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Trengo Alternatives and Competitors - Do you require any Trengo alternatives & competitors and you are thinking of moving from Trengo before finalizing? Are you researching the 15 best Trengo alternatives and competitors in 2023? As we all know nowadays, selling products to several clients is an easy method. We required some business solution providers to make our service effective in the market through advertising and online promotion. 

Because in the era of digitalization, not every company prefers to do the manual marketing of their service. So marketing through online platforms such as WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, and Facebook would be very effective.

With just one click, you may send promotional marketing messages to several customers using WhatsApp's hugely popular smartphone program. WhatsApp has a greater open and response rate when compared to other advertising strategies. Users can communicate with one another in real-time using WhatsApp.

It is therefore suggested to use another platform for the ads, such as WhatsApp Business API and marketing software. By keeping the current laws in mind, it can be used to distribute the message widely.

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Consequently, if you're looking for the top Trengo alternatives that offer superior pricing, customer support, and service flexibility. Then you are in the proper location to obtain it. With the several Trengo alternatives for WhatsApp business API providers now on the market.

As per your requirements, we have enlisted the top 15 best Trengo alternatives and competitors, so you can have a better choice of the best Trengo competitor. 

Your search ends here, let’s go to have a look at the top 15 Trengo alternatives. 

Introduction To Trengo

For Trengo Alternatives there are multiple options available in the market that can replace Trengo as a Business solution provider. Trengo is a tool that gives the multi-channel inbox which collates messages from different sources such as Email, Twitter and WhatsApp, etc into a single box. 

Trengo is the one that helps you to set up chatbots to work with WhatsApp, LiveChat, Messenger & Telegram.

From a selection of more than a dozen shared inbox tools, we have chosen the top 15 Trengo alternatives and rivals. Let's first take a closer look at Trengo and the characteristics that make it ideal for eCommerce firms.

On the list of companies offering WhatsApp business solutions, Trengo is a well-known helpdesk tool. Trengo is a pricey tool because it allows you to add many addons to your shared email. The upfront fees could look less.

However, the platform services' expensive pricing and extensive integrations are made up for by their thoughtful user experience. Accordingly, Trengo alternatives can work for your company depending on your spending limit and feature needs.

With the Trengo options, users can combine phone, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and email.

Apart from this, let's move on to discuss the Trengo advantages and disadvantages in the next section. 

Advantages Of Trengo

  • Trengo works as a great user interface that lowers the learning curve for new customers.
  • The inboxes are viewed in a single place for a seamless experience.
  • For use internally, it allows you to build an online help center.
  • Team chat is not supported by Trengo's base subscription, but it is an add-on that may be purchased. collaboration between the internal team and the Scale and Enterprise plans is made possible.

Disadvantages Of Trengo

  • The cons of Trengo are that the issues created by the customers can be closed after the ticket is closed and customers have to repeat every time their queries.
  • If you do not have a record of features being used, the costs can increase astronomically.
  • The businesses that rely on outlook or other products, Trengo can be a deal breaker as office 365 integration is unavailable.
  • The drawback of trengo is that it uses a minimum of 4 seats as a WhatsApp feature.

Top 15 Best Trengo Alternatives And Competitors For Your Business

The fact that Trengo alternatives are excellent for companies that solely provide customer care through WhatsApp is one of their drawbacks. Only WhatsApp offers access to Trengo; other platforms do not. However, you should consider another solution if you wish to provide customer service over a variety of channels.

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An omnichannel support box is an ideal choice. Let's talk about the other Trengo competitors and alternatives that work with various platforms. I think that's all there is to know about Trengo. Let's move on to 15 Trengo alternatives that you can use to get a supplier for your WhatsApp business API.

1. GetItSMS - Top Trengo Alternative

GetItSMSis the first Trengo alternative out there!

But you are thinking about why you have placed GetItSMS on top as a Trengo alternative. 

Other options, as you can see, are developer-based platforms for WhatsApp business API providers, which means your developers must put in the coding work.

GetItSMS is an out-of-the-box customer support helpdesk and omnichannel WhatsApp marketing platform designed specifically for SME brands. It is beneficial to manage your business and customer support from a single screen to implement a customer-first strategy.


  • Has the access to share the common message for transactional and promotional to several customers with a single click. 
  • WhatsApp Automation for abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications using WhatsApp. 
  • a chatbot powered by AI that can understand spoken words.
  • Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc. offer a variety of e-commerce connections.
  • most reasonable cost based on standards for the industry.
  • The most friendly customer service team is always available by phone, WhatsApp, or email!
  • complete assistance with strategy, message template approvals, integrations, and chatbot integration.

