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How To Sell On Telegram: Step To Step Guide

How To Sell On Telegram: Step To Step Guide

Published on : September 5, 2023 | BY Shalini Mishra
6 minutes read

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There is one thing that every single business owner wants to know about “How to sell on Telegram”. Does telegram offer an easier way to sell products and bring more business leads? How does selling on Telegram differ from other advertising and selling online methods? 

Let’s start the journey with the answer to these questions and why we need to consider the topic “How to sell on Telegram”.

How To Sell On Telegram

Well, Telegram plays an important role for companies and individual businesses to sell a variety of products and services. The products can be sold on Telegram such as clothing, electronics, wigs, makeup, and food as well as digital goods including software, online courses, and ebooks. 

Selling on Telegram helps businesses to target a larger audience and increase sales revenue. Additionally, service providers also use the telegram service to promote their consulting, coaching, and freelance services as well. 

Having a great experience with customers through their favorite channels will make them interested in making purchases. Developing sales strategies for popular messaging platforms can dramatically boost brand recognition and business growth.

How therefore can you design a successful sales experience on their preferred channels? Today, we'll investigate the popular messaging app Telegram.

In this article, we go over some ways Telegram can help you grow your business, get paid for your goods, and take advantage of additional opportunities. You'll be prepared to start selling on Telegram after completing the steps in this fast guide.

To know about How to sell on Telegram with a complete guide you should follow this blog with full concentration.

What Is Telegram And Telegram Marketing?

The practice of using Telegram to sell a brand is referred to as "Telegram marketing" in the marketing realm. You may expand your reach, increase sales, and aid customers in learning more about your service by using this channel.

The messaging app Telegram is cloud-based and rapidly expanding. It is renowned for its high level of information security and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Telegram, which was developed in Russia, is today popular throughout the world. 

It accounted for nearly one billion installs in 2021 and 430 million downloads in 2022 alone, making it the ninth most popular non-gaming app.

Telegram has an advantage over other messengers in terms of communication and revenue because it enables users to construct fully functional, simple-to-create channels. There is no advertising on Telegram, which is another benefit. This draws informed viewers who are aware of the most recent online trends. 

Comparison Of Telegram Sales vs. Other Traditional Channels Sale

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Traditional sales methods including phone calls, website chat, and email are gradually being replaced by conversational sales. What is the cause of this? Traditional sales channels have two very serious drawbacks.

How To Sell On Telegram

A chat history overview is not supported by any of the aforementioned channels, to start. Second, conversations can easily become disorganized. Salespeople must recognize consumers and their demands to handle them properly, thus these restrictions are crucial.

Once website users leave the page, website chat chats are no longer retrievable, which puts sales professionals at risk of losing important leads. Many clients find sales calls to be intrusive and forceful because they are frequently told to act right away.

Email is also a poor option since it takes too long to obtain client information and is too professional. Additionally, it isn't very secure with little to no encryption, leaving users vulnerable to security risks or data leaks.

How To Sell On Telegram?

People are switching from more modern strategies, like Telegram, to more conventional ones, like email newsletters. You will adore how practical selling on Telegram is for someone who knows how to do it. We will walk you through the procedures to take if you haven't started using Telegram for your sales yet.

Businesses and individuals can sell their goods over Telegram following the easiest way. We will describe the products that can be sold on Telegram. Selling on Telegram provides several options for individuals and businesses to engage with their customers to promote goods. 

Follow the below steps to sell on Telegram.

1. Sell through the Telegram channel

With the help of a Telegram channel, you can broadcast Telegram bulk messagesto a sizable audience of channel subscribers. This channel can be used to advertise your goods and services, provide specials and discounts, and interact with customers.

Create a Telegram channel for your business: Once you have a Telegram account, you can do this. To create your channel, click the "New Channel" option in the app and then follow the on-screen directions.

How To Sell On Telegram

Add products or services: After setting up your channel, you can begin adding your goods and services. Create posts describing what you're selling and including photographs of it to do this.

Promote your channel: You must advertise your channel if you want more people to subscribe and view your stuff. On social media, your website, or other places where your target audience is most likely to be, you can share the link to your channel.

Engage your audience: Once people begin subscribing to your channel, be sure to engage them. To establish a relationship, answer any inquiries they may have regarding your goods or services and interact with them.

Offer payment options: You must offer payment alternatives if you want to sell on Telegram. You can take payments through a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal, or you can give them instructions on how to pay by bank transfer or another method.

Order fulfillment: As soon as you begin to generate revenue, make sure to deliver orders on time. This will promote recurring business and help you establish a reputation for dependability.

2. Sell through the Telegram groups

A Telegram channel, on the other hand, is better suited for one-way communication where you can advertise your goods or services to a big audience. On the other hand, a group is better suited for interacting with clients and providing answers to their questions.

Selling on Telegram can be done successfully using Telegram groups, especially if you have a specialty product or service that appeals to a particular demographic.

