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Have you ever heard about sending Free Bulk SMS Online or FreeBulkSMSOnline without DLT registration? Is it possible in India to send mass SMS free? Most of the users want to know about the process of sending mass SMS free. Will you believe it?ย 

Yes, you heard it right. It is possible to send Free Bulk SMS Online without DLT registration before, but as per the new guidelines of TRAI DLT Registration is mandatory so send bulk sms.

First of all, let us know about the process of DLT registration and how it works. What is bulk SMS? Sending Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) to multiple users is getting easier day by day and it helps the vendors to launch or market their products in competition.

To know more about the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service our GETITSMS sale team will help you with it. You can take a free demo to know the working or benefits of the Free Bulk SMS Online.

In India everyone wants everything but at a low cost and sometimes they want it for free to fulfill their requirements, so here we the provider GETITSMS also provide the users with Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) Service, and for some customers if they buy a good message package so GETITSMS provide Free Bulk SMS Online service to them.

In the next paragraph, we are going to describe to you the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) and DLT registration process.

What is Bulk SMS Online Service?

Bulk SMS online service refers to a convenient and efficient method of sending a large number of text messages simultaneously to a targeted audience. It is a popular communication tool used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to reach out to a wide range of recipients quickly and cost-effectively.

This service allows users to send free SMS online without registration through an online platform or application, eliminating the need for traditional SMS gateways or physical phones.

The process of using a bulk SMS online service is straightforward. Users can create an account on a reliable platform or service provider, where they can access a user-friendly interface to compose and send free SMS online without registration.

They have the flexibility to personalize and customize the content of their messages, such as including the recipient's name or any relevant information. The service also provides the option to upload contact lists or manage recipient groups, enabling targeted and segmented messaging.

One of the primary advantages of sending free SMS online without registration is its ability to reach a large number of people instantly. Whether it's sending notifications, promotions, reminders, or alerts, this service ensures that the intended recipients receive the messages promptly. Additionally, the service allows for real-time delivery reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into message open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign performance.

Furthermore, as compared with other traditional methods, sending free SMS online without registration offers cost savings. Sending free SMS online without registration messages through this service typically incurs lower charges per message, especially for high-volume campaigns. Moreover, it eliminates the need for investing in expensive hardware or infrastructure, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The versatility of sending free SMS online without registration is another significant advantage. It can be used for various purposes, including customer engagement, marketing campaigns, internal communication, event updates, and more. Additionally, it supports multiple messaging formats, including plain text, multimedia messages (MMS), and even shortcodes for interactive messaging.

What is DLT Registration?

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DLT registration refers to the process of registering and verifying entities or individuals that send commercial messages using bulk SMS or voice communication services. DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology, which is a decentralized and transparent system used to maintain records of transactions. In the context of telecommunications, DLT registration has been implemented in certain countries as a regulatory measure to curb spam messages and protect consumers' privacy.

The DLT registration process typically involves entities or individuals who intend to send commercial messages through bulk SMS or voice communication channels. They are required to register themselves on a DLT platform or with a designated authority, providing relevant information and documentation for verification. This information usually includes details about the entity or individual, such as their name, address, contact information, and purpose of communication.

The purpose of DLT registration is to establish a transparent and accountable system that allows regulatory authorities to track and monitor commercial communications effectively. By registering on the DLT platform, senders of bulk SMS or voice messages can be identified, and their messages can be traced back to them if necessary. This helps in combating spam messages, fraudulent activities, and unsolicited marketing campaigns, thus protecting consumers from unwanted or misleading content.

DLT registration also aims to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and guidelines set by telecommunication authorities. By enforcing registration, regulatory bodies can maintain a record of legitimate senders, track message volumes, and enforce penalties for non-compliance. This creates a level playing field for businesses and promotes responsible communication practices.

