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You thought grocery shopping on WhatsApp would never happen? No, now Meta has launched a feature on WhatsApp for grocery shopping. Meta has just introduced a new built-in facility for the end users for grocery shopping on WhatsApp. The very first end-to-end shopping experience can be filled for WhatsApp grocery shopping.

WhatsApp allows customers to shop for groceries online anytime anywhere according to their availability. Users are allowed to browse, shop, and pay for groceries directly through WhatsApp from India’s online grocery stores.

Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

For businesses on WhatsApp, there are many things to discuss about in-app options. And finally this year we are going to see many interesting features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is focused on launching payments on WhatsApp online between users and businesses to make shopping easy.

Recently Meta has announced its new app feature: end-to-end shopping means Grocery shopping on WhatsApp for users who cannot go outside to buy groceries. Because of this, WhatsApp has integrated with many online marketplaces such as JioMart.

Online WhatsApp grocery users can now browse the products, and add them to their cart list, or also they would be able to pay for it online, and all this can be done without exiting the WhatsApp chat.

In this blog, we will discuss grocery shopping on WhatsApp and how it works. What can we do to integrate the online grocery store with WhatsApp? What are the methods for online grocery shopping integration on WhatsApp? There are many things you want to know about WhatsApp grocery shopping.

So let’s explore the answers to these questions in this article.

Would Online Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp Be Globally Reached?

Grocery shopping on WhatsApp would be globally reached with the best result. Many grocery marketplaces would like to have this feature integrated into their WhatsApp business account. The chance to shop and pay for grocery items directly on WhatsApp without leaving the chat is a facility many online shopping stores would like to have for sure.

Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

The experience of grocery shopping on WhatsApp gives a very smooth shopping experience by being able to start and over the buying process in the application. So why would anyone not like to have this facility for their business to grow the leads?

Whether the end-to-end shopping option will be available worldwide is currently unknown. Beyond its cooperation with online shopping Platforms, Meta hasn't disclosed any launch plans.

However, given that Meta has steadily added business capabilities to its messaging services, such as in-chat payments on Instagram or bulk messaging on Facebook, it's probable that the end-to-end buying capability will eventually be made available to more users.

Yet: The availability of WhatsApp Payments in your country may also affect the rollout since the in-app payment procedure uses WhatsApp Payments. By accessing the settings of your WhatsApp Business profile, you can choose whether WhatsApp Payments is available to you.

If the "Payments" option is available, you can use Meta Pay to connect your bank account and start receiving in-chat payments. There is another choice if you aren't able to use this one.

Online Shopping On WhatsApp: This Is How It Works?

Earlier WhatsApp was just a communication platform for users to talk with each other in the form of text and images. But now Meta has launched many features on WhatsApp such as online WhatsApp grocery shopping. Along with it, customers may even pay with WhatsApp.

The features updated by Meta like location, status, and sending or receiving money on WhatsApp. Because of this, you can relax at home or shop for groceries online on WhatsApp. Thanks to Meta, grocery shopping on WhatsApp is now available and the first-ever online grocery marketplace is integrated with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp grocery shopping will give an effortless shopping experience on the most used or popular instant messaging application. Customers in India will reportedly be able to browse the whole online grocery catalog on WhatsApp, add items to a shopping cart, and then pay using the nation's domestic payment system, UPI, all without ever leaving the instant messaging app.

After Meta started testing an interaction with a limited number of clients two years ago, online grocery buying was enabled on WhatsApp. If it is successful, a commerce engine might prove to be a significant source of revenue for WhatsApp, which has hitherto avoided providing app users with advertisements.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, expressed enthusiasm for their collaboration with Indian grocery marketplaces. The future of communications is messaging, specifically chat-based interactions.

How to place the order into the cart on WhatsApp

At the time of grocery shopping on WhatsApp, the process of checkout of the products starts with adding the items to the cart. Whenever you are looking for a business catalog page on WhatsApp, go to the message business icon to start the conversation or shop. To add the items to the cart, click on the add to cart button to start the shopping.

The steps to add the product to the cart are as follows:

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Go to your chat with the company or their profile page.
  • To view their catalog, click the shopping icon next to the company name.
  • Look through the offerings.
  • To add an item to your cart, simply tap on it. Additionally, tapping an item will bring up the product detail page. Next, select ADD TO CART.
  • To change the quantity of that item in your cart, tap or.

