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Missed Call Service: Are you looking to generate leads for your business? Are you tired of using different methods of marketing your business? Now you do not have to worry about marketing your business’s services and products.

GetItSMS is providing the best services of bulk SMS to communicate with your potential customers. Best Missed call service will result in your business generating leads for your business that are looking for your services and products to be available. However, this is a free service for the customers that are calling your business by using the advertisement from a particular medium.

What is Missed Call Service and How to Get The Service?

Missed call service is advertising that helps your business to generate leads or traffic to your business. By showing a number to the interesting costumes. As the interested customers dial the given number you will get your customer’s contact number to avail them of your services and products.

To avail your business of the missed call service you have to go to the GetItSMS service plane of missed call service and you will be given the missed call service to collect the data of your customers that are interested in your services or products.

The services are one of the most important services for those businesses that are new in the market (startups). However, with this service, they can inform their customers of the service of bulk SMS to communicate with your customers.

Having bulk sms service for your business is easy and simple, GetItSMS has made the process user friendly which can be accessed by any of the customers whether he/ she is a technical or non-technical person.

However, the users of missed call services have a plethora of advantages and use as well. This is a universal service that can be used by any business to communicate with their potential customers that are interested in their services or products.

How Does Missed Call Service Work?

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The working of missed call service is so simple and easy. Therefore, you choose a service provider of missed call service. After buying a plane from the provider the number of calls will be shown to the interested customers.

Those who will be interested in your service or products will call on the number and the call will end automatically. As the process goes on you will get all the data which is called a CRM system. After this process, the interested customers will be called by the service provider.

  • Interested customers show your ad containing your number.
  • The customer called you instantly after seeing your advertisement.
  • While calling by your customers the call will end automatically.
  • As the interested customers called you will get the contact details of your customers. Which will be collected in your CRM system to contact them for the service or the products.

These are the four steps to generate leads for your business in the most effective way. This is how you generate leads for your business in the easiest and effective way. However, GetItSMS is one of the experienced service providers of missed call marketing and has given its services to thousands of customers all over the country.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is MCA Stand For in Missed Call Service?


This is a Cloud-based Online telephony platform that allows businesses to create lead generation, feedback, voting, business campaign, mobile verification and other applications as per your business requirements.


Does GetItSMS charge any setup amount to Activate Missed Call Alert services?


No, GetItSMS does not charge any setup fee for missed call alert services. We charge only for the plan you select from our site. However, this is a free service for the customers that are contacting your business.


Does the operation charge the caller?


There is no charge from any operator, this is free.


How much do I have to pay for the service?


You can check the GetItSMS website for the plans. Choose the offer that fits your business needs.


Do you provide Any State or City Numbers within India?


Yes, we offer the Mobile numbers of any City within India.


How to renew my existing miss call plan?


You can contact the team of GetItSMS login into your account or click buy now.

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