Moreover, DLT registration offers benefits to both businesses and consumers. For businesses, it helps in establishing credibility and trust among recipients, as registered senders are more likely to be perceived as legitimate and trustworthy. It also enables businesses to maintain a good reputation by adhering to regulatory requirements and avoiding penalties. Consumers, on the other hand, benefit from reduced spam messages and a more secure communication environment, ensuring that they receive relevant and trusted information.

Types Of Bulk SMS Online Service

Bulk SMS has become a popular communication tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently. There are different types of bulk SMS that cater to various communication needs and preferences. Here are some of the known types of bulk SMS used for industries:

1. Promotional SMS:

Promotional SMS is used for marketing and advertising purposes. It involves sending free SMS online without registration to potential customers to promote products, services, discounts, or special offers. Promotional SMS often includes catchy content and a call-to-action to encourage recipients to engage with the promotional campaign.

2. Transactional SMS:

Transactional SMS is used for conveying important and time-sensitive information related to transactions. It includes messages such as order confirmations, delivery notifications, account updates, and appointment reminders. Transactional SMS serves as a reliable way to provide customers with crucial information and enhance their overall experience.


OTP (One-Time Password) SMS is primarily used for authentication purposes. It involves sending a unique code or password to verify the identity of users during login or registration processes. OTP SMS adds an extra layer of security to various online services and helps protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

4. Alert SMS:

Alert SMS is used to send real-time notifications and alerts to individuals or groups. It is commonly used by businesses, schools, government agencies, and emergency services to inform recipients about critical information, such as weather updates, emergency situations, system alerts, or important announcements.

5. Survey SMS:

Survey SMS is used to collect feedback and opinions from customers or targeted audiences. Businesses and organizations use this type of bulk SMS to conduct surveys, gather customer insights, and analyze data for market research or improving products and services. Survey SMS often includes a set of questions or a link to an online survey platform.

6. Personalized SMS:

Personalized SMS involves sending messages tailored to individual recipients. It allows businesses to address recipients by their names or include specific information relevant to their preferences or past interactions. Personalized SMS helps create a personalized and engaging communication experience, leading to higher response rates and customer satisfaction.

Using personalized SMS templates you can even send free SMS online without registration to the end-users. These are just a few examples of the types of bulk SMS available. Each type serves a unique purpose and can be customized to suit specific communication goals. By choosing the appropriate type of bulk SMS, businesses and individuals can effectively connect with their target audience, promote their brand, deliver important information, and enhance customer engagement.

Types Of Free Bulk SMS Online Templates and Examples

Bulk SMS templates and examples play a crucial role in streamlining and optimizing the process to send free SMS online without registration. They provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with pre-designed message formats that can be customized and used for various communication purposes. Here's a look at the benefits of using bulk SMS templates and some common examples:

Common Bulk SMS Templates and Examples:

Welcome Message:

This template is used to send a warm welcome to new customers or subscribers. It can include a personalized greeting, an introduction to the business, and any relevant instructions or offers. Example: "Dear [Customer's Name], Welcome to [Company Name]! We are delighted to have you as our valued customer. Enjoy exclusive offers and stay updated with our latest products and services. Visit our website [Website URL] for more details. Thank you!"

Event Reminder:

This template is ideal for sending event reminders, such as conferences, webinars, or meetings. It includes event details, date, time, and any necessary instructions or links. Example: "Alert: Do not skip our upcoming webinar by tomorrow at a given time. Join us to gain valuable insights from industry experts. Click here [Registration Link] to secure your spot. See you there!"

Order Confirmation:

This template confirms successful orders and provides necessary information like the order number, expected delivery date, and contact details for customer support. Example: "Dear [Customer's Name], Thank you for showing your gratitude with us! Your order #[Order Number] has been confirmed. It will be delivered by [Expected Delivery Date]. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [Contact Number]."

