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WhatsApp for recruitment is a messaging application, the next big thing in the recruitment process. We're living in such a competitive world, so if you can not secure someone within a short time, you may be in danger of losing them due to solid competitors.

We are required to think outside the box and reduce the steps of the hiring process as much as possibleβ€”and there we've found WhatsApp, a practical application used worldwide for communication purposes.

Companies and consultancies can make use of WhatsApp Business API for recruitment purposes to get hold of candidates who are challenging to reach. WhatsApp can reach candidates faster and develop the network quickly.

Recruiters are constantly looking for innovative methods to engage with loyal candidates and facilitate the hiring procedure. In this article, we will discuss intensely how recruiters can use WhatsApp for recruitment or how we can make the recruitment process easier using advanced technology.

What is WhatsApp for Recruitment?

WhatsApp for recruitment is a powerful messaging tool that could be best suited for recruiters to fill job vacancies faster. WhatsApp has emerged as a game-changer application in the recruitment industry. But I wonder if more than 50% of users prefer to use the platform to get appointment notifications, making the recruitment process more accessible.

WhatsApp has substituted the other traditional marketing methods with dynamic and interactive experiences. With more than 2 billion of the user base, WhatsApp is established as the perfect channel to interact with potential candidates, instead of their place.

Being a recruitment tool, WhatsApp has provided a quick communication platform to offer recruiters to share details about interviews, companies, and locations. Consultancies can quickly engage with candidates with its user-friendly messaging channel.

Recruiters using WhatsApp for:

  • Share job opportunities
  • Speak about company culture
  • Schedule team structures

5 Effective Benefits of WhatsApp for Recruitment

WhatsApp's real-time interaction abilities to share multimedia content make it feasible for recruiters to customize their strategy to target candidates. Previously, these tasks were restricted by time and space constraints.

Still, you are confused about how WhatsApp will benefit the recruitment process. Do you want to understand why WhatsApp is the perfect medium for your recruitment agency?

Then look at these practical benefits of using WhatsApp for the Recruitment process to find the best talent in a competitive market.

1. Global Reach And Accessibility

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms. This large user base allows recruiters to dive into a talent pool beyond geographical boundaries. Recruitment agencies can target customers from different areas of the world, improving opportunities to find the best-fitted candidates for the job and reducing the recruitment process.

2. Rich media sharing

WhatsApp offers the interchange of several types of media, including texts, images, documents, gifs, and videos, for the recruitment process. This functionality could be specifically helpful for forwarding job details, company brochures, and videos that represent the work environment and customs.

3. Quick and Immediate Conversation

WhatsApp for recruitment offers to hire candidates and engage with them at present. Contrasting Email or phone calls, WhatsApp messages are read and delivered to candidates immediately, crafting it a highly efficient way of conversation. The speed may be a decisive advantage in the fast-paced digital world of recruitment. Furthermore, WhatsApp business API for recruitment also offers voice and video calls to get rapid communication.

4. Group Chats to Maintain Conversation

Group chats are an extensive way to maintain and conduct interactions with several candidates at the same time. Recruiters can produce separate recruitment WhatsApp groups for different job hiring and hiring procedure steps, making it simple to keep a record of communication and updates.

5. Cost-effective

Along with its practical features and functionalities, WhatsApp is a cost-effective solution for companies and recruiters. This platform does not require additional efforts to set up as it requires only internet connectivity, as this is entirely free and available on Play Store. WhatsApp for recruitment lowers the costs connected with traditional recruitment methods such as phone calls or postal mail.

How Can Recruiters Use WhatsApp for Recruitment?

Then, we have discussed the essential benefits of WhatsApp for the recruitment process; here are some steps to use WhatsApp business API for recruitment for the candidate hiring process:

1. Create a professional WhatsApp profile

Recruitment companies need to set up a professional WhatsApp profile for candidates they hire, and a dedicated WhatsApp account is required for this purpose.