They enable direct communication between the buyer and the seller, favoring in-person interaction. In addition to being simple to operate, groups can aid in creating a community around your brand or company.

Make a Telegram channel just for marketing your goods and services. By selecting "New Group" in the Telegram app and entering a name, description, and profile photo, you can accomplish this.

Share the group URL on social media, your website, or other promotional platforms to invite people to join your group. By selecting "Add Members" from the group settings menu, you can manually add members as well.

Establish explicit guidelines for your organization, including the categories of goods and services that may be sold, the method of payment, and any other pertinent details. This will keep everyone on the same page and avoid any confusion.

Post your goods or services in the group together with detailed descriptions and costs. You may also showcase your services with photographs or videos.

Engage members by answering their queries, resolving their issues, and offering more details about your goods or services. Members will be inspired to make purchases as a result, fostering trust.

When a user expresses interest in a good or service, make arrangements for payment using a safe mechanism, like PayPal, a bank transfer, or a payment gateway. Before providing the goods or services, be sure to give precise instructions and verify receipt of money.

Follow up with the customer to make sure they are happy with their purchase and to handle any issues they may have after the sale. This will boost the likelihood of repeat business and foster consumer loyalty.

3. Use chats to communicate with customers

You can still generate sales through direct chats if you don't want to create a Telegram channel or group. Here's how to approach it:

Create a list of specifics: Make a list of prospective clients who might be intrigued by your goods or services. This list can be created using a variety of techniques, including social media, web directories, and lead-generation software.

Identify yourself: Through direct interactions, begin by presenting yourself to your potential consumers. Describe what you do and how they can benefit from your product or service.

Customize your strategy: Use each customer's name and other details to personalize your messaging. The likelihood of making a sale will rise as a result of helping to create a connection.

Point out the advantages: Instead of only concentrating on the attributes of your product or service, emphasize its advantages. Describe how it will help the customer or solve their issue.

Give people incentives to buy your products, such as discounts or exclusive offers. To demonstrate the value of your product or service, you can also offer free samples or demonstrations.

Quickly and effectively respond to queries and inquiries. By doing this, you'll increase consumer confidence and solidify your company's reputation for dependability.

Finishing the sale When a customer is prepared to buy, make sure you give them clear directions on how to pay and receive your goods or service. After the sale, follow up to make sure the customer is happy and to handle any issues.

How To Sell Products On Telegram?

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So, here is the way to sell products on Telegram. However, selling on Telegram clears the obstacles for all businesses to grow their business. The question “How is Telegram good for businesses to sell products?”

How To Sell On Telegram

To sell products on Telegram businesses can create marketing campaigns or groups on Telegram. After creating groups or channels businesses can post the product details to invoke the customer to make a purchase. Or else they can send notifications, offer details, or Telegram marketing messages to the customer which will lead them to come to your website and buy the product.

Telegram can be used by sellers to sell their products over the Internet. But for that, they will be required to run an advertising campaign or promote the product through a channel. Let’s take an example of this: “If you sell your makeup products to inform people about this, you need to offer a good discount on it through a portal”.

That’s all if you are still wondering how to sell products on Telegram, there are various ways to make use of Telegram for businesses or individuals to enhance the quality and performance of marketing as well as a customer support team. 

How To Get Leads On Telegram?

Telegram will also help you to get leads and bring loyal customers to your business. Telegram is known as designed specifically to win customer loyalty. Your chances of getting a response from the audience increase with the usefulness and originality of the information you provide. 

You can choose from the following types of strategies for your Telegram channel:

  • posting only recently released or readily available items.

  • announcing sales and limited-time specials.

  • covering breaking news in your industry.

Any of these tools can be used in conjunction with getting leads over Telegram, which can also serve as the primary method of sale. Sellers can run marketing campaigns or promote the brand through Telegram to target the audience in large amounts. 

A marketing campaign helps to inform the customers about goods with a profitable offer to join the competition for the purchase. For clients to remain inside their ecosystem, we created a platform or environment that allows you to get more valuable client leads on Telegram with the help of a third-party GetITSMS.

We have simplified the process for your potential buyers: no prepayment is needed to make a purchase; to receive the notifications, promotions, or latest deal messages, the customer needs to be active on Telegram. 

GetItSMS provides the best service to sell products on Telegram. To get leads on Telegram, let’s understand this with an example. Businesses can organize an auction or bidding that will create interest in customers. 

There are no longer any "first asked-first got" opportunities; you must take the challenge. When you purchase placing high in an auction, your Telegram channel will send you more heartwarming feelings.

Bidding options for participants include a button with a predetermined price and the chance to enter their prices for individual items.

You, the auctioneer, start the countdown when bids cease to be active, which also generates interest. By placing fresh, higher bids, the participants engage in more intense competition with one another. At that point, the buyer's competitive nature can make a greater offer to acquire the item to win.