Seasonal Greetings:

This template is used to send holiday or seasonal greetings to customers, employees, or subscribers. It expresses well wishes and can include special offers or promotions. Example: "Wishing you a joyful holiday season filled with love and happiness! As a token of our appreciation, enjoy 15% off your next purchase with code [Promo Code]. Visit our store or website to explore our latest collection. Happy holidays!"

These are just a few examples of bulk SMS templates that can be tailored to suit specific communication needs. By leveraging templates, businesses and individuals can deliver effective and personalized messages efficiently, enhancing customer engagement and improving communication outcomes.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Templates:

Time-saving: Templates eliminate the need to create messages from scratch every time. By using pre-designed templates, users can save time and effort in crafting the content and formatting of their SMS messages.

Consistency: Templates ensure consistency in messaging by providing a standardized format. This helps maintain a cohesive brand identity and delivers a professional impression to recipients.

Efficiency: Using templates allows for quick and efficient communication. Users can easily customize the template by adding recipient names, specific details, or relevant information to create personalized messages.

Compliance: Templates help ensure regulatory compliance. They can be designed to include necessary opt-out instructions, legal disclaimers, or other compliance-related elements required by local laws and regulations.

Benefits of Free Bulk SMS Online

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Using free bulk SMS online services offers numerous benefits to businesses, organizations, and individuals looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a large audience. Here are some key benefits of sending free SMS online without registration:

1. Cost Savings:

One of the primary advantages of sending free SMS online without registration is the significant cost savings it provides. Unlike traditional SMS methods, which often incur high charges per message, free bulk SMS services allow users to send messages to a large number of recipients without incurring additional costs. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses with limited budgets or individuals who want to communicate with a wide audience without breaking the bank.

2. Wide Reach:

Free bulk SMS online services enable users to reach a wide audience instantly. Whether you're sending notifications, updates, promotions, or alerts, you can ensure that your messages reach a large number of recipients simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for businesses or organizations looking to quickly disseminate time-sensitive information or reach out to a geographically diverse customer base.

3. Time Efficiency:

With free bulk SMS online services, you can save significant time and effort in reaching out to your target audience. Instead of manually sending individual messages, bulk SMS services allow you to compose a single message and send it to multiple recipients at once. This not only saves time but also streamlines your communication process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business or organization.

4. Personalization:

Free bulk SMS online services often provide options for personalization. You can customize your messages by including the recipient's name, relevant information, or even specific offers or discounts. Personalized messages have a higher chance of capturing recipients' attention and generating engagement, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased response rates.

5. Real-time Analytics:

Many free bulk SMS online services offer real-time delivery reports and analytics. This allows you to track the success of your SMS campaigns, and monitor message open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign performance. Having access to such data provides valuable insights that can help you refine your messaging strategies and optimize future campaigns.

6. Versatility:

Free bulk SMS online services are versatile and can be sent free SMS online without registration for various purposes. Whether it's customer engagement, marketing campaigns, internal communication, event updates, or surveys, bulk SMS services offer a flexible platform for communicating with your target audience effectively.

How To Send Free Bulk SMS Online(FreeBulkSMSOnline)

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a way to send information in the form of text, words, images & media, and people can communicate with each other whenever they need to talk.

Earlier there was no way to communicate with each other to share any information but nowadays there are new technologies developed to talk with each other anytime, anywhere through SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

For businesses, enterprises & companies to grow their work they want to promote and advertise their business there is an option available which is Free Bulk SMS Online service. Through bulk text messages online service companies can send mutual information to a number of people at one time.

Through GETITSMS it is possible to send Free Bulk SMS Online to a number of customers to promote or campaign for your business or market. First users will have to register their account on the GETITSMS portal, after registering with GETITSMS users can avail of the mass SMS service.

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To send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) or bulk text messages online users have to purchase the message package as per their needs. Along with the package, GETITSMS also provides some Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) or points to users. GETITSMS provides the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service at low rates as compared to other companies which helps small users to buy this service within their budget.

Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service also helps small vendors or companies to grow their business in the market and advertise through Free Bulk SMS Online.