Note: To inquire about the product, you may also tap MESSAGE BUSINESS. Add all of the things you wish to inquire about to your cart before sending a single message. Orders are not final until the vendor accepts them.

In case you have missed some products to add to the cart, you can also edit the cart by following these steps:

  • To edit your cart, in the messages with business see the added products check the catalog menus, or as well click on the button “view cart”.
  • To add more products come back to the catalog page and click on “ADD MORE”.
  • As per your requirements press the plus or minus sign to modify the quantity.

This is how you can edit your cart when you forget to add the required items for you.

After this to place the order after adding the items to the cart follow these instructions to check the shopping:

  • If you have successfully updated your cart, click on the “place order” button.
  • Also, you can see the cart details by clicking on “view sent cart” in the conversation window with the business.

How To Generate Leads For Grocery Stores: Increase Your Sales

You can use one of the aforementioned WhatsApp ways to generate leads for your grocery store business. Using free and commercial technologies like WhatsApp bulk messages, WhatsApp API, WhatsApp green tick, click-to-chat, online chat widgets, and third-party vendors, WhatsApp users can generate leads more easily.

You will be given instructions on how to generate leads using WhatsApp in this section.

1. Generate leads through WhatsApp API

Businesses can integrate WhatsApp API for grocery shopping on WhatsApp with the aid of a WhatsApp service provider like GetItSMS. Social media platforms are quite helpful for marketing. Businesses have a great possibility of success in attracting their target market because roughly 50% of people on the planet use them.

Connect your Facebook account to your WhatsApp Business account, then create WhatsApp click-to-chat advertising on Facebook and Instagram to reach more leads. Keep in mind that WhatsApp adverts cost money.

With the help of the WhatsApp Business App Ad feature, you can target a specific audience on Facebook and Instagram with advertisements for your WhatsApp Catalog or a specific image from your phone's gallery.

The advertisement will send potential customers straight to your WhatsApp inbox, where they may start a conversation about a service or item they are interested in. To set it up, go to the WhatsApp Business App's settings and select "Advertise on Facebook."

Then choose the Continue to Facebook option after selecting the item from your WhatsApp catalog or an advertisement image. Next, pick an image, and then click Done. Add your ad copy after that, and then run a preview of it. Plan out the duration of your advertisement after deciding on your target market and daily budget. To target Instagram users, make sure the toggle to "Run this ad on Instagram" is switched on.

Click Promote Now to publish your advertisement after you're happy with it. Once you've done that, WhatsApp will let you message more people in your target demographic. You can also advertise WhatsApp click-to-chat on Meta Business Suite if you're using the WhatsApp API.

2. WhatsApp bulk messages through GetItSMS

GetItSMS is the best Bangalore-based WhatsApp service provider. Using the service of GetITSMS grocery shopping on WhatsApp is now easier than ever to manage the grocery business on WhatsApp.

GetItSMS helps to manage leads that come through WhatsApp and process them further to complete the customer’s orders. With the aid of GetItSMS, new WhatsApp queries can be added automatically, and salespeople who have been added as users in the CRM can receive leads for grocery shopping on WhatsApp order management.

Get timely email and WhatsApp reminders for follow-up. To aid sales managers, connect with leads using WhatsApp. Give CEOs the ability to evaluate the sales team's performance. Make use of the features offered by your GetITSMS WhatsApp marketing account and WhatsApp business account to boost grocery shopping orders on WhatsApp.

3. Grocery stores lead management with WhatsApp

Remember to manage your grocery shopping on WhatsApp; it's popular and has a lot of promise because your customers trust you enough to reach out to you through a personal channel.

Although WhatsApp Business includes Basic Lead Management with Customizable Labels, you should become comfortable using a CRM that can track new WhatsApp inquiries and incorporate them into your sales process if your business works in the below market.

Aside from grocery buying on WhatsApp, businesses must use CRM with WhatsApp integration.

  • Businesses and real estate agencies
  • Personal and health insurance brokers
  • Vehicle Insurance Agents Manufacturing Companies for Tools and Equipment
  • industries that produce medical devices
  • dental equipment manufacturing industries
  • companies that sell vehicles

4. Grocery shopping on WhatsApp with chatbot

You still need to put some effort into producing leads even though WhatsApp chatbots are the perfect instrument to bring customers to WhatsApp for grocery shopping. These techniques will help your WhatsApp chatbot generate leads.

