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Are you looking for the best WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad? If yes, then your search will be over. GetItSMS is the best WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad. It offers bulk WhatsApp SMS to market your business easily by sending promotional content.

We are the one provider that offers WhatsApp promotional messages to efficiently guide business promotion in Hyderabad with WhatsApp chatbot service. The effective service of the GetItSMS reseller panel is used to make money online and sell messages on the market. The extensive features of this platform make it different from others. 

What is WhatsApp Marketing Company in Hyderabad?

A WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad is a source of advertising services that market businesses with promotional messages. Companies can effectively interact with their potential customers with a WhatsApp marketing agency in Hyderabad. 

Simply, you are using WhatsApp promotional messages for the business. However, through these marketing strategies, promoting your business’s products and brand to generate leads is easy. As a leader in the field or, as we like to say, the greatest supplier of WhatsApp marketing services in Hyderabad, you may turn to GetItSMS. 

We provide a way to transfer large quantities of WhatsApp images, videos, and texts. We guarantee that your clients are just a click away.

WhatsApp Marketing Agency in Hyderabad is a modern tactic that can support business expansion and has a very high success rate, as the recipients see the content instantly. Thanks to our affordable charges, everyone can afford the WhatsApp marketing that we have created in Hyderabad.

This technique is successful for both newly founded and established firms. It informs the customer about the new product and service. We have a team of experts who can guide you in creating interactive WhatsApp messages that catch the audience’s attention. 

Why is WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad Required?

The WhatsApp marketing agency in Hyderabad reaches a special group of audiences who might be interested in your business or service. After selecting a segment of the audience, WhatsApp marketing companies in Hyderabad share bulk messages with them to advertise their services.

We are the top WhatsApp marketing agency in Hyderabad. A Bulk WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad will help you reach customers. Multiple WhatsApp marketing companies in Hyderabad offer you the ability to create your WhatsApp business account. 

However, the only option for a bulk WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad is GetItSMS, which reaches the audience with fewer resources or in less time. 

  • Whatsapp is used by more than 2 billion people at least once a month, which makes it the most popular mobile messaging application in the world.  
  • The third-most popular social network worldwide is WhatsApp marketing.
  • The utilization ratio of WhatsApp is more than 58%, and users use the service numerous times daily.
  • There were about 500 million daily active WhatsApp users in 2019.

Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

Leveraging WhatsApp marketing in Hyderabad especially boosts brand awareness, sales, and engagement from small businesses to large enterprises. So, if you are searching for the best WhatsApp marketing service provider in Hyderabad, the best WhatsApp marketing agency in Hyderabad is GetItSMS. To elevate your service, look no further! 

Here are the top 10 WhatsApp marketing agencies in Hyderabad, with GetItSMS shining bright at the top:

1. GetItSMS

GetItSMS: Best WhatsApp Marketing Companies in Hyderabad

GetItSMS is the best bulk WhatsApp marketing provider in Hyderabad. Our professionals are aware of WhatsApp’s greater potential for Indian marketers, which is why they work hard to deliver the best WhatsApp marketing solutions to our clients.

We offer bulk Whatsapp services and are available 24/7 to help with your Whatsapp marketing in Hyderabad. With creative experts dedicated to achieving complete client satisfaction, we are the best Whatsapp marketing service provider in Hyderabad.

We know how important Whatsapp is for businesses in India because of our fantastic track record and continuous helplines. That’s why we offer high-quality online bulk Whatsapp marketing services. 

2. Getgabs

Getgabs is a top-notch Whatsapp marketing company in Hyderabad that offers a comprehensive Whatsapp API solution tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. By using the Getgabs platform, companies can increase their revenue by thirty to fifty percent. 

For your company, it helps to get more leads, higher conversations, and a wider audience. Getgabs offers a variety of services that businesses can use, including booking confirmations, appointment alerts, abandonment notifications, trigger orders, delivery updates, and much more. The path to digital success is made clear for businesses of all sizes by using such platforms.  