Bulk Text Message API Configure

Bulk text messages can be sent on national and international mobile networks through API configuration in bulk SMS. Most of the Bulk messaging services use standard application programming interfaces (APIs) which allow adding SMS facilities to any program, which is following:-

  • SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)
  • REST (Representational state transfer protocol)
  • FTP (File transfer protocol)

When users avail of the service of Free Bulk SMS Online from any SMS provider or vendor they are able to send promotional, transactional, or banking alert messages to users. But without doing DLT registration businesses would not be able to use Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service.

With our Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service, GETITSMS users can even schedule the messages in advance for any recipient.

In Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) messaging service it can contain any type of information form like words, numbers, images, or as well pdf file attachments.

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A message contains a maximum of 160 characters at one time; any message that has 160 characters counts as one message. Whenever the user/sender tries to send a long message containing more than 160 characters, the message divides into 2 parts and at the receiverโ€™s end, it combines into one single message.

So the next question is How to do DLT registration and how does it work?

How To Do DLT Registration For Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline)?

Business makers or service providers campaign their products in different ways like field marketing, social media marketing, and Digital Marketing by running ads. To make this process easy, companies can use the Free Bulk SMS Online feature to promote their portals.

But the thing is that to share their product details with customers or buyers, the company or vendor needs to give some mandatory information to the users. Is it possible for vendors to send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) text messages to customers for confirming their requirements?

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Yes, through FreeBulkSMSOnline service it is possible to send text messages to customers in return for their needs. For example, a user orders grocery items for his/her home, and after placing the order the user will get a confirmation message from the vendor side automatically. FreeBulkSMSOnline service allows users to send more than 50 SMS at a time by GETITSMS provider.

Now the question arises how to do DLT registration.

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DLT registration stands for Distributed Ledger Technology which helps companies to register their business account on it to get the Bulk SMS service facility.

DLT registration is blockchain technology that is mostly used for controlling spam messages. DLT registration is necessary in case of sending promotional or transactional online text messages.

When any business starts to promote their product or services they need to register through the DLT process on the portal for sending Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline). Normally some fraudsters use SMS services to fool people or try to do fraud with them.

To stop this TRAI starts the DLT registration process which helps to control spam or fraud messages. To provide Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service there is a lot of TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) available in the market who give Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service.

TRAI states that if the business or company does not register their account with DLT they could not send a single message to users.

However, DLT registration has a big hand in Bulk SMS services, though Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service can be done only in case of business account done DLT registration.

Let us discuss the DLT registration and what details need to be done.

Whoever wants to use Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service first the company or enterprise needs to go to the DLT portal by entering the website URL. Registering into the DLT platform service provider must sign up as an enterprise or company.

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The process for DLT registration is as (needs to fill the business PAN details with required details, verify the OTP & email, and then login into the portal or upload the documents.)

Once the company does the DLT process they will be able to send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) to purchase the Bulk Text message package from any SMS-providing company. GETITSMSprovides the best and most reliable Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service.

Send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) Without DLT Registration

In the above paragraph or context, we read about the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service with DLT Registration. Now if we think that DLT registration is required for Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service, how is it possible to send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) without DLT registration?

Everyone wants to know how we can send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) without DLT registration. Can businesses not need to register their account on DLT to send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline)?

Yes, there are other options available in the market to send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) without DLT registration.

In the current scenario, we read about without DLT registrations we cannot send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) to users/customers. As per TRAI guidelines, DLT registration is a must for every business account.

But except for big enterprises or companies, there are other small vendors in the market who also want to grow but cannot expand much money to promote their business. For DLT registration it charges approx 5900/- amount for every year and this DLT registration takes min 5-7 days to activate the DLT account.

After spending this time period and money there is no meaning to sharing product offers or critical information with the clients. As the DLT registration process is a time taking process that sometimes becomes very challenging for users.

For small vendors or dealers, there is another way to grow their product at their expense.