1. Post links to WhatsApp's chatbot in your social media and email signatures.

WhatsApp chatbots have plenty of room to maneuver in your sales team's email signatures if they are cold-emailing potential customers. Email signatures are at the end of emails, but they are also. As email footers, they might offer further information about your business, its products, upcoming events, or ongoing discounts.

2. Include connections to chatbots in paid advertisements

Google displays and texts advertisements. Facebook advertisements, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads. There are many different paid channels available for running marketing campaigns. Using a pop-up form or lead sign-up page to request users' contact information is customary practice.

3. Distribute WhatsApp QR codes.

Dropshipping and doorstep delivery have eliminated one-on-one contact with customers. Is that accurate? You can still create a WhatsApp channel for customers to contact your business. If your present customers or possible new customers wish to learn more about your other products or make additional purchases, you may always get in touch with them.

Meta And Jio Launch Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

The working of grocery shopping on WhatsApp is much easier as compared to other applications' shopping methods. The CEO of Meta “Mark Zuckerberg” has announced the first-ever end-to-end online grocery store integration with WhatsApp is JioMart.

Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

JioMart is the first-ever and seamless shopping experience on WhatsApp. This in-app grocery shopping on WhatsApp has become very straightforward. To buy the groceries from Jio Mart, customers are now not required to visit its official website. They can simply choose the product catalog and send a “Hi” message to Jio Mart’s WhatsApp number.

These are the product catalogs that customers can add to their shopping carts.

Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

And now for the new section! After completing their purchase, customers can use WhatsApp to complete their payment. And now, customers may pay straight over WhatsApp, a brand-new alternative.

Before, clients had to finish the transaction by clicking on an external payment link. With the addition of the new in-app payment method, WhatsApp may now be used for all aspects of shopping. This is done to make it simpler for Indians to access online services since they typically browse on mobile devices. According to Meta, the ability to execute an entire shopping transaction via WhatsApp will increase accessibility.

Jio Mart WhatsApp Shopping: India's First Grocery Store On WhatsApp

The business bond between India’s reliance on retail and the Jio platform bringing grocery shopping on WhatsApp by Meta and an e-commerce venture. Among the online grocery stores in India, Jio Mart is one of the largest online stores. But now Jio Mart is integrated with WhatsApp to make online grocery shopping easy for users.

Grocery Shopping On WhatsApp

But before that, it is important to know how to place orders on WhatsApp and make payments for them. Reliance has also stated that WhatsApp integration on Jio Mart is the first-ever feature of online WhatsApp grocery shopping in the world.

As per the Jio Mart, the customer is not required to go outside to buy groceries. The users just need to open WhatsApp and message the official number of Jio Mart customer service. By checking the products catalog customers can add them to the cart and checkout to proceed with the shopping.

With grocery shopping on WhatsApp, customers will be able to get the orders at their doorstep by just texting a message ‘Hi’ from their registered WhatsApp number. Offering such a kind of service to end users is most helpful and unique. More than a thousand users are currently using Jio Mart’s addition for their grocery shopping on WhatsApp.

Just like this, by contacting GetItSMS, the best WhatsApp service provider, you can integrate your online grocery store on WhatsApp to increase your business leads. GetItSMS will help you to bring positive customer and trust to your business as well as the growth of your business.

According to Meta, WhatsApp's future earnings will primarily come from business interactions. (Well, that and ads, though WhatsApp is having some issues with the ads stuff.) The agreement was announced on Facebook by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. "Business messaging is gaining a lot of traction, and chat-based interactions like this will become the standard for how people and businesses communicate in the future, according to Zuckerberg. The JioMart integration includes everything from selection to payment to delivery within WhatsApp, with some of it being a back-and-forth discussion and some of it being an in-app browser.

How To Sell Your Grocery Products On WhatsApp?

The strategies to sell grocery products on WhatsApp should be very clear and unique. Starting the business is very easy but running the business and having trusted clients is the biggest challenge. When WhatsApp has launched its new feature for WhatsApp grocery shopping, small retailers and wholesalers can also run their businesses efficiently.

The entire product catalog of grocery store customers can open, select, and proceed with the purchase. With WhatsApp UPI customers can even pay for groceries easily and hassle-free. This makes WhatsApp a very popular social media platform and business-worth application in India.