With the service of GetISMS, you will get these things:

  1. Send several consumers a group WhatsApp message with only one click.
  2. Customers can receive information and receive automatic responses to their questions from chatbots on WhatsApp when you aren't around.
  3. Give customers service every day of the week.
  4. Get an infinite number of agent dashboards for live chat assistance.

GetItSMS - Unlimited Users Plan Pricing

With the GETITSMS platform, you may launch your company for as little as $2500/plan for the entry-level unlimited user plan. This means that for just 2500 per plan, you may acquire an unlimited number of users to send messages. With this, you will receive 10 tags and 5 traits.

2. Twilio Flex

Apart from GetITSMS, another Trengo alternative is Twilio flex which is another one of the best platforms. Using programmable APIs, businesses are able to provide a complete consumer experience. Any digital platform with features like WhatsApp, SMS, phone, video, messaging, email, and IoT can be integrated with Twilio.

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As a Trengo substitute, Twilio Flex is a trustworthy, effective, simple, and straightforward WhatsApp business API platform. If the company has a committed and diligent IT team with extensive coding and development expertise, this option is excellent for the company.

Twillio also offers a Flex Cloud Contact Center platform where you can integrate phone, SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, and many other channels for a seamless customer support experience.

Flex apps' adaptability allows for the addition or removal of functionality based on business requirements. Costs for the customer charge with Twilio Flex ‍$1/user/hour or $150/user/month.

To choose Twilio as your Trengo alternative, you must also consider its pros as well as cons.


  • The platform Twilio supports different categories such as email, WhatsApp, texting, VoIP, and more.
  • Affordable rates for companies range from small to large since pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to complete your work for less money.
  • Developer-oriented structure
  • With the software, you can keep an eye on calls and SMS messages simply.


  • Developer-focused: for the integration of software to your business you may be required to have a dedicated development team to carry out integrations, and create chatbots. The self-serve paradigm at Twilio requires that you come equipped with your tools.
  • The workflow of this application is a little bit difficult to learn and the agents might need training sessions to use the messaging dashboard.
  • Messages occasionally take some time to deliver. 
  • Customer service isn't all that reliable.
  • With the absence of smart analytics, it has limited dashboard capabilities.

3. Zoko

Zoko, a shared WhatsApp inbox that lets you share your WhatsApp business number with your team, is the third Trengo alternative. You will only receive rudimentary capability from the Zoko service, but with all the features you require for customer assistance, it would be the finest choice for you.

The Zoko platform, a Trengo alternative, charges $34.99 a month plus a per-conversation fee for their customer support service.


  • If you limit your conversation with the customer the price may be structured in the budget.
  • supports simple to-configure in-chat buttons
  • Businesses can answer the customer’s queries depending on the type of question and can be forwarded to various team members.
  • may create WhatsApp chatbots that let users react to messages with a predetermined list of keywords to get the information they need.


  • It just supports WhatsApp, and there are no connectors with any other tools you would need for your business. This results in very limited capabilities.
  • Costs may rise if you communicate back and forth with your clients too frequently.


The newest Trengo alternative,, enables the company to manage all of its support channels from one location. By sharing email, SMS, live chat, and WhatsApp social network accounts, enables you to seamlessly communicate with your entire staff and the consumers from the same dashboard.


  • incorporates popular consumer service channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The other services including Shopify, Hubspot, Slack, and Zapier could be integrated with the business.
  • It allows the working on the screen as a group
  • has the benefit of automating tasks by using automation rules to create workflows.
  • Create an internal help desk for newly hired support employees.
  • From your account dashboard, you can monitor team performance, important data, and email traffic.


  • Helpwise does not offer the option to view all shared inboxes on a single screen, in contrast to other shared inbox software. This may be a deal-breaker for those looking for a truly "shared inbox" experience.
  • does not offer a support system to its users.
  • The mobile application is not completed yet. Additionally, it lacks the features of the online application.

5. DelightChat

DelightChat, which is used to handle all customer care channels and client inquiries from a single dashboard, is the following Trengo alternative. You should at least once think about using DelightChat to expand and manage customer support on WhatsApp. DelightChat is a Trengo substitute created specifically as a service for eCommerce brands.

