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Refund Policy

The company name is "99isolutions Pvt. Ltd.," but you may call us "99isolutions" or "" for short. For the purposes of this document, "99isolutions" refers to 99isolutions Pvt. Ltd., and "GetItSMS" or "" refers to a Unit/Product of 99isolutions Pvt. Ltd. The following terms and policies apply to any bulk SMS services supplied by 99isolutions/

By accessing or using the services on, you signify your assent to, and acceptance of, our Refund Policy and the practices and policies it describes.

Attention: There is absolutely no way to get a refund on this purchase. Please buy a smaller plan to test the product on your end, since we do not provide refunds once payment has been made.
With written permission from's staff, we will give refunds in rare cases, but anyone who tries to take advantage of our service will be held legally responsible.

Account Closing

  • The user is always free to delete his account. When an account is closed, the login and password can no longer be used to use the services in the future.
  • The user is in charge of terminating his account.
  • GetItSMS is not required to give back the money for the time that was not used if the user closes the account before the end of the settlement period.
  • GetItSMS has the right to close a user's account if they clearly break the rules or use the services in a way that is against the law.
  • GetItSMS disclaims all responsibility for any harm a user may suffer as a result of that user's account being suspended, closed, or for any other reason.

Guarantee and Limited Liability

  • To ensure accessibility and continuation of the services and products given in line with their usage and purpose, GetItSMS assures the highest level of operational quality. But no long-distance data transfer can completely guarantee that the services offered are safe, always available, and won't stop working.
  • Although GetItSMS makes an effort, it cannot guarantee that the services and solutions it offers will work with the software made by other manufacturers. The decision to utilize other software and any implications that may arise, including whether it is appropriate for the user's goals, is entirely the user's responsibility.
  • GetItSMS emphasizes that user opinions do not, in any way, represent company thoughts and opinions. GetItSMS does not continuously monitor or regulate user opinions. Nevertheless, if any views are found to be in violation of these terms and conditions, attempts will be made to delete them as quickly as feasible.
  • It is clear that 99isolutions/GetItSMS is not responsible or liable for any of the following:
    • Words and entries that are contributed to the network in conjunction with using the services and goods that are supplied
    • When users use the services and goods provided, they do things that are illegal and against these terms and conditions.
    • Accessibility issues with providing goods and services that are not related to GetItSMS
    • Damage was done to the user because his or her account was closed or suspended, or because of other things that were the user's fault,
    • Loss the user suffers because a third party got into the information that lets him use the services and goods offered,
    • The harm that comes from using or not being able to use the goods and services provided, including actual damage, the loss of benefits that were expected,
    • Data loss, a broken or crashed computer, the cost of new hardware and software, a business shutdown, or damage to the company's reputation.
    • There are consequences for other users who fail to fulfill their responsibilities or fulfill them incorrectly, despite having used the items and services that are being provided to fulfill those commitments.

Privacy Policy

Any complaints about these terms and conditions should be resolved amicably in the first instance, as stated in the privacy policy.

Final Provisions

If a disagreement can't be solved peacefully, it must be taken to the Common Court of Law at the registered office of 99isolutions.

In matters not covered by these terms and conditions, the Civil Code, the Act on Copyright and Neighboring Rights, the Act on Providing Electronic Services, and other provisions of operative legislation shall apply.

Our terms are in line with the laws and rules of local government agencies, such as TRAI in India, and can change as needed.