Grocery shopping is now possible for Indian WhatsApp users without ever leaving the messaging app. Users can text "Hi" to a certain number to access an in-app buying experience thanks to a new integration between Meta and grocery marketplaces, which was just revealed.

The shopping experience seems quite similar to what Instacart and other delivery companies have been building for years. But there are no other apps available here. And that's a major issue for WhatsApp.

How to sell your grocery products on WhatsApp, the steps for selling the products are as follows:

1. Create your WhatsApp business profile

  • Giving your customers more details about your business on your WhatsApp Business account can help you win their trust. Instead of using a personal WhatsApp account, you can create a free WhatsApp Business account to have access to useful tools and services.
  • Download the WhatsApp Business App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app, then sign up.
  • To verify your phone number, enter the six-digit verification code that was sent to your device. (Note: Provide a new phone number for your business. You cannot use the phone number associated with your personal WhatsApp account for business reasons simultaneously.)
  • Include your business name, category, and profile image, which should be the logo for your company.
  • By tapping the three vertical dots, choose "More Option/Settings," then choose "Business Tools" > "Business Profile" to enter details about the business, including its address, website, operating hours, and description.

2. Upload the grocery products in WhatsApp catalog

The WhatsApp catalog API for WhatsApp Catalog feature allows customers to look through your WhatsApp grocery products online without downloading any images or PDF files. If your store runs out of certain components or if a particular item sells out, you may quickly update the catalog through the API to avoid disappointing your customers.

Once you have more knowledge about how to handle orders on WhatsApp Business, you may upload a step-by-step image of one of the products in your WhatsApp catalog to assist your customers in ordering meals on WhatsApp.

1. Click "Business Tools" > "Business Profile" on the WhatsApp Business App's "More Option/Settings" menu.

2. The list of items that can be added by selecting "Add new item" and then selecting "Add images." You can take new photos or upload up to 10 existing ones.

Include the grocery items from your menu, as well as any optional information, like

  1. Cost
  2. Details
  3. Website Link
  4. Product Code

3. This is the last step in which you click on “save & add to catalog” to display your grocery products.

3. Get paid by the customers directly through WhatsApp UPI

At the moment, consumers spend $314 on impulsive purchases monthly on average. If you employ grocery shopping on WhatsApp to offer a seamless path to buy and reduce cart abandonment rates, customers will be more inclined to order grocery items from your store when they are not able to go outside for shopping.

Utilizing integration services from a business that offers in-chat payment connections is necessary to make buying groceries through WhatsApp straightforward. You can immediately deduct money from customers who place orders on WhatsApp.

When mistakes happen or an order needs to be canceled, you may immediately make partial or full refunds, unlike some grocery delivery platforms that only permit refunds through coupons, which leads to a high frequency of customer complaints and hurts the company's reputation.

Order System On WhatsApp: How To Set Up?

As was already indicated, you can streamline all of your procedures by developing your grocery order system using a WhatsApp bulk message service from GetITSMS. Sending bulk messages that seamlessly integrate with your current buying systems is equally important, though.

GetItSMS, a provider of WhatsApp Business solutions, can immediately raise the number of grocery orders on WhatsApp with the aid of its customer interaction platform and link to the WhatsApp order system.

With the help of our customer engagement technology, you can carry out personalized outbound marketing at a large scale, link your website to WhatsApp, and have back-and-forth conversations with your clients.

Furthermore, you get all of the messages in one place. Become a member of your team, grant them access to these conversations, and allow them to respond. Additionally, WhatsApp's ordering scheme auto-replies to the customers who initiate the query like Order confirmation, Delivery update, and Delay update.

1. Add WhatsApp chatbot to your store

Are you looking to set up an order system on WhatsApp for your grocery store? But do you want to know the method to allow the customers to place an order for their house?

But the ideal way to set up the order system on WhatsApp to inform your customers about new products added to the catalog is to set up a chat button on your website, to ensure receiving a limited amount of traffic.

The procedure is quick and simple. For your website to be connected to your WhatsApp Business account, just add an embed code. Here is how we use WhatsApp chat so that our clients may reach us.