3. Textlocal – WhatsApp marketing agency

For businesses looking to use WhatsApp marketing, Textlocal is a creative approach that blends data-driven tactics with an engaging, interactive design to create memorable advertising. They provide everything, including WhatsApp marketing, for lead creation, customer interaction, and business promotion. 

4. Vepar

Vepar is a dynamic WhatsApp marketing service provider in Hyderabad that captures the audience’s attention and delivers results. This platform’s experts are experienced marketers and tech-savvy specialists who light up the crowded market. 


ORAI masterships in social media and WhatsApp marketing resolutions are connected to fit the special requirements of every consumer. They use a strategic approach and detail to confirm high engagement and ROI for organizations making a stand online.

6. Infobip

WhatsApp marketing agency in Hyderabad Infobip supports your business through strategic WhatsApp endeavors. Focusing on building conversations and meaningful engagement, they help the business stand out in this competitive digital market. 

7. AiSensy

Aisensy is the one channel to market your brand, as it was designed using official Business APIs for WhatsApp. Hence, you can utilize WhatsApp’s capacity to explore your company with various consumers. Plus, AiSensy is a full suite of WhatsApp engagement tools with several Smart Platform features, such as unrivaled Customer and WhatsApp Retargeting campaign support by Phone, WhatsApp, Email, or Google Meet. 


Wati is reportedly the partner for mass WhatsApp messaging, bulk message transfer, and online customer assistance. The software’s user-friendly and cozy features are ideal for non-technical clients who require a straightforward and safe working environment. With an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and simple UI, you can craft customized messages for your WhatsApp campaigns. For a greater range of comfort, if you’re tech-savvy, you can use the Wati gateway program.   

9. Haptik

Haptik is the leader in encouraging brand visibility and engagement with WhatsApp marketing techniques. They offer companies a holistic approach and a result-driven mindset, enabling them to target new heights of success.

10. Interakt

When looking to expand in this crowded and competitive market, businesses in Hyderabad turn to Interakt as their go-to WhatsApp marketing firm. Using AI-powered WhatsApp ads, it provides efficient marketing services and uses potent WhatsApp campaigns to re-engage current clients. With WhatsApp, businesses may improve customer satisfaction, automate inquiries, and respond to customers more quickly.

These were Hyderabad’s top ten WhatsApp marketing services that the company can use to further its reputation. Let’s now talk about the main advantages of employing Hyderabadi WhatsApp marketing services. 

6 Key Benefits of Using WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad

The one method the company uses to promote its brand online and target potential customers in real-time is WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad. WhatsApp is the most popular application used around the world and also a successful marketing tool for organizations because of its improved customer numbers, which enable reach with the smallest amount of action. 

Hence, we are listing the effective benefits of using WhatsApp marketing service in Hyderabad; we are discussing here the effective benefits of using WhatsApp marketing in Hyderabad:

1. Helps customer service

Employing WhatsApp marketing services in Hyderabad as an asset for customer service is the first and foremost benefit. Accessible for everyone, you are offering your customers another way to target their audience with their issues, problems, and doubts. This is essential because it shows that you take care of your customers and their requirements for the service. Even being available to them when they need you to go the extra mile to ensure they’re happy with the service.

It responds to instant queries over WhatsApp and tries to resolve them. This enables us to build trust and loyalty between users. 

2. Grow sales with WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp marketing can be an ample way to increase your target leads and income for your business. WhatsApp is the most popular application, with a user base of 2 billion active users and a dedicated platform in the world. This permits you to point your worthy and trusted clients by sending advertising content of your brand on a wonderful platform. 

There are multiple methods to execute WhatsApp marketing to grow your organization’s sales. These involve communicating messages regarding special deals and discounts, designing a WhatsApp chatbot to answer customer questions about products and prices, and using WhatsApp to receive online orders. 

3. Foster customer retention

WhatsApp marketing encourages customers’ relationships and trust in the brand. The method ensures that your customers are happy and satisfied with the services instead of moving them to another platform. There are numerous methods to integrate WhatsApp marketing for your business promotion. Hence, these involve sending exclusive offers, sales, and discounts to allow your clients to learn about new product launches or chat about their practices. 

