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In today’s digital world, WhatsApp Business API has been introduced as a powerful tool, allowing industries to communicate with their customers seamlessly. However, knowing the WhatsApp Business API pricing structure is important for creating informed business decisions and optimizing prices.

Is WhatsApp Business API Free?

Yes, WhatsApp does not cost for API, but it includes multiple other prices. The price differs from conversation-based pricing with WhatsApp and the portal or service cost charged by WhatsApp Business solution providers.

Have 1000 Conversations Free On WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp provides an allowance of 1000 free conversations, which gives businesses a starting outreach capability. This provides a great chance for companies to initiate using WhatsApp Business solution without specific upfront charges. However, to ensure a practical and affordable solution, you must be aware of the limitations and organize your WhatsApp discussion approach.

Explained WhatsApp Business API Pricing Structure

WhatsApp Business API pricing structure depends on two primary things:

1. Subscription costs

Subscription costs are your monthly platform access fee. Multiple WhatsApp Business API solution providers give different plans and pricing. Select a plan that fits your business requirements, such as Getgab’s affordable option, which offers a free trial and free setup.

2. Conversation costs

This is where WhatsApp applies its charges per conversation. For every 24-hour conversation the business has with clients, it charges a small fee. The exact price of WhatsApp Business API is based on the conversation type (service, marketing, etc) and the user’s geography. Your business provider would add a little markup for their infrastructure and service.

Meta Launches Authentication Templates in India

Meta is going live by July 1, 2024, with authentication templates in India. Every Getgabs user would be able to send authenticated templates with +91 and phone numbers to customers.

Authentication templates are message templates created for authentication, like sending one-time passwords (OTPs) or verification codes. The characteristics would be able to all Getgabs users who are required to send authentication templates to WhatsApp users with Indian phone numbers.

Suppose your company is located in India, and you share an authentication message with a WhatsApp user with an Indian phone number (+91). In that case, you will be charged at India’s authentication international rate. Please check Meta’s developer documentation to see if authentication-international charges apply to your authentication message.

Dividing the WhatsApp Business API Cost

Splitting the WhatsApp Business API cost:

1. No hidden charges: Business providers like Getgabs provide transparent WhatsApp API charges with no hidden prices for setup or trial periods.

2. Select your plan: Pick a monthly WhatsApp subscription plan that suits your business needs and budget.

Sales, marketing teams, and support all play an important role in selecting the right WhatsApp Business API plan.

  • Sales – What is the number of leads allowed for service interactions (free quota)?
  • Support – How many customer support queries are handled monthly?
  • Marketing – What are the targeted campaigns and advertisements you will run?

3. Per conversation cost: Comprehend the different costs depending on conversation type and user location.

3 Tips to Reduce WhatsApp Business API Cost

By comprehending these two key factors of WhatsApp Business API costing structure, you can confidently guide the WhatsApp Business API pricing model and select the most appropriate option for your WhatsApp Business communication requirements.

1. Optimize conversation flow

  • Increasing free service conversations – Target service-related interactions such as order updates, troubleshooting, and using a 24-hour window effectively.
  • Leverage message templates – Pre-draft general replies for FAQs and routine queries to reduce message exchange within a communication.
  • Proactive notifications – Send timely information like appointment reminders and order confirmations within the 24-hour window to keep away from starting new communication for follow-up.

2. Target and organize campaigns

  • Share targeted campaigns – Prioritize high-value message campaigns targeted to particular consumer segments compared to mass broadcasts.
  • Organize automated messages –Opt for automated delivery at a non-peak time to keep away from instant replies within 24 hours of user message triggers.
  • Utilize click-to-WhatsApp ads – Motivate organic conversation by strategically utilizing click-to-WhatsApp ads, allowing users to start the conversation and reducing WhatsApp Business solution charges.

3. Monitor and track performance

  • Track conversation breakdown – Continuously track your communication types and recognize options to move towards service-based interactions.
  • Review cost per conversation – Track your per-conversation cost to identify the areas for optimization and potentially adjust your plan or provider if required.
  • Experiment and adapt – Regularly test various messaging strategies and campaign timings to look for the most effective methods for connecting with your audience. Employing these techniques will help you navigate the WhatsApp Business API pricing model and confirm your conversation is both budget-friendly and effective.