Using the same messaging app used for the auction, the vendor contacts the winner once it concludes the mode of payment and delivery options.

How Does Telegram Help To Increase Sales?

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Telegram is a well-known global messaging network with more than 550 million active monthly users. Businesses can benefit greatly from integrating Telegram with their other consumer communication channels given how much time customers spend on the app for all teams who deal with customers, including sales.

If clients want to continue a conversation on Telegram after your staff has started it, they can. Additionally, they will have the option of retaining the client through their preferred channel till conversion.

Selling on Telegram has certain advantages:

Wide reach: Thanks to the platform's millions of active users, companies may reach new prospects and increase repeat business from existing clients by carrying on the dialogue through their preferred channel.

Low cost per sale: Based on user preferences, your sales team can present pertinent goods and services to Telegram users. You can use the features of the app, such as its specific channels, to segment and target your audience.

Retargeting: To encourage sales, your team can offer relevant material to Telegram-connected prospects via other platforms like Google.

Advantages Of Sell On Telegram

Telegram and other instant messaging platforms are ideal for sales agents since they always present the conversation history clearly and chronologically. But Telegram offers more than that.

Telegram has always positioned itself as a private and safe communications service. For the secure communication of sensitive information, Telegram conversations are server-client/client-server encrypted and kept in the Telegram cloud.

This encryption scheme has the following significant benefit: Your Telegram chats on desktop and mobile are continuously synchronized. What's more, there is no restriction on how many devices you may connect at once thanks to the app.

Small businesses might consider the Telegram app. However, because it is not linked to a centralized inbox, managers may have trouble monitoring chats and risk losing customers to agents who quit the business.

The app does not support Telegram auto-reply either. Connecting Telegram to GetItSMS can let you overcome these restrictions. But first, allow us to walk you through some built-in Telegram capabilities that can speed up the sales cycle for sales representatives.

1. Reach a huge audience

Sellers on Telegram can quickly connect with prospective consumers through group or channel messages, which can include marketing-related offers, discounts, or other messages, thanks to the platform's sizable user base of more than 500 million active users globally. 

2. Low price

Small enterprises or individuals may find selling on Telegram to be a cost-effective method. There are no costs associated with creating a Telegram channel or charging for your goods or services.

3. A safe platform 

End-to-end encryption is used by Telegram to safeguard your communications and data, which can give your consumers confidence when making purchases.

4. Direct interaction with customers

Telegram gives you the option to talk with your clients directly, which can help you get to know them better and offer better customer care.

5. Easy to use

Telegram is a basic program that is straightforward to use, making it convenient for both buyers and sellers.

6. Adaptable channel: 

Since Telegram channels may be completely customized, you can add unique branding and design components to make your channel stand out.

7. Adaptation to additional tools: 

You can use Telegram's integrations with other programs and services to speed up your sales process and learn more about the performance of your company. Examples include analytics platforms and payment gateways.

Additionally, Telegram provides safe payment options so that sellers can safely accept money from customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we sell products on Telegram?

A. Yes, legally businesses are allowed to sell products on Telegram as they follow the terms and applicable laws of Telegram.

Q. How to build a list of targeted customers on Telegram?

A. Telegram allows the creation of a targeted customer list that joins the relevant groups, looking for keywords related to niche, and using lead generation tools.

Q. How do businesses set up payment for purchases on Telegram?

A. You can collect payments through the Telegram app thanks to its built-in payment capability. By linking your Telegram account to a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal, you can set up payments.

Q. Is it possible to manage customer service on Telegram?

A. By responding quickly to queries and questions, outlining precisely how to make a purchase, and addressing any issues that crop up, you can manage customer service on Telegram. Additionally, you can automate some customer support jobs with bots, such as answering frequently requested queries.

Q. How can we use Telegram to promote our business?


. Yes, you may use Telegram to advertise your business to your audience by providing updates, news, and promotions. Additionally, you may use Telegram groups to communicate with potential clients and create a brand-centered community.

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I hope you have got the answer to this question “How to sell on Telegram”. We have mentioned the method to sell products on Telegram. To increase sales, open up all of Telegram's capabilities, web store connectors, and a tonne of other well-liked channels. 

Popular messaging services are excellent consumer channels for your company because they provide you access to a lot of customers.

Once clients begin contacting you through their preferred channel, be sure to follow the instructions in this fast guide to ensure the success of your entire customer journey. You want everyone to provide clients with the finest experience possible, from your customer service representatives to your sales staff.

In conclusion, Telegram has several capabilities that can improve marketing initiatives, automate procedures, and enable personalized consumer connections for enterprises.

It's critical to adhere to best practices for engagement, communication, and customer service whether you decide to sell through channels, groups, or direct chats.

Overall, marketing on Telegram necessitates a customer-centric strategy, transparent communication, and a dedication to forging bonds with prospective clients without incurring significant expenses. These guidelines can help you sell on Telegram successfully and expand your company.

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