4. Helps to automate your marketing

WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad can help you automate your marketing communications. This is valuable because it allows you to create marketing messages while saving time and effort.

With WhatsApp Marketing, you can automate your marketing in several ways. These include creating chatbots for the messaging app, using WhatsApp to take orders, and setting up automated messaging. Additionally, WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad, with an agency’s assistance, might help you monitor your results.

This is helpful since it enables you to evaluate the performance of your marketing initiatives. WhatsApp can also be used to track customer interactions and give reports.

WhatsApp Marketing is a useful tool for marketing automation and outcome tracking. It is an excellent choice if you wish to simplify the communication process and save effort.

5. Allow to showcase your brand

Another advantage of leveraging WhatsApp marketing services in Hyderabad is that it fosters brand awareness. Every company profile includes a standing pattern for promotion and a corporate account with a picture, logo, website address, etc. You can record your products on your WhatsApp business account with a link to examine them on your website. 

By doing this, the conversation gains credibility, and the brand’s reputation improves. With a WhatsApp business account, clients may easily contact the company with any questions or problems they may have. As a result of customers recommending your items to others, you can see an increase in sales and brand awareness. WhatsApp marketing may help your business by providing unique features like automated messaging, away messages, and quick replies.

6. Extend your multichannel strategy.

What specifically does WhatsApp do for your business? If necessary, it can be used as a channel for customer support as well as marketing. In addition to answering inquiries and taking orders, managing marketing campaigns also allows you to send direct messages and handle problems.

You can access your company account with numerous phone numbers (virtual and physical), users, and devices using the WhatsApp Business API. Unlike live chat software, which typically charges a fee for each team member utilizing the service, this enables you to expand your customer service and marketing staff as needed. 

5+ Examples of WhatsApp Marketing in Hyderabad

Communication is the first key to business, and what message you are sharing is concerning. So, Whatsapp marketing message templates are an essential part of any company. There are two ways you can send WhatsApp messages to audiences correctly, with pre-approved WhatsApp message templates or you can create a WhatsApp template message. If you desire to use message templates, these will be valuable.

Two types of message templates will be useful for the company – 

  1. Whatsapp transactional message template
  2. Whatsapp promotional message template

These two have different message templates. Let’s see them, which are used for daily communication purposes.

1. Whatsapp transactional message templates

  • Welcome message: Such a message triggers whenever a new user signs up for the business.

Welcome to [company name]. We are glad to help you anytime. Experience the best service and make your life easier with us.


  • Account activation message: Based on the customer activation process, you can design individual activation messages.

Dear customer,

The <Company name> welcomes you on board! We want to inform you about activating your account. You can handle your account by just clicking on this Link < Link>. Contact us in case of an issue. 

  • Order Confirmation: When a customer places an order, sending a confirmation message via WhatsApp is easier than sending an email.

Hi Mathew! Your order for [product] has been successfully confirmed. You will receive your order by [date]. To track your order, click on the tracking link [Link]. If you still need to, pay at the time of delivery! 

Thank you for shopping with us!

  • Appointment update: Share the appointment update with the customers, including details like date, time, location, and doctor name. 

Hello sir! Your appointment with the doctor at [hospital name] is coming up. If the date and time change, click on the update button. 

  • Feedback request: When an order is placed, sending a WhatsApp message for feedback is effective. Follow this template to make your message more effective. 

Hello {{1}}! Thank you for shopping with us. We would like to know your experience. Give us our product rating and write your feedback about the product. If you’d like to share your experience, please open < Link>. Thanks 

  • Cancellation message: When a customer cancels the purchase, send them a cancellation message on WhatsApp to let them know their order has been canceled.

Dear customer, We have received your cancellation request for the product. We will inform you when your order is canceled. Thank you for bearing with us! 

2. WhatsApp promotional message templates

  • Holiday and Seasonal Offers: Send holiday and seasonal offers on WhatsApp to those who are searching for sales, deals, and coupons. 

Hello {{1}}, Want to impress someone special with a gift?

