What Are Message Templates In SMS Marketing & Types In 2022?

March 31, 2022 | BY GETITSMS

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Do you want to use message templates for your business? How do businesses grab the attention of their potential customers? What is the right way to communicate with customers? Is there a right way to start communicating with your customers? Yes, we have all your questions answered and you have come to the right place! 

We have come to clear all your questions that you are looking for your business. This has left it not hard enough to market your business. As there are a number of solutions to help your business out.Bulk SMS gateway is one of the top solutions for all types of businesses after approaching potential customers in a comprehensive way.

But do you know the right way to approach your customers? No! You do not know and you are just simply copying others. This is not the right way to use such a top mass communication service. 

You have to have the sense to use the service of bulk SMS marketing. This demands well-planned strategies. Before sending your business SMS to the consumers.

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Though, if you are using bulk SMS service for your company to better approach your customers. This is okay but what are the things that you have to focus on? That is using the right SMS templates before sending an SMS to your customers. 

Message templates are the ones that grab the attention of customers. If you are not using the right template to send SMS to your business. You are making a gross mistake! This will lead your business SMS to be ignored and you will just suffer from sending bulk SMS all the time. 

Even if you have opted for a bulk SMS API to send your business SMS. Therefore, you need to have the right idea to deliver your business’s SMS.

We have provided you with the best answers to your queries and this will help you out. Read the whole article to explore, which is the right message template for your business SMS.  

Introduction To Message Templates 

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Bulk SMS Service is one of the top services after mass communication. You may be using a bulk SMS service. But there are several things that you would not have explored. Do not worry! We will help you in this to communicate with your customers in the right way.

Experience using bulk SMS service in the right way with us. The team of GetItSMS will help you to use the service of mass communication for your business in a comprehensive way.

However, bulk SMS is one of the only services that will provide you with several benefits. Same as that bulk SMS service provides an opportunity to run an individual's own SMS marketing business.Reseller SMS will help you to resell the bulk SMS.

Thus, OTP SMS will help your business to send transactional SMS. The service to send OTP SMS will help you secure and provide a better user experience (UX). Which becomes foremost for a business to use such a service of mass communication.  

We can take an example of a website like an e-commerce business using OTP SMS Service. When a customer visits a website he or she has to fill out their information. To verify that information you would need a platform. And that is a bulk SMS service.

The mass communication service of bulk SMS for e-commerce will help them to avoid mistakes. 

Though, we have told you the right way to use bulk SMS service and message template. You need to know what message template you are using or have not used yet. You need to know the right way to start marketing your business by using the right message template for your business. 

Thus, you can not use any of the message templates for your business SMS. You need to explore and have the right idea to use a message template for your business. 

Below have provided you with all types of message templates you pick one of them to send your business SMS. What type of message template are you looking for? We have provided you with all the templates. Do not hesitate at all. We will help you with this. To make your business’s best SMS template and start communicating with your business’s customers in a comprehensive way. 

Types Of Message Templates

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The message templates are the one that engages your customers. If you are not using the right message template for your business you will lose your customer. This becomes foremost for every single business to have the right message template.

However, there are several message templates and the number increases continuously as the need to send an SMS. What message are you delivering to your customer? If you are sending promotional SMS to your customer. Therefore, you would have to use a promotional message template.

You can not use a reminder message template. This will lead the customer to ignore your SMS. 90% of companies are not using the right message template to send SMS for their business. And this has become one of the top reasons to fail their SMS. And they do not get any response to their delivered SMS. 

Stop…. Stop….making such mistakes all the time. You will lose so much more all the time. The message template which is relevant to that particular bulk SMS. You will definitely get the result that your business deserves but only when you have the right sense to deliver your bulk SMS.

To send your business SMS, how will one identify the relevant message template? Therefore one needs to have the sense to see what is the word or sentence to show to a customer. So that they can open the SMS and visit your site. Every single SMS has to be engaging enough. So, that SMS engages the customers and convinces them to click the link.  

Do not lose patience till you deliver your business SMS with the right message template. Use the right message template to send your business SMS as we have provided below to help you out. 

1. Out Of Office Message Template

This message template is used when the client has to be updated about his or her stay and will be out of the station. And he or she will not be able to respond at that time. Below is an example of the out of message template. That you can use to send your business SMS to the clients. 

Example of an office message template

Hi there!

Thank you for the email, I wanted to update you that I will be unavailable to respond to you. I am not available in my home town from 31/03/2022 to 10/04/2022. In case you have any urgent queries please feel free to contact [Name] [contact number] [email address]. I will do my best to respond to you if I get some time. Thank you!

2. Welcome Message Template

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The welcome message template helps businesses build their image in the market. When you deliver your welcome message template to the customer. This will let the customer feel that you are thinking of them and they have some value in joining your family.