2. Develop a WhatsApp chatbot to receive orders

Once you've successfully integrated the WhatsApp chat with your store or website, make things simple for yourself and your clients by putting up a chatbot for WhatsApp. A WhatsApp chatbot could help your restaurant's clientele in the ways listed below:

Enhance customer service: With the aid of a WhatsApp chatbot, customers may quickly and easily get answers to their questions about the item lists, opening and closing hours, and other topics.

Customers will be happier and more devoted as a result, and response times can be lowered.

Ordering groceries in advance via WhatsApp: Ask your consumers a multiple-choice question about what they would want to buy from you right now. Be sure to describe each choice to customers when they ask for it.

Reduce the number of people needed to serve customers: By automating typical customer questions, the WhatsApp chatbot can greatly reduce the workload for staff. Your team may be able to work on other tasks, such as chain optimization, as a result.

3. Delivery updates and auto-confirmation for orders

Now that they are aware they can place a purchase using WhatsApp, what should your customers do?

Every restaurant has a two-step ordering process:

  • responding to the customer's order by preparing the bag of groceries
  • delivering the customer's order as soon as possible

The first part would be handled by your experienced front desk for the order, but the second is where WhatsApp notifications come into play. Send your customers a tracking URL so they may follow the progress of their orders after they are placed, ideally with live tracking.

You can also offer your clients the delivery agent's name and contact information so they have the option to contact them if necessary. When they receive their order, you can ask for a review and give them a delivery confirmation message.

Other Methods To Connect Customers For Shopping On WhatsApp

Through check-out links, e-commerce businesses without the WhatsApp Pay option can nonetheless provide a buying experience on WhatsApp. These take a user away from the chat window and to a payment website like PayPal. Although it's not relatively as seamless as in-chat payment, it still offers a respectable user experience for WhatsApp buying.

Of course, switching from WhatsApp to another messaging software is another option. There are practical in-app payment solutions already available through Telegram, Instagram Direct, and Messenger on Facebook, which might replace WhatsApp Payments.

Alternatively (and more efficiently! ), you may just use e-commerce connectors, like Shopify for example, if you're using a professional platform for messaging apps like WhatsApp, like GetItSMS (WhatsApp service provider) for the best integrated conversational communication experience. With the help of GetItSMS, you can engage with your clients via almost any messaging service, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and text messages, and easily integrate messaging and e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we buy groceries on WhatsApp with Jio Mart?

A. The users just need to open WhatsApp and message “hi” to the official number of Jio Mart customer service. By checking the products catalog customers can add them to the cart and checkout to proceed with the shopping.

Q. Can we pay for the groceries on WhatsApp?

A. With WhatsApp UPI customers can even pay for groceries easily and hassle-free. This makes WhatsApp a very popular social media platform and business-worth application in India.

Q. Is it possible to use WhatsApp chatbot for grocery shopping on WhatsApp?

A. Yes embedding WhatsApp chatbot for grocery shopping on WhatsApp is possible. But you need to put some effort into producing leads even though WhatsApp chatbots are the perfect instrument to bring customers on WhatsApp for grocery shopping.

Q. Which is the online grocery store integrated on WhatsApp?

A. The business bond between India’s reliance on retail and the Jio platform bringing grocery shopping on WhatsApp by Meta and an e-commerce venture. Among the online grocery stores in India, Jio Mart is one of the largest online stores.

Q. Why is online shopping much more relaxing than offline?

A. The features updated by Meta like location, status, and sending or receiving money on WhatsApp. Because of this, you can relax at home or shop for groceries online on WhatsApp.

Final Summary

I hope you are clear with your goals and ways to embed grocery shopping on WhatsApp. This article has included every important detail about the WhatsApp grocery store setup. The integration of online grocery shopping on WhatsApp lends some amount of legitimacy to the social media portals.

However, Meta has recently announced the WhatsApp communities as well. If things continue as they are, Meta may eventually work to turn WhatsApp into a full-fledged personal and professional social networking platform. So, will you use this option now that you are aware of how to buy groceries on WhatsApp? Please let us know what you think about this new WhatsApp feature!

In the end, you should anticipate integrations like this to appear across WhatsApp. The company has recently concentrated its efforts on in-app commerce, user-to-user payments, and the active development of the WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp's primary goal is to provide a safe medium for family communications, but if it can also be used to connect with your airline, supermarket, hairdresser, and broker, it may become a lot more useful tool and a genuine gold mine. But how can I do it without spoiling the conversation experience? That will be challenging to accomplish.