For the next 24 hours, our Valentine’s collection is discounted by two. When checking out, choose gift wrapping to receive your present elegantly wrapped for FREE.

  • A Timely Reminder Of Sales: Share the special offer occasionally, like at Christmas or on Black Friday, with the help of Promotional Whatsapp Messages.

Hello, {{1}}. In less than an hour, our summer sale will begin! Have you prepared?

For a quicker checkout, browse and add your preferred goods to the basket. You’ll receive a 20% discount. There’s no minimum order. At checkout, a discount coupon will be immediately applied.

  • Challenges & Games: Offering prizes or discounts to the winners or players, games, and enjoyable challenges is an effective approach to WhatsApp marketing.

We are giving away $100 in vouchers to the winners of the Awesome-Trivia challenge during Awesome Inc.’s gaming week. One lucky winner will also receive pop sockets for life.

To take part, go to link #1, enter your phone number, and accurately respond to 3 questions.

Happy New Year! I wish you luck. Applying T&C. 

  • Release Of New Product: When you introduce a new product, you may do the same thing and even offer an incentive. You may quickly gather feedback and iterate the product for subsequent releases by using sales from a fresh launch.

Hello, we just launched our new item added to the menu, ‘homemade coffee.’ We want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible, as it is just now available. Click ‘Order now’ and take a sip of delicious coffee at your home!

  • Recovering An Abandoned Cart: You can still make up for this missed sale by sending an abandoned cart message on WhatsApp.

Hey {{1}}. Something was left in your cart. Grab those right away, and we’ll mail them free of charge.

Are you unable to make a choice? Do you have any inquiries? Please send us a message here or give us a call at (21). We’re happy to assist.

  • Notification of Back-In-Stock: To notify people that the product is back in stock, send them a stock alert message that can encourage them to visit your business to complete the order.

Hurray! Your search for the item has now ended. Your favorite product is added back. Come and complete your purchase immediately. Thanks 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who offers the best WhatsApp marketing service in Hyderabad?

A. GetItSMS offers the best WhatsApp marketing service in Hyderabad. They provide effective WhatsApp services, help send bulk WhatsApp services, and assist with your WhatsApp marketing in Hyderabad around the clock. 

Q2. How do you send bulk WhatsApp messages?

A. The steps to send are to first have your WhatsApp business profile. Later, contact a WhatsApp solution provider like GetItSMS to create a WhatsApp profile to reach your segmented audience and send promotional bulk messages. You can discuss the further procedure with the GetItSMS team.

Q3. How many WhatsApp messages can be sent in a day?

A. Following the rules of WhatsApp terms and services and as per WhatsApp’s tier-based system (Tier 1 to Tier 4) allotted transmitting boundaries to business numbers. For tier 1, the limit of the message can be sent to up to 1,000 unique contacts per day. Messages can be sent up to 10,000 unique contacts per day in tier 2.

Q4. What are the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing services?

A. The advantages of utilizing WhatsApp marketing in Hyderabad are promoting their brand online, nurturing their reach with the least amount of effort, and gaining more potential customers in real time. 

Q5. How does WhatsApp marketing service work in Hyderabad?

A. Bulk Whatsapp messages are promotional content offered simultaneously over WhatsApp to numerous consumers, involving loyal users. Writing the message manually and sharing it with every recipient is optional every time; bulk WhatsApp messages reduce time and effort.


That’s it! GetItSMS is a premier WhatsApp marketing company in Hyderabad that can help you market your brand. Every facet of utilizing WhatsApp marketing services in Hyderabad has been discussed. If you are a business owner, set up your WhatsApp business account to interact with customers and generate leads.

Upon perusing the piece, which showcases multiple instances of WhatsApp marketing, you will be equipped to collaborate with the intended audience cost-effectively. For companies looking to advertise, WhatsApp marketing services in Hyderabad are some of the best options available. However, every company has to have superior services, and GetItSMS has proven to be worthy of that confidence.

Let’s say you’re seeking a Hyderabad-based WhatsApp marketing company for your brand. In such a scenario, GetItSMS will be the best approach for your business, as it provides awesome WhatsApp marketing services.