How to Grow Business With Free Bulk SMS Online

Growing a business requires effective communication and reaching out to a wide audience. The strategy to send Free SMS online without registration provides a powerful tool to expand your business and engage with customers in a cost-effective and efficient way. Here are some strategies on how to grow your business by sending free SMS online without registration:

Build Customer Relationships:

Utilize free bulk SMS services to strengthen relationships with your existing customers. Send personalized messages to express gratitude, share exclusive offers, or provide updates on new products or services. By keeping your customers engaged and informed, you foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Promote Special Offers:

Use bulk SMS to promote special discounts, sales, or limited-time offers to your customer base. Craft compelling messages that create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. By offering exclusive deals through SMS, you can drive traffic to your store or website and boost sales.

Conduct Surveys and Gather Feedback:

Engage your customers by conducting surveys and seeking their feedback using bulk SMS. Get in touch with customers for their opinions, suggestions, or preferences. This valuable information can help you improve your products or services and cater to the specific needs of your target audience.

Provide Customer Support:

Use bulk SMS to offer customer support and address any queries or concerns. Provide a dedicated contact number or a support shortcode through which customers can reach out to you. This demonstrates your commitment to excellent customer service and helps build trust and satisfaction among your clientele.

Send Important Updates:

Keep your customers informed about important updates, such as changes in business hours, product availability, or upcoming events. Bulk SMS allows you to deliver these updates directly to their mobile devices, ensuring they receive timely information.

Increase Website Traffic:

Drive traffic to your website by incorporating links to relevant web pages in your bulk SMS messages. Whether it's a new blog post, a product launch, or a landing page for a promotion, including clickable links in your messages encourages recipients to visit your website and explore further.

Expand Customer Base:

Utilize bulk SMS online services to reach new potential customers to send free SMS online without registration. Run targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting your audience based on demographics, interests, or previous interactions. Craft compelling messages that resonate with their needs and offer incentives for them to engage with your business.

Remember to always respect the privacy and preferences of your recipients. Provide clear opt-out options and ensure compliance with local regulations regarding SMS communications.

The Process To Send Free Bulk SMS Online To Users

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Before going to understand sending Free Bulk SMS Online messages to a number of users, there is something we need to remember about it. First of all, we need to know the meaning of Mass communication related to Bulk Text Messaging services. What is Mass communication?

Mass communication is the way of transferring the amount of information from one place to another through various types of mass media platforms.

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There are many mass media platforms available by which a number of senders and receivers communicate with them and share needed details. This technology is used in case of dissemination of information on a large scale to a wide range of people.

There are 4 types of major mass communication: print, broadcast, transit, and digital media.

FreeBulkSMSOnline service comes under mass communication process as it also helps the number of users to share the information with them on a large scale.

Free Bulk SMS Online service allows us to send 1000 messages at the same time to multiple users. GETITSMS has the facility which helps users to share their data or information through Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline)

We can share a lot of information anytime, anywhere. For example, if your friend is in the USA and you want to send some information to him, it is possible through Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline).

To send the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) messages to a variety of users at a time there is a basic process needed to follow.

Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) does not cost much to transmit any information between two people and promote any business products.

Steps For Sending Free Bulk SMS Online:-

Go to the SMS software & Type the message or information which you want to send.

If any pdf or image file wants to send you can attach it to the message.

Select the recipient number to whom we want to send the message.

If you want to send the same message to 10 users, select their numbers in the recipient box.

After selecting the receiverโ€™s mobile number, press the send button.

At the receiver end they will get the information that is sent by the sender.

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You can choose GETITSMS as your Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) service partner as it helps enterprises in all manners. As compared to other SMS service providers GETITSMS gives SMS services at reliable rates which are affordable for all types of businesses.

If you are stuck choosing which SMS packages you need to buy, our support team is 24/7 available to help you out. Although, Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) is the only service that will help you to meet your businessโ€™s requirements all the time and this is a universal service.