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DelightChat assists businesses with lucrative revenue growth through WhatsApp marketing. It provides the following services:

  • to manage emails, live chat questions, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more services in a single inbox.
  • Smart automatic messaging, the ability to respond using message templates, and simple team cooperation with support inquiries are all features of the DelightChat service.
  • This is a legitimate business API for WhatsApp.
  • It makes it possible to deliver messages en masse to several users.
  • DelightChat marketing automation like upsell & cross-sell, abandoned cart, order notifications, and more.


  • Send WhatsApp Bulk Broadcast to your client lists using the official API for the whole WhatsApp marketing suite.
  • To access the official WhatsApp API has the free green tick app you can have the access.
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications for things like abandoned carts, order confirmations, deliveries, and order verification for cash on delivery.


  • DelightChat is now only accessible with the Shopify platform which gives the information on the Shopify admin panel. It will, however, soon be accessible for additional e-commerce systems, such as WooCommerce.

6. MessageBird

Another Trengo alternative, a customer service and automation platform called Messagebird, enables you to communicate with your clients across channels including Live Chat, WhatsApp, Voice, and more from a single dashboard.

To include customers and effortlessly automate interactions, it offers conversation flows.

50 talks are free. Afterward, depending on the number of conversations, $50 to $150 per month.


  • The application messagebird comes with a lot of functionalities and features which are reasonably priced.
  • This platform provides helpful documentation for the supported APIs and integrations.
  • It also gives the functionality for customers to send messages through SMS in the CRM which is advantageous for them.
  • You can automate parts of your client encounters using the conversation flow builder.


  • The customer service representatives often respond after 24 hours, which is longer than you'd expect.
  • When you are going to start with this due to UI/UX improvements you may get lost.
  • To deliver the messages to customers as compared to other sources the delivery rates are low so your customers can’t miss the message.

7. Interakt

The following Trengo alternative is Interakt, one of the official WhatsApp Business solution providers (BSPs) on the list with the most affordable costs.

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So that your entire crew may interact and assist with customer assistance online, it offers a shared WhatsApp inbox. Additionally, it offers users automated order alerts and effective contact management on your admin dashboard.


  • Pricing is very reasonable compared to other suppliers.
  • a live chat widget with a shared team inbox that connects to customers using WhatsApp
  • Customer messages can be automated, and pre-set responses are supported.
  • This shows the chat on the screen and pulls the order data from Woocommerce and Shopify.


The absence of support for alternative routes could be fatal.


WATI, a WhatsApp support tool similar to another shared inbox WhatsApp application owned by the business, is also the most significant Trengo alternative and rival. Businesses may interact with real-time clients through WhatsApp and SMS tools thanks to WATI, a provider of WhatsApp business solutions.

Additionally, WATI offers a no-code chatbot builder that streamlines customer interactions by automating consumer responses.

WATI is a WhatsApp business solution that offers a service that is designed for all sizes of B2C enterprises, and when you need to respond to clients on WhatsApp, this is a very effective customer care tool.

Let's go on to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the WATI tool.

WATI doesn't provide a risk-free trial to customers and its pricing is $40/month billed yearly for 5 agents. 


  • WATI setup cost after purchasing the service is very low initial setup cost: the support team will handle the complete integration once getting access to the WhatsApp API.
  • It has excellent help; during the onboarding process, the support staff provides a thorough walkthrough of each step.
  • If we talk about team structure, WATI has the best team structure management. For user management, it allows you to create team structures within WATI.
  • Chatbots and conversation flow: this feature enables businesses to create chatbots to automate the customer’s queries and conversation flows to speed up responses and offer solutions instantly.
  • The basic plan of WATI allows having 5 live chat agent support.


  • WATI asks you to purchase the additional tools in case you want support from other platforms except for WhatsApp.
  • The default chatbot is basic: The WATI system responds to the customers based on the keywords and cannot continue conversations. You will need to pay an extra $49 monthly fee for the flow builder.
  • WhatsApp Business API approval isn't free- to get the approval to let the customers know about your verified profile, you have to pay for that. If you want to get green tick verification, you will need to pay a separate amount for that.
  • You can connect with Wati support only via email- the WATI customer support method is very disappointingly reported by many customers who switched the service from WATI to GetItSMS.

  • There is no provision in WATI for a strategy or consultation to develop the WhatsApp message template.

  • In WATI the chatbot integration is self-serve as it does not have any facility for Chatbot & other software integration with the WATI tool.
  • GetItSMS gives you the green tick verification for free as WATI charges for Green Tick Verification.


Another option to Trengo's alternative and competitor is Frontapp. A program for collaborative team inboxes called Frontapp brings together email and messages from several platforms. There are numerous connectors available for this platform, including those for WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known business tools.

