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What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing which stands for sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS), it is short message service marketing, is a strategy that empowers businesses to send messages to clients via text messages. In India almost all major telecom providers such as Jio, VI, Airtel etc facilitate SMS marketing. For the generation which personifies the axiom that, Time is Money, SMS represents an ideal medium to connect and converse.

Benefits of SMS marketing

NUMBER OF SMART PHONE USERS:Β  As usage of mobile phones spreads exponentially in India, as per Statista number of smart phone users in is set to touch 760 million mark in 2021. Β Therefore SMS is the medium which has maximum reach.

COST EFFECTIVE: Since bulk SMS marketing uses Cloud messaging services, therefore this makes it one of the cheapest marketing medium.

BETTER ENGAGEMENT RATE: Due to personal nature of the medium customers are more likely to engage in promotional offers when these offers are communicated via SMS rather than email.

BREVITY: Β Owing to the 160 character limit the SMS is concise and compact. Hence a well crafted SMS can convey to the customer the desired sale or promotional offer without wasting time.

EASY OPT IN/ OPT OUT: As per the latest TRAI guidelines, via short-code and long-code numbers customers can choose whether they want to Opt-in or Opt-out of messages. This will earn the allegiance of the customers, because they will know that they can opt out any moment.

PERSONALIZATION:Β  Clusters of customers can be targeted by Bulk SMS marketing. Audiences can be filtered on the basis of place of residence, age, sex etc. These filtered audiences can be sent SMS which caters to their likes and dislikes.

MULTILINGUAL: With the linguistic diversity that India has, it is imperative for any business to communicate with their customers in their mother tongue. SMS is an ideal medium for connecting to clients in their language.Β 

INTEGRATION WITH PLATFORMS: SMS can easily integrate with other platforms such as Email and WhatsApp. SMS can carry a summary of long message while Email contains detailed message.

CAN WORK IN NO INTERNET ZONE: While email and WhatsApp would require an internet connection, SMS can work without an internet connection.

FEEDBACK: Bulk SMS provides faster feedback from customers.

Best practices of GETIT SMS

1.Β  At Get It SMS, as a bulk sms provider we are committed to the reliable delivery of the SMS.

2. We will create a right schedule for the campaign, so there is not too much gap between two messages and nor are two messages being sent back to back.

3. As an elite SMS service provider, Get It SMS will streamline the content of the SMS to be precise, concise and to the point.

4. Also being a WhatsApp bulk message provider, GET It SMS incorporates the best practices of this platform also.

5. Our Bulk SMS API has been tested for reliable and speedy delivery of SMS.

6. The SMS API of GETIT SMS is very easy to interact and use. Even a user with limited knowledge of technology and use it.

7.Β  Our platform is designed to withstand the campaigns that strive to grow bigger in scale.

8. We as a credible and leading bulk SMS marketing company have a pay-as-you model. We will only charge you for the services used.Β  No hidden charges will be levied.Β  Β 

9. We are a complete SMS service provider. Whether it is Bulk SMS or promotional or transactional SMS we provide service for each category of SMS.

10. As a credible SMS service provider we ensure a high level of uptime which allows very less scope for error. The uptime of API is a measure of how responsive the API is to the network.

11. We cater to the diverse set of clients. On the account of this we are sensitive to the needs of different nature of our clients. Our customers include Toyota, Phillips, Aditya Birla group among others.

12. We have 24X7 customer service support.