Example of the welcome message template

Hi [ name] 

Welcome to [GetItSMS family/ your brand name]. We will be happy to deliver our bulk SMS services. There are several best offers that will engage you. Claim the best offers right away! For more info. Visit [URL]

3. Automatic Reply Message Template

The automatic reply message template can let the customers confirm a particular thing. That they are looking for your brand to be available. You ask yourself! Would you love to receive an SMS when you are enquiring about a particular thing to be available to you? Absolutely, “yes” because you want to be confirmed, right? Below is an example of an automatic reply message template. 

Example of the automatic reply message template

Hi, there!

Thanks for reaching out to [ GetItSMS or your brand name] We have received your query. One of our executives will be in touch with you at [time]. 

4. Text Message Template

However, the text message templates are simple. That you are being received on a daily basis. The text message can be about any update or any of the confirmation text SMS. 

Example of a simple text message template

Hi, [name]

We are from [brand name] and our team is providing different services in digital marketing. If you are interested to know more about our services. Please feel free to contact us at [number] or visit [URL].

5. Online Order Message Template

If you are an e-commerce business and you have bulk SMS service for e-commerce or message template for e-commerce. To let your customers be confirmed about their order placement. You have to deliver SMS to your customers, you can not simply place the order at any time!

Example of an online or e-commerce message template

Hi your order ID:- 637643 on [brand name] has been shipped on time. You will receive your order in 3-4 days. tracking number 62841384 [URL].

6. Reminder Message Sample

The reminder text SMS are used by various businesses or individuals. The reminder text message is being used by various companies, doctors, psychologists or other professionals. To remind that particular person to visit for their appointments. 

Example of the reminder message template

Hi, [name] this is a reminder of your appointment on 31/03/2022 at 01:40 PM. Pls, reply Y  to confirm or N to cancel and S to stop. 

7. Payment Reminder Text Message Sample

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You may be a business that is providing a service to the public. To remind your customers about their due payment you would have sent them a reminder. 

Are you sending them your business text SMS in the right way? Choose the right template to send your text SMS for payment reminders. We have given you the right message template to send text bulk SMS for due payment. 

Text SMS reminder message template or just simply text SMS is not just for one or two businesses. This is a universal service any business can use such as mass communication. We can give you the text message template.

Example of payment reminder message template

Hi, [name] your amount of Rs. 84,000 for the month of April and May is due. To avoid any inconvenience in the future please pay the due amount in your nearest office or pay online [URL].

8. Event Reminder Text Message Sample

Event reminder text SMS is just to let the individual know that they have booked the entry tickets. Or such event reminder text SMS will help them to be available in the event that could be anything. We have given you a message template for this and this will help you communicate with the person in the right way. 

Example of event reminder message template

Hi, team members: Are you ready to join the annual event at [place name] We are organizing the event and [celebrity name] will be joining us. Save the date and time 08 pm on 14 April [URL]

9. OTP SMS Template

The OTP (One Time Password) is a short code sent by operators to log in to an account or to verify a particular person’s information. However, OTP SMS are one of the most secure ways. That will help companies provide a better user experience (UX). Here is an example of an OTP messenger template to use for your business. 

Example of an OTP message template

6284 is your one-time password to proceed on [brand name]. This OTP SMS is valid for 10 minutes only. Do not share OTP with anyone else. 

10. Promotional Message Templates

The promotional message template is used by various businesses to start communicating with the masses. In order to sell out their business services or products. Promotional messages are used frequently and you are getting all that SMS on a daily basis on your phone. Where they are providing you with offers and marketing their business. We have given you examples for both promotional message templates. 

Example of Offer SMS message template

#FridaySale! Only for you. Get our services ( 1 year) worth Rs 2000 @ just Rs. 1500 a year. Use promo code: FRIDAY SALE at checkout. You can also visit our website [URL], this offer is ending soon, hurry up!. 

Example of the marketing message template

Hurry up [customer name] admission for [university name, school or college] UG and PG programs are closing on 30 July 2022. Do not miss, apply right away. [URL]. or contact us at [number].


These are some of the examples of message templates. All these message templates will help you to prepare a draft for your business SMS as well. If you are about to have the service of bulk SMS and want to prepare a message template for your business. All these message templates will help you communicate with your customers in a comprehensive way. 

However, if you need any help with bulk SMS and want to have the right service of mass communication.  Or the help with any of the things related to SMS service our team of GetItSMS will help you out in this. We have been providing mass communication for the last 13 years. Which has provided a better experience for our team.

Our team of bulk SMS service providers will help you out with all the services. That you are looking to have for your business. This does not matter where you are! GetItSMS has its mass communication services all over the world. Where do you want to deliver your SMS and what help do you need for your business to approach your customers? 

We are always there to help you out with the best services. So, claim the services for your business right now.  

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