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This product was created with an integrative experience in mind for small to medium-sized organizations. However, compared to the other tools on the list, we can conclude that this one is a bit more pricey. It might not be appropriate for you if you're looking for a cheap shared inbox.

Businesses must pay $19 per user each month for a maximum of 10 users for Frontapp. The price per user rises as the size of the team does as well.


  • Onboarding is a simple process that takes roughly two days.
  • The short learning curve, intuitive UI/UX, offers integrations of multiple apps and business tools.
  • allows you to delay emails to help you prioritize tasks
  • It is possible to use advanced process templates and rule-based automation.


  • Regarding Front's customer service, there have been various concerns.
  • If you have a small team and business you are not able to afford the prices of this platform as The expense is unaffordable.
  • You must be aware of the keywords to search for prepared responses. It is challenging to reach.<

10. Timelines AI

The team can handle many WhatsApp company numbers from a single dashboard with the aid of Timelines AI, a well-liked Trengo alternative, and shared WhatsApp inbox. It functions best when a team interacts with several consumers over an extended period of time through various channels.

Timelines AI is ideal for you if you want to gather all this data in one location and share it with your team. For 1 WhatsApp number and 5 team members, the monthly cost might reach $25 when invoiced annually.


  • If you want to coordinate with your teammates with Timelines AI you can easily manage the communication from the same screen.
  • For the addition of multiple contacts, TimelinesAI allows you to add them.
  • To back up your all data and charts Timelines AI gives you access to a backup of all of your All chats in the cloud 
  • Such existing CRM tools Zapier, You can integrate.


  • The drawback of this source is that it is only accessible with WhatsApp only, not with other social media or email channels.
  • The cost of this platform grows on the basis of your team's growth.
  • For business plan users, Customizations of any sort are locked.

11. Freshchat By Freshdesk

Another Trengo alternative, Freshchat is made for businesses of all sizes, from tiny start-ups to enormous international corporations. Freshworks, one of the leading companies in this sector, owns Freshchat, which features a user interface that is well-known and simple to use.

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The platform is well-known and can be useful for larger businesses. Although the majority of freshly created businesses can get by with their free tier, the higher levels, which include more advanced features, can be expensive. For a basic omnichannel inbox, the customer support service costs $79 per agent per month, payable yearly.


  • A modern UI with a solid reputation for transitions
  • Email, social media, chat, and the phone are just a few of the channels that the omnichannel helpdesk can use.
  • seamless cooperation
  • using bots to provide quick answers before directing them to the support team


  • Integration with the website could be challenging.
  • As you increase the number of integrations the cost of every API varies on the number of integrations.
  • The speed of the mobile app is less than ideal.
  • It is necessary to strengthen team communication with tools like mentions and tagging to alert them.

12. AiSensy

AiSensy, a Trengo alternative, and no-code WhatsApp marketing platform, is based on the official WhatsApp Business API and enables you to harness WhatsApp's capacity to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.

AiSensy offers free registration and application for the WhatsApp Business API. You may test it out for FREE with a 14-day free trial of the platform's premium features. It typically takes between 10 and 24 hours to make your WhatsApp Business API Account operational.

AiSensy offers a complete WhatsApp marketing solution together with a platform built utilizing the official WhatsApp Business APIs.


  • Send WhatsApp broadcasts in just a single click to a lot of customers of different industries. 
  • Allows sending the information or notification of WhatsApp automation for order confirmation, delivery alerts, and abandoned carts. 
  • AiSensy has a chatbot facility that uses AI-based Natural Conversation Programming that can comprehend human language.
  • A multitude of e-commerce connections is available from systems like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and others.
  • most affordable price in accordance with industry norms.
  • Call, use WhatsApp, or send an email to reach the friendliest customer care team at any time!
  • complete assistance with strategy, message template approvals, integrations, and chatbot integration.


If we have to discuss the Trengo alternative, we can consider This WhatsApp marketing software is the third and last API vendor. A top and best provider of WhatsApp business API helps your company fully utilize WhatsApp Business API.

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You can increase WhatsApp sales and provide excellent customer service thanks to it. It does, however, come at a high cost.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of as a Trengo Competitor!


  • It allows you to provide your customers with a no-code chatbot builder with a clock utilizing a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Use the WhatsApp Business API with no coding 
  • Share with consumers rich media, delivery updates, location, and a lot more.
  • 24x7 Strong customer service provided by the support staff
  • A free trial is offered.


