Interakt makes it possible to create WhatsApp drip campaigns that are more engaging and well-targeted.

Top 5 Templates for WhatsApp Drip Marketing

There are effective 5 templates used for WhatsApp drip marketing which you can learn from and implement for your own drip campaigns messaging strategies – 

Template 1:

Greet new customers to your business and instruct them through the entire product or service. 

Welcome to [company name], Hello [customer name]! We are grateful to welcome you to our platform, a place to explore your needs. You are just three steps away from the platform’s benefits and unlimited potential. Follow the steps to click on the link [link]. In a few days, we will send you an alert to get started!

Template 2:

Let the customer know you care about them by offering more details on the brand and providing guidance. 

Unlock the potential of Getgabs! Hello [customer name], We hope you are enjoying our service. Reach out to us if you have any concerns. We offer services to more than 200+ businesses, and we want to partner with you. Click on the video link to learn about the potential benefits of our platform in depth. We’re always dedicated to supporting you.

Template 3:

Use media like videos or images and offer guides to help clients get started with the business.

Here is the video that outlines the right steps for unleashing the potential of our platform. 

  1. Scan the QR code and share your campaign.
  2. Link your number with Getgabs.
  3. Authenticate your Facebook Business account.

Follow this four-minute video tutorial to get started [link]. 

Template 4:

Showcasing success stories, testimonials, or reviews can help persuade customers about the product’s advantages. 

Brings marketing on WhatsApp

On Getgabs, create a WhatsApp drip campaign and message 1000s of opted customers in one tap. Do not believe us? Watch the success of [company name], which has earned more than 2 lakh daily by sharing single WhatsApp notifications.

Template 5:

Allow the customers to come to the events like a competition to interact and make their experience with the business more engaging. While customers are unresponsive to your message, send a clever message with exciting incentives to protect a sale.

Hello John! Welcome to the [brand name] interactive game show on WhatsApp. The end of the sale season is here, so get a chance to win your exclusive discount and offers. Are you ready to spin? Spin the wheel and get lucky!

8 Effective Tips to Improve Your WhatsApp Drip Marketing

Perfectly optimized WhatsApp drip marketing ensures the positive outcomes you are focusing on are provided. The best tips you can use in your WhatsApp drip campaign are given below:

1. Achieve WhatsApp opt-in

Before sending WhatsApp drip marketing messages, get consent from the audience. Be sure that you are following WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy laws.

2. Customize WhatsApp campaign

Use customers’ names and details, such as behavior, interests, and past conversations, to make the communication more effective and relevant to them.

3. Split the audience

Divide the customers according to demographic measurements like interests, past conversations, and purchase history to better understand the content. Addressing the specific needs of the segment and crafting dynamic content will make the content more relevant to each customer.

4. Use automation

The action setup should depend on events and optimal message scheduling. WhatsApp automation tools should be implemented to keep it timely and related to every conversation.

5. Create engaging content

Create valuable information for each recipient and use media components such as photographs, videos, and others to keep them interested. Furthermore, a strong and obvious call to action (CTA) might help direct the audience toward additional action.

6. Take frequency and timing into account

Take into account the time and frequency of your campaign messages to avoid overwhelming or annoying your clients. You must also be aware of their time zones to ensure that you deliver communications to your customers within the allotted hours.

7. Track and enhance

To achieve the best outcomes, monitor your campaigns and continuously improve the quality of your WhatsApp drip campaign messages. To evaluate the success of your campaign, use analytic tools, A/B testing, and feedback gathering.

8. Update content frequently 

By updating your information frequently, you can avoid making it stale and repetitious. For optimal effects, experiment with various content types regularly and improve your WhatsApp drip marketing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a WhatsApp drip marketing campaign?

A. WhatsApp drip campaigns are used to target multiple audiences and send messages at the right time. They’re considered automated messages such as birthday wishes, welcome messages, and product notifications. 

Q2. Is Drip marketing helpful?

A. Yes, the Drip marketing campaign is helpful in generating leads, developing customer relationships, and enhancing interaction over time. The campaigns are dedicated to allowing you to select what customers or leads receive what type of messages. You can also customize every message to target different audiences. 

Q3. Can we use video and images in the WhatsApp Drip Campaign?

A. WhatsApp drip marketing allows the automation of message broadcasting in various content formats, which are supported over WhatsApp, involving videos, images, web pages, etc. 

Q4. What should a WhatsApp drip campaign include?

A. WhatsApp drip campaign messages can include welcome messages, onboarding clients, product suggestions, abandoned cart details, etc.

Q5. What size of content is included in the drip campaign?

A. The WhatsApp message template includes a character length of up to 1024, but this is the ideal length for making the WhatsApp drip marketing campaign message clear, engaging, crisp, and below 160-200 characters.


WhatsApp drip marketing campaigns authorize you to customize and interactively improve your engagement, helping you navigate higher engagement and, by extension, higher ROI. Fulfilling customer expectations and replying in a timely manner is the best way to demonstrate yourself as a pro-customer brand.

Clients have shifted to a new communication platform, and you have to, too. This time, utilize the most popular technology and platform to target your audience. WhatsApp drip marketing allows you to be creative and employ a customized touch. 

Most importantly, it helps boost business awareness and become people’s first preference by 

sharing the right message at the right time. Still, you’re thinking? Optimize the power of WhatsApp drip campaigns to drive leads through the sales funnel.