This is how you can set the profile:

Profile photo - Add a professional profile picture of your company or a logo as your profile picture. This will create a more authentic and professional impression.

Status- The status of the agency can be a short introduction. You must mention a summary of your responsibilities, company, and contact details.

2. Promote job openings and share your WhatsApp number

When you successfully create your professional profile, this is the time to inform your connections that you're implementing WhatsApp for recruitment.

There are some ways to do this:

WhatsApp status- Publish upgrades to your WhatsApp status of job openings and your contact details. This will be an easy way to target your existing contacts and let them know your availability for job-related hiring.

Utilize social media - Forward your WhatsApp contact number on your social media profile like on LinkedIn. Motivate your network to connect you through WhatsApp for job opportunities.

3. Customized engagement

Whenever you start communicating with potential candidates, this is required to start the conversation at a personalized level.

This is how you can do that:

Introduction - Start the communication by presenting yourself and your company. This offers context and develops trust.

Job opportunities discussion - Connect in a communication of the job opportunities. Explain the responsibilities, roles, and qualifications. Always ready to reply to any questions the candidates can ask.

4. Schedule interviews and assessment

WhatsApp is a suitable platform for organizing interviews and assessments, making the process simpler and more accessible.

This is how you can use it:

Calendar invites - Share calendar invites with interview dates and times via WhatsApp. This makes sure that candidates will have the description readily available in their calendars.

Video interviews - Organize and start video interviews through WhatsApp. This may be a time-saving method of screening candidates and evaluating their suitability for responsibility and support to offer jobs via WhatsApp.

5. Share links and documents

Sending related documents and links is mandatory to offer candidates with the required details.

This is how we can do it:

Job details - Send information about the job description and conditions in PDF or document format. This will make it simple for candidates to collect information quickly.

Application forms - If your recruiter agency has application forms or particular documents candidates are required to complete, send this through WhatsApp for a quick and easy process.

Company website links - Mention links to your company's career page, which will provide candidates with additional information about your company.

How to Setup WhatsApp for Recruitment with Getgabs

To start using WhatsApp for recruitment, you have to β€œapply for WhatsApp Business API”. Getgabs is a powerful and versatile WhatsApp Business service provider developed to facilitate and improve the recruitment process by providing the capabilities of a WhatsApp Business account. This creative platform performs as a centralized shared inbox WhatsApp for recruiters. It comes with features scaled to meet the requirements of modern talent management.

Getgabs offers the following features:

  • Quick Reply
  • Multi-User Management
  • WhatsApp Business Web
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Live Chat
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Multiple Integrations

As you know, WhatsApp is beneficial for the recruitment process and has methods you can use for your agency. This time, we're going to discuss how to set up our system.

The first step is you start with API. Getgabs is an official WhatsApp Business service provider, which means you can integrate the API into our platform. With Getgabs, you can have all the advantages of WhatsApp API and integrate with your recruitment software.

The integration of API can be done in simple steps:

  • Start your free trial with Getgabs.
  • Move to manual onboarding on the left side panel
  • Now Facebook Developer account is used to create an app
  • Link your new or non-WhatsApp number to the API setup under WhatsApp.
  • You must verify your company on Meta by uploading the required documents, such as GST, MSME, etc. Also, you have to confirm that your number will be used for WhatsApp Business API.
  • Proceed to the Getgabs app and copy and paste the needed information, such as the app ID, phone number ID, Display, etc. The account status will be Green when your information is added to Getgabs.
  • The activation of the number on WhatsApp API was done successfully.

Once you have the API, this time to use it for good purposes. WhatsApp for recruitment only works in that case if you offer the candidates to connect you through WhatsApp.

6 Ways to Transform the Recruitment Process

Several agencies are using WhatsApp for recruitment processes such as sharing job details, scheduling interviews, and booking calls with the HR department. This is the most effective way to target candidates worldwide.

Let's see what ways we can transform the recruitment process quickly in real-time.

1. Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook Ads

Employing Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook ads can turn your recruiting process into turbo mode. With just a click of a button "send WhatsApp message" button right in the ad, loyal candidates can simply reach out to ask queries and show interest in job ads.

2. Implement QR code for Candidate Reachout

Implementing a QR code makes it easier for the candidates to start WhatsApp chat by scanning the QR code through their device. Using QR codes is beneficial for -

- Pre-screening interviews

- Application status updates

- Post-interview feedback collection

- Job Event announcements

3. Chatbot initial screening

The screening of candidates is the primary step of the hiring process. Through a WhatsApp Business API platform, it can be done. You can create customized WhatsApp message templates and set up automation rules to trigger these messages when getting new candidate applications. Also, companies can set up automated follow-up and reminder messages through WhatsApp.

4. Boost accuracy for document verification

Recruiters may use WhatsApp to request and collect relevant information from candidates, such as resumes, credentials, and verification papers. By integrating WhatsApp with Getgabs, such documents can automatically be stored in a candidate's profile.

5. Easy interview scheduling

Recruiters can share customized and automated WhatsApp messages with candidates, including details such as date, time, place, and other information.

6. Automated reminders

Suppose this is confirming the interview schedule, reminding candidates about document submission, and informing hiring managers of upcoming appraisals. In that case, this automated reminder will be helpful.

WhatsApp For Recruitment Message Templates

Interested in getting started with WhatsApp for recruitment? Making the steps easier to WhatsApp for recruitment, you can copy-paste 5 WhatsApp message templates. Modify them according to your brand voice, and you're done to go.

1. Hi Dear! Thank you for applying for this job [vacancy]. I'm pleased to schedule your interview for [Date & Time]. Please be on time for the interview. Thanks & Regards,

2. Hi Smith! We've checked your profile. Are you looking for a job? Drop your resume at [Email] & [WhatsApp]. Our team will reach you shortly. Thanks & Regards,

3. Hi [name]! Welcome onboard! We're glad to welcome you to our new family. Would like to be with you for a long time. Thanks & Regards,

4. Hi [name]! The interview will take place at [location]. Let us know if you are unable to navigate the location. We'd be happy to help you. Thanks & Regards,

5. Hello Shenin! It was a pleasure to meet you. We are sending you the documents list to submit on the joining day. Great meeting you. Let me know when you will join us. Thanks & Regards,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is WhatsApp for recruitment?

A. WhatsApp for recruitment is a powerful messaging tool that could be best suited for recruiters to fill job vacancies faster. WhatsApp has emerged as a game-changer application in the recruitment industry.

Q2. How can we use WhatsApp for recruitment?

A. As a business owner, you have several alternatives for connecting with your staff and recruiting fresh talent. You might send out newsletters with job openings or news about corporate activities or create WhatsApp groups for specific themes.

Q3. How do we contact a recruiter on WhatsApp?

A. Save the recruiter's WhatsApp number, then start a chat with a pleasant hello, identify yourself, and ask about work openings or email your resume.

Q4. Are candidates able to send resumes and other documents on WhatsApp?

A. Yes, candidates can send their resumes and documents over WhatsApp, including media formats. In addition to resumes, they can send voice notes and videos, and the recruiter can respond to them.

Q5. How to connect WhatsApp to social media?

A. Yes, through WhatsApp Business API, the talent management team can directly connect Facebook ads to WhatsApp channels and also post regular jobs by offering a link.


To summarise, WhatsApp business API for recruitment has become an invaluable tool in the recruiting process, providing several benefits to both recruiters and candidates. By exploiting its fast and direct contact capabilities, recruiters may interact with applicants in a tailored and easy manner.

WhatsApp's simplicity and accessibility allow prospects to reply quickly and stay engaged throughout the recruiting process. As a result, using WhatsApp in recruiting may lead to better outcomes, more applicant satisfaction, and overall success in attracting and hiring the top people for your firm. It also offers a modern and practical approach to interacting with top talent, allowing for speedier decision-making and shorter hiring timelines.