  • This cost very much to the customers so small companies could not afford it for their service promotion as a WhatsApp Business API vendor.
  • Better campaign functionality is possible.
  • Analysis capabilities are not very insightful
  • This WhatsApp business provider’s biggest disadvantage is it does not have the WhatsApp broadcasting feature.

14. could be the better Trengo alternative, WhatsApp shared inbox and bulk sender application as compared to another Trengo competitor created using the official WhatsApp Business APIs Kwiqreply.

Features of Kwiqreply

  • a verified company profile on WhatsApp
  • Management of CRM contacts
  • AI-driven chatbot
  • the shared inbox for several agents
  • spinner widget for WhatsApp chat


  • For small companies to advertise their products it gives a reliable price.
  • The user interface is easy to use.
  • New clients can try it out for free.
  • Integration with various platforms is possible, like Shopify, Woocommerce web engagements, etc.
  • To make the customer interact with your service, you can give the customer the to create their chat widget.
  • An unlimited number of agents.


  • Kwiqreply has limited integrations for now but it will be available for all other platforms in the upcoming times.

15. Vepaar

We can say Vepaar is one of the greatest Trengo alternatives which enables the development of a broadcast list of customers which can be edited and delivered pertinent messages to groups based on their category. This mass messaging software also enables you to manage your sales pipeline, conduct polls, create an online store, and easily connect with your business contacts.

Features Of Vepaar

  • Autoresponder templates
  • Contact management
  • Campaign creation, monitoring, and scheduling
  • Message reporting
  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Campaign creation and scheduling


  • Vepaar Whatsapp business solution provider is a WhatsApp-based ticketing solution.
  • The best thing about it is the shop function.
  • You would be able to reply to customer issues quickly with the help of single-click technology.
  • Vepaar has the option to save messages and media over a powerful dashboard.
  • This is a fully-fledged sales funnel CRM management tool.
  • Building a strong customer relationship is helpful.


The drawback of this platform is it does not allow the customization of customer service messages and templates.

Final Thoughts

We think you should choose one of the top 15 Trengo alternatives from the list above to give WhatsApp Business API. But be sure to thoroughly investigate each platform before reaching out to sales. Does opening a new line of communication in your business sound daunting? You don't have to feel that way, though, because of systems like GetItSMS, which controls all client inquiries and support channels from a single dashboard.

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To scale your customer service on WhatsApp, try GetItSMS. It is a Trengo substitute that was created primarily as a customer assistance solution for e-commerce businesses. We also help brands use WhatsApp Marketing to profitably increase their sales!

It will help you make an objective decision regarding the supplier of WhatsApp Business API that is best for your business!

You will be in charge of making the choice.

The ultimate decision will be your responsibility! Make a well-informed choice to avoid the hassle of changing WhatsApp Business API providers.

We hope that this blog has given you the details you were looking for! If it did, make sure to share the information with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best Trengo alternative and competitor?

A. If you are looking for the best method of Trengo alternative for a better and more affordable business solution. You can choose the better and official WhatsApp marketing platform GetItSMS built on WhatsApp business APIs.

You can use this service to broadcast bulk messages to several users, automate notifications, and provide live chat on multiple devices & chatbot integration.

Q. What are official WhatsApp partners?

A. We can say that the official WhatsApp partners are those who have to get verified and authorized by WhatsApp to help businesses. With the green tick verification, it becomes easier for the WhatsApp partner to help businesses to get access and use the WhatsApp Business API to generate leads and improve customer support.

Q. How can we choose a WhatsApp partner for the WhatsApp Business API?

A. Yes, you can choose a WhatsApp partner for the WhatsApp business API based on your customer support and services. To make the WhatsApp business API only a good WhatsApp partner offers you the complete platform. The best WhatsApp partner offers quality customer support and guided onboarding sessions for all queries.

Q. How long does it take to get WhatsApp business API from a WhatsApp partner?

A. To get the WhatsApp business API from a WhatsApp partner if you have both prerequisites it will take between 10 minutes to 24 hours to get approved for WhatsApp business API with GetItSMS an official WhatsApp partner.

Q. What are the top best 15 Trengo alternatives and competitors in 2023?

A. The best and top 15 Trengo alternatives are GetItSMS (Top Trengo alternative), Twilio flex, Zoko,, Delightchat, Messagebird, Interakt, WATI, Frontapp, Timelines AI, Freshchat by Freshdesk, AiSensy,, Kwik, and Vepaar, etc. To know about these in detail, Read the complete article.