Regional Cost Structure of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API provides an effective way for companies to engage with clients around the globe. However, the WhatsApp Business API cost structure deviates from your location. Here is the breakdown of some basic differences:

1. WhatsApp Business API Pricing Indonesia

Conversation Categories: Indonesia classifies conversations into four categories: service, marketing, utility, and authentication, just like other regions.

Free Care Quota: WhatsApp generously provides businesses in Indonesia with a quota of 1000 free conversations per month, freeing them up to concentrate on customer care and engagement without having to worry about urgent cash obligations.

Location-Based Pricing: In addition to the free quota, a user’s location inside Indonesia determines the conversation fees for marketing, utilities, and authentication categories.

Country Marketing Utility/Authentication/Service
Indonesia $ 0.046 $ 0.034

2. WhatsApp Business API Pricing UAE

Conversation Types: The UAE offers free service interactions for certain categories and tiered payment for others, using the same conversation category scheme as Indonesia.

Regional Variations: Depending on the particular emirate in which the user resides, conversation costs within the UAE may vary slightly.

International Communication: Businesses may be charged more for using WhatsApp Business when communicating with users outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Country Marketing Utility/Authentication/Service
UAE $ 2.80 $ 1.63

3. WhatsApp Business API Pricing India

Category Focus: With a free allotment of 1000 talks, India emphasizes service discussions, just like other areas.

Cost Structure: In addition to the free service cap, the kind of message (marketing, utility, etc.) and the user’s location inside India affect the WhatsApp Business API discussion fees.

Language Considerations: Companies that speak Indian may find that their pricing structures change differently from those of companies that speak English as their primary language.

Country Marketing Utility/Authentication/Service
India ₹ 0.82 ₹ 0.35

Getgabs WhatsApp Business API Pricing Structure Explained

Getgabs WhatsApp Business API pricing structure is divided into four plans:

1. Free forever plan – This plan offered by Getgabs does not charge for the service.

  • Get access to the WhatsApp chat widget, QR code, chat link, and multi-agent.
  • Provides email support.

2. Basic plan – This basic plan starts from $9/month.

  • Get access to 1 WhatsApp number, chat widget, team inbox, and 2-multi agent.
  • Getgabs offers green tick assistance and chat support.
  • Retain chat history for up to 30 days.
  • 1000 chatbot sessions.

3. Pro plan – Getgabs’s pro plan starts at $49/month.

  • The pro plan offers access to a chat widget, 1 number, a team inbox, and 4-multi agents.
  • Have rest API, green tick assistance, broadcasting, and retargeting.
  • Offers dedicated support, chatbot 2000 sessions, and retains chat history of 90 days.

To learn more about the details, contact the Getgabs team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the setup charges for WhatsApp Business API?

A. Getgabs offers 0Rs. Setup costs, but third-party WhatsApp Business solution providers or resellers can have their own cost structure, where setup costs for WhatsApp API may differ.

Q2. Can we have a free conversation on WhatsApp?

A. Yes, WhatsApp offers Business Account holders 1,000 free service talks each month. Depending on their time zone, these WhatsApp Business accounts’ counts reset once a month.

Q3. What is the time WhatsApp’s 24-hour conversation window starts?

A. When a user last communicates with a business on WhatsApp, a 24-hour discussion window begins. During this time, companies can send free-form messages; after that, template messages must be sent.

Q4. What is Getgabs’ refund policy?

A. At Getgabs, customers have the opportunity to initiate a refund within 14 days from the date of account creation by contacting the Getgabs team. We offer customers the ability to reach out to us with any inquiries related to app functionality, settings, and billing processes. Kindly read our refund policy.

Q5. Will I be charged extra if I share more than one message within a 24-hour window?

A. No, it does not charge extra for sending more than one message within a 24-hour window on WhatsApp. Companies can interact freely with customers at any time without any additional charge. After window time, template messages can be used for outbound communication.


Over time, the precise costs for every area may vary. It is always advised to speak with the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) of your choice for the most current and up-to-date pricing information unique to business needs and regions. There are no setup or trial period fees, and Getgabs’ price structure is clear and simple to comprehend.

Businesses may decide on their communication plan and allocate their budget as efficiently as possible by knowing the regional WhatsApp Business API communication expenses.