With the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline), GETITSMS also provides WhatsApp SMS or WhatsApp bulk SMS service for users. Users can send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) without an internet connection as it does not require internet but for WhatsApp Bulk SMS we require an internet connection to communicate with WhatsApp users.

The Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) messages would not be delivered to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers as it does not allow sending Bulk SMS on DND numbers.

Free Bulk SMS Online messages can be sent to receivers nationally & internationally anytime. The small vendors who hardly spend on their business could not do the DLT registration and canโ€™t pay every year the DLT charges.

There are some options available for sending the Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) without having DLT registration like Quick SMS, SIM-based SMS & WhatsApp messaging. Whenever we are going to use these services there is no requirement for DLT registration.

Communicating & sending Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) will be easy for users because there will be no need for business registration, template registration, or header registration.

Any single user can send free Bulk SMS online or FreeBulkSMSOnline at the same time through a SIM-based service or WhatsApp. Using Quick SMS or SIM-based SMS users can easily transmit their information on the SMS portal.

SIM-based SMS allows users to send Text messages without knowing the sender id to the receiver with a 10 digits virtual number. Users can send Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) hassle free with WhatsApp SMS or SIM-based SMS. A normal text message contains 160 characters and when a message will be delivered to the recipient with a virtual number of 10 digits, there would be a chance to generate better leads.

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This service becomes very usable in the business industry as everyone will surely check the message once it is delivered to them.FreeBulkSMSOnline is getting more usable or reliable day by day with its features. Internet connection would not be required for SIM-based SMS service and users can customize their message or also can schedule it.

WhatsApp SMS or WhatsApp Bulk SMS service also does not require DLT registration as users are only required to install the WhatsApp application on their mobile phones.

Having good internet connection users can easily send WhatsApp SMS or WhatsApp Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline) WhatsApp SMS contains a max of 1500 characters for messages and 30 seconds for video length.

To send messages through WhatsApp, the application should be installed in the system.

System should be connected to an internet device.

Whom you want to send the message to, select the user.

Type the message and press the send button.

Receiver will get the message.

For sending Free Bulk SMS Online or FreeBulkSMSOnline through WhatsApp list the people who want to share messages and send them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send free SMS online without registering on any website?

A. Yes, there is one of the top bulk SMS-based services is GetITSMS which allows you to send free SMS without any registration. This GetItSMS service usually does not require any personal information, making the process quick and easy.

Q. Can I send SMS internationally for free without registration?

A. While GetITSMS is offer free international SMS services, they may require you to register. However, GetITSMS offer free international SMS without any registration, but the availability of such services may vary depending on your location and the destination country.

Q. Is it safe to use free SMS services without registration?

A. While most free SMS services do not require any personal information, it is still important to be cautious and use trusted websites. But you can go with the trusted Bangalore-based SMS service GetItSMS for the SMS service. Some free SMS services may have hidden costs or send spam messages, so it is important to read reviews and use reliable sources.

Q. How many SMS can I send for free without registration?

A. The number of free SMS you can send without registration varies from website to website. Some websites may allow you to send a limited number of SMS per day, while the use of the GetItSMS service has no restrictions. It is important to check the terms and conditions of each website before using their services.

Q. Can I send SMS anonymously without registering?

A. Yes, GetITSMS SMS services allow you to send messages anonymously without registering. However, it is important to remember that sending anonymous messages may not always be ethical or legal, and can potentially cause harm or offense to the recipient.


I hope you guys find this article helpful as you all will get to know that sending Free Bulk SMS Online or FreeBulkSMSOnline can be done without DLT registration also. Users can share hassle-free "Free Bulk SMS Online (FreeBulkSMSOnline)" through WhatsApp service or Virtual SIM-based SMS services.

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DLT registration is required for a business account to promote their product and prevent spam messages but small vendors or businesses can also market their services without having DLT registration through the options we discussed above.

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