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Do you know how to integrate bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify? Is it possible to integrate bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify? What will be the benefit of integrate Bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify?Β 

As compared to WhatsApp Business API, integrating bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify will give multiple advantages. Suppose you want to share the product launch and other information with multiple customers at the same time. How would you do that?

Spreading the product details to your customers and subscribers over the Shopify (eCommerce) platform would be easier through bulk WhatsApp marketing. It's very common now that every business is using WhatsApp platforms to communicate with their customers and over a billion monthly active users, securing bulk WhatsApp marketing as a number one messaging application.

This means that at least 90% of the people who shop at your Shopify store use the chat app, which presents a significant marketing potential for you.

Many marketers admire Whatsapp's user base and business model because to their size. WhatsApp isn't always a broadcasting service, nor is it an SMS-style conventional messaging service. It enables more engaging, media-based dialogues while preserving the private space that emails lack.

Therefore, most brands recognize the innumerable marketing benefits of bulk WhatsApp marketing, this application has to offer. But by using bulk WhatsApp marketing for extremely restricted campaigns like one-time promotions, many people fail to capitalize on its full potential.

The truth is that this platform allows you to accomplish much more.

Explanation of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Bulk WhatsApp marketing allows the e-commerce business to share similar information with many customers at a single time. Using a simple WhatsApp business API you would not be able to shoot the messages in bulk. But integrating bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify makes the marketing process easier for the business and to grow the marketing.Β 

You can fully utilize Whatsapp's capabilities with the aid of intelligent automation apps like GetItSMS, which provide Shopify whatsapp integration.

With GetItSMS, you can do everything on WhatsApp, from customer engagement to recovering abandoned carts, advertising your most recent discounts, and more. Nonetheless, we have put up a thorough list of methods you can use for WhatsApp marketing for Shopify stores to give you a good start.

Starting is as simple as it gets. You can quickly increase your sales with WhatsApp marketing integration with the Shopify store to promote your business. For businesses that employ drop shipping, loyalty programs, product evaluations, social media, or referral marketing, our software is a perfect fit. Use our app to increase sales if you have been using push notifications, emails, or SMS marketing.

Let's begin straight away.

Importance of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for eCommerce businesses

The most popular texting service on the planet is called WhatsApp. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that WhatsApp's developers, Facebook, have expanded their platform to include a business-oriented program called bulk WhatsApp marketing, which boasts 2 billion active daily users and 65 billion daily message exchanges.

An over-the-top (OTT) chat service called Bulk whatsApp marketing integrating with the Shopify store offers users the flexibility and convenience of text messaging. Nowadays, more than 5 million corporate users use this well-liked messaging platform.

OTT messaging services are third-party substitutes for standard texting services provided by mobile network companies. For instance, WhatsApp is an online messaging platform that enables users to send and receive messages from connected smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and even smartwatches.

To implement an effective Omni-channel marketing strategy, WhatsApp becomes crucial.

What Is A Bulk WhatsApp Sender

A WhatsApp user can send messages to several phone numbers at once using a technology called a bulk WhatsApp sender. These messages will be interpreted by their recipients as private communications rather than as part of a group chat.

Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify

For companies using bulk WhatsApp marketing, this functionality presents a special potential because it enables them to send outbound messages in addition to reacting to incoming ones. These companies could only respond to incoming messages before the introduction of broadcast messaging.

WhatsApp Marketing communicates with both current and new clients through WhatsApp Chat. Companies can use WhatsApp Marketing to communicate with their target market by sending them messages, announcements, and deals. To automate customer interactions, businesses can also construct WhatsApp chatbots.

Businesses can gain from WhatsApp marketing in the following ways:

  • achieving a broad audience.
  • involving clients in dialogue in both directions.
  • fostering relationships and trust with customers.

WhatsApp Marketing may be used to complement other marketing platforms and is inexpensive.

If you haven't included WhatsApp Marketing in your company's marketing plan yet, you're losing out on a huge opportunity to grow your company with essentially no upfront costs.Β 

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of integrating bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify, such as how it may help with sales, brand awareness, and customer service difficulties.

How to Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify?

As more and more businesses turn to eCommerce, it becomes increasingly important to explore different marketing channels to reach customers. WhatsApp has become a popular messaging app worldwide, and businesses are using it to reach out to potential customers through Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. In this article, we will discuss how to integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing with Shopify and effectively promote your eCommerce business.

Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify

Step 1: Setting up a WhatsApp Business Account

  • Creating a WhatsApp Business Account
  • Verifying the account and setting up business details
  • Setting up messaging templates and automated responses

Step 2: Integrating WhatsApp with Shopify

  • Choosing the right WhatsApp integration app for Shopify
  • Installing and configuring the WhatsApp integration shopify app
  • Setting up message triggers and automation

Step 3: Creating a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

  • Defining the target audience for the campaign.
  • Creating engaging and informative message templates
  • Personalizing the messages for each customer
  • Scheduling and sending the bulk messages

Step 4: Tracking and Analyzing Campaign Performance

  • Using Shopify analytics to track the campaign performance
  • Monitoring the delivery, open, and response rates
  • Identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the campaign

Step 5: Best Practices for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

  • Obtaining explicit consent from customers before sending messages
  • Following the WhatsApp Business API policies and guidelines
  • Personalizing the messages to each customer
  • Providing value to the customers through the messages
  • Avoiding spammy and promotional language

Type Of Messages Send With Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Integration With Shopify

Please keep in mind that we are only providing you with suggestions for using WhatsApp in your Shopify store marketing and customer interaction strategy. Depending on your objectives, your target audience, and what they anticipate from you, the communications you do send out will change. Remember to adjust these WhatsApp marketing tactics following your objectives.

Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify
  1. Abandoned Cart Messages

    This analysis found that the average global rate of shopping cart abandonment in 2019 was 77.13%. Imagine all the hassle the shoppers went through to choose and choose what they desired before leaving it! There could have been a number of reasons behind this.

    But, consider the possibility that this 77.13% could be converted and regained. The easiest technique to retrieve lost carts may be to use WhatsApp for abandoned cart messaging. This is the procedure.

    • Abandoned products cart reminder
    • Come back to cart reason
    • Cart recovery message to create FOMO
    • Discount cart recovery
    • Ask for feedback on abandoned carts
  2. Transactional Messages

    SMS alone is simply insufficient at times. Customers frequently miss text messages and keep contacting customer service for updates.

    SMSs are only text messages with a fixed number of characters, other than that. WhatsApp does indeed provide interactive media messages, which are essentially larger text messages with buttons and visuals that are very difficult to miss.

    Order alerts

    Order placed

    Using COD confirmation reduce NDR

    COD to prepaid campaigns

    Order dispatched / Order canceled

    Order Feedback

  3. Upsell, Cross-Sell And Re-Sell

    WhatsApp is a fantastic medium for increasing consumer interaction. And by that, we mean to make more purchases from you or return to your store. You can even start to upsell campaigns to raise your average order value if you have information on subscribers who haven't yet made a purchase.

    • Upsell WhatsApp messages
    • Cross-sell WhatsApp message
    • Repeat purchases
  4. WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

    You can keep your clients interested in your business even if there isn't anything new happening at your store by sending them Whatsapp messages.

    • Feedback broadcast
    • Host contests/giveaways
    • Upcoming discounts and sales

    Integrating Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify Store

    Not only that.

    Bulk WhatsApp marketing integration with Shopify can be used in a variety of ways to nurture your subscribers and keep your present consumers engaged because of its immediate and conversational nature.

    Make sure your brand remains at the front of consumers' minds during times of intense competition. Internet users are exposed to 5000 advertisements on average per day, therefore you don't want them to leave because they can't remember you or what they bought from you.

    With the aid of GetItSMS, Shopify merchants can make their WhatsApp marketing strategy as effective and thorough as their email efforts.

    No matter what, you can have two-way discussions with consumers over WhatsApp using our custom flow builder. We work with you to implement best practices so that your WhatsApp marketing efforts never come off as spam, give value to your clients, and result in genuine sales.

Problems Every E-commerce Business Faces

  • About 70% of your consumers add goods to their baskets but then abandon them without checking out or paying.
  • Reorders: You gained a customer by converting a user, but they never made another purchase. Seems familiar? One of the biggest issues facing every e-commerce business is generating product reorders.
  • Users that refuse to take COD orders: It's a cheap ruse, but many people just place an order for the item and designate COD as the method of payment. Yet, they decline to accept the order when it is delivered, tripling your shipping costs.
  • Visitors that click on your Facebook, Instagram, or Google advertisement will arrive at your website but not convert into customers.

Benefits of integrating Bulk WhatsApp Marketing with Shopify

The question is how to integrate bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify. Therefore there are the benefits of integrating bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify listed below.

Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing With Shopify
  1. Customer care and support no longer involve prolonged hold periods, endless agent routing, and backlogged assistance emails. Businesses have a private space on WhatsApp to interact with customers in real time. By providing the information and support that your clients need, bulk WhatsApp marketing fosters loyalty and trust.
  2. Businesses may communicate with clients via WhatsApp, an app they probably already use for daily interactions. Additionally, the app gives businesses quick, easy access to a variety of client communication and campaign management capabilities.
  3. Many regulations and compliance laws may be a headache for firms to manage.
  4. Bulk WhatsApp marketing has two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption as standard features to protect users and businesses. When you register with WhatsApp Company, your business account gets verified as well, ensuring that customers who choose to receive your texts and communications are receiving them from you.
  5. Once customers have agreed to receive WhatsApp messages from your business, you may create template messages that prompt them to join a conversation.
  6. WhatsApp has strict content quality and response time standards to make sure users don't receive spam or unnecessary communications. Also, WhatsApp compels business users to reply to client communications with a unique message within 24 hours.
  7. Every business needs to create a WhatsApp "Business Profile," a distinct brand identity that is integrated into WhatsApp conversations. You may, for instance, include contact details like phone numbers, website URLs, shop locations, and marketing data. You can also incorporate pictures, videos, and documents in your conversations when using bulk WhatsApp marketing.
  8. WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in more than 100 countries and has a global user base of over 2 billion, giving it a perfect platform for companies to engage captive audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is WhatsApp marketing effective for Shopify stores?

A. WhatsApp marketing can be highly effective for Shopify stores due to its high engagement and personalization features, leading to increased customer interactions and sales.

Q2. How can I measure the success of my Shopify WhatsApp marketing campaigns?

A. Utilize GetItSMS's tools to track metrics such as message open rates, link clicks, and conversions to measure the success of your Shopify WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Q3. What are the best practices for Shopify bulk WhatsApp marketing?

A. Best practices include utilizing rich media formats, personalizing messages, timing campaigns strategically, and avoiding spamming customers with excessive messages.

Q4. How do I set up a WhatsApp Business account for my Shopify store?

A. To set up a WhatsApp Business account, download the WhatsApp Business app, follow the verification process, and provide important business details such as your address, website, and contact information.

Q5. What types of content can I send through Shopify bulk WhatsApp marketing?

A. You can send various types of content, including product updates, promotional offers, newsletters, and multimedia content like images and videos.

Q6. Can I integrate WhatsApp buttons on my Shopify website?

A. Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp buttons on your Shopify website to allow customers to contact you directly with their queries or to initiate purchases.

Q7. What is WhatsApp Cart Abandonment Recovery, and how does it work with Shopify?

A. WhatsApp Cart Abandonment Recovery involves sending personalized messages to customers who abandoned their shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases.

Q8. Can I use WhatsApp marketing for cross-selling and upselling products on Shopify?

A. Absolutely! You can use WhatsApp marketing to promote complementary products to customers who have already made purchases, encouraging them to explore additional items.

Q9. Is it possible to automate WhatsApp marketing for my Shopify store?

A. Yes, there are WhatsApp marketing tools available that offer automation features, allowing you to schedule messages and manage campaigns more efficiently.

Q10. Can I use WhatsApp marketing to announce upcoming sales and discounts on Shopify?

A. Certainly! WhatsApp marketing is an excellent way to announce special sales events, exclusive discounts, and limited-time offers to your customers, creating a sense of urgency and driving sales.

Q11. Is it legal to use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for promoting eCommerce businesses?

A. Yes, as long as you obtain explicit consent from customers and follow WhatsApp's policies and guidelines.

Q12. How do I personalize messages for each customer in a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing campaign?

A. Use customer data from Shopify, such as name and order history, to personalize the messages.

Q13. How do I avoid getting marked as spam in Shopify Bulk WhatsApp Marketing?

A. Avoid using spammy and promotional language, personalize the messages, and provide value to the customers through the messages.

Q14. How can we get free traffic by integrating bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify?

A. You can consistently get free Shopify traffic by regularly sharing high-quality content on social media. On Facebook and YouTube, you can share product videos, and occasionally you can share podcasts. You should keep an eye out for the most recent news as you produce material.

Q.15 How does bulk WhatsApp marketing play a role in eCommerce?

A. WhatsApp marketing successfully communicates with clients, and the 98% open rate of text messages makes this even better. Also, using a messaging tool like WhatsApp to interact with your consumers makes them more confident in you.


In conclusion, integrating Bulk WhatsApp Marketing with Shopify can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers and promote your eCommerce business. By following the steps outlined in this article and adopting best practices, you can create personalized and informative messages that resonate with your target audience. Remember to track and analyze your campaign performance and optimize it for better results.

But that's not all.

Due to its quick and conversational character, bulk WhatsApp marketing with Shopify may be used in a variety of ways to cultivate both new and existing clientele.

You must make sure that your brand remains relevant in the eyes of the consumer when the competition is fierce. Given that internet users are bombarded with an average of 5000 advertisements each day, you don't want them to quit because they can't remember you or what they bought from you.

We help Shopify merchants develop review-gathering strategies that are as robust and thorough as reviewing its email campaigns.

We help you put best practices into action so that your WhatsApp marketing campaigns are never spam, add value